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Sabbath Dilemma

I got a surprise revelation a couple of days ago ... here is the story:

I wanted to start doing kind things in the name of Jesus on each Saturday as a way to avoid selfish leisure on the Sabbath ... and it just so happened that my sister needed a babysitter last Saturday morning for her 3 sweet kidos. So I was up before daybreak to lend a hand.

Things went well, and it was over before I knew it. Hungry and tired, I found myself pulling into a McDonald's while driving home from my sister's place in Mansfield TX around noon on Saturday.

Here is the sad thing: I know better than to swing into a restaurant on the Sabbath ... I just mindlessly did it. It was complete carelessness on my part and I intended to avoid causing anyone else to work on that day just as I was laying aside my own burden of work for Sabbath.

I remembered too late. I had already purchased my food and I was unwrapping the burger when I realized my absent-minded mistake. Anyone watching would have seen by my body language how disappointed I was in myself. As I slumped and slouched in the plastic seated booth, I muttered a prayer in my thoughts toward God. I didn't expect an answer to my prayer so quickly.

"Why, Lord" I asked, "can't I feel a little prick in my Spirit reminding me that it is the Sabbath and to let everyone rest? Why didn't I feel the Spirit nudge me that I was about to do something that I would regret?"

You see, the question in the prayer was based upon how often I feel a "check" in my spirit when I am about to make a mistake, so that I am taught (as I go) by the Spirit to walk straight and upright. I was sortof complaining as I asked ... maybe a little of blame-casting was going on also ... as if God was partially to blame because I didn't get a reminder.

Instantly, and nearly audible (but really just a thought hit my mind) I heard an answer with unexpected clarity that totally blew my question away.

"I commanded you to remember the Sabbath," He began, "how can I help you obey if I am reminding you?"


God is right. It is a Catch22. If He reminds me, then by doing so, He has prevented me from obeying. He won't do that. He asks that I remember it as a demonstration of my love toward Him and for my own sake.

This answers alot of questions for me.

I have never claimed to really obey the forth command concerning the Sabbath ... only that i want to obey it and have been attempting to do so for about 20 months or so. I get alot of grief about it from Christians in my family. They would prefer that I continue to break the 4th command as they do. They have their reasons but many of the justification for breaking this one command of God boils down to they tell me that they have no inner-conviction about it. They aren't experiencing the inner-turmoil that would indicate they are off course, so they aren't particularly motivated to change. Only now, or at least since Saturday, I know why they don't feel that inner alert, because I asked God why I didn't feel that inner alert and I suppose His answer to me is the same as for those particular Christians that have written the law upon their hearts except for the 4th command.

It boils down to this. Don't expect to feel a prick on Sabbath to obey the 4th command. God isn't going to remind you even though He may be grieved that one would write His forth command on the bottom of their foot so to continually tread upon it as if it is a burden that the devil laid at their doorstep. He won't remind anyone, because the reminder would prevent obedience ... as the command is that we "REMEMBER the Sabbath" by our own choosing.

So, maybe you are reading this and giving Sabbath-keeping some thought ... and maybe you are wondering why so few Christians have written the 4th command upon their hearts ... well, maybe this post will help you understand a perspective that comes from a Christian that only recently has embarked upon the path that includes keeping the forth command.

Everyone is going to have to choose for themselves whether to remember or remember not ... just as I have to make the same choice. As for me, I want to choose to remember ...

God has always been there to grant me the Grace to obey as long as I have the willingness to do as He says.

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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Amen. THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT is regarding the sanctity of THE SEVENTH DAY. No doubt about it. All the confusion comes from the pagans and the Roman religion/s.
RESTING IN HIM and doing that which honors GOD on that day is a special sign to GOD, ... *and* to the world.
- this is not a salvation issue, ... it is all about THE BLESSINGS OF OBEDIENCE.

The Sabbath is A GIFT.
Permalink 09/30/08 @ 00:35
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen Bros! :^)
Permalink 09/30/08 @ 13:11

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