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The Day, the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, Has Come!

1/26/05 - From God the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

Triumph, oh men of promise! Fulfill the will of the Most High.

Come now, with a loud voice and the trumpet call, speak unto the masses the Word of God, holy and true. I have come, and am yet come, to break the backs of the wicked and lift up the righteous.

I shall...
heal the sick, rescue the downtrodden,
remove the foot of blasphemy atop their head,
harden the hearts of those true to the evil one,
soften the hearts of the seekers, open the hearts of the worldly,
open the eyes of the blind, unstop the ears of the deaf,
raise up and bring forth those who sleep in Me,
steal those away yet alive in Me,
cast My judgment upon the whole world,
bind the deceiver, cast out and burn with fire those who serve him,
bring all great men to nothing, glorify all without condemnation,
reap for the harvest is ripe, separate and divide My people,
shake the foundations, leaving no stone atop another, nor leaving
no stone unturned,
find all that is hidden, bring all dark into the light,
smite all, who have smited My saints, correct and discipline those I love,
put My spirit in all those who are willing,
cause the sea to come ashore, the lightning to fill the heavens,
the clouds to churn and roil,
turn the seas and water to blood, cause the sun, moon and stars to be struck,
replace the hearts in men, leave others' hearts barren,
blow upon the earth as a tempest, scourge the nations with My mouth,
cause all who will to repent, rain down gifts upon My beloved,
bless the blessed, curse the cursed,
write My commandments on their hearts, make rich the poor,
bring the rich to nothing so they may become wealthy,
feed the hungry with manna from Heaven,
quench the thirst of those in the desert,
bring fire, hail and pillars of smoke, roll back the heavens as a scroll,
search the hearts and minds of all who dwell upon the earth,
make My dwelling place known, shine My glory from the east unto the west,
shout to the nations, bring Babylon to ruin, hide My chosen in the Mountain,
cause all those, who run here and there, to run to or away from their Lord,
silence the soothsayers, halt the winds of deception,
awaken the sleepers, put to rest the damned...
send forth the Builder, the Chief Cornerstone.

He shall do battle on your behalf, oh children of Zion. My people shall prophesy and dream dreams.

Gather together, for the Day has come.
Feel the earth rumble, the Lord is near.
The trumpet is sounded in the four corners.
Every knee bow...
My enemies are made My footstool.



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