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The Great I Am.

From Letters From God and His Christ, Volume 1.

4/10/05, From God the Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

Harken, My people... My kingdom comes, the Son returns.

Hear Me! I am the Great I Am. Before the earth was, I Am. Before there was light, I Am. Before life was, I Am. I am before all things, and will be after all things. All created is of Me and abide in Me. There is nothing that is, that is not from Me; nor anything created, not created by Me. Even all the things of men, created by their hands, are not created unless He who has created them, their Maker, did give unto them this power and this wisdom to create. Still all man's creations are but dust in the wind. They only stand because it is the Lord's will that they should stand. Soon all will crumble and be brought low, for the Deliverer comes, and He will also destroy. Salvation comes to those at His right hand; judgment and death to those at His left. Oh peoples planted in the stony ground, be uprooted and planted in the good soil at His right, and drink. For even He, who is, and was, and yet is forevermore, was seated at the right hand of the Father from the beginning. At no time was He not, for as I am, He is. He is the Sower and the Harvester. He is also He who will uproot the weeds. Let Him plant a new seed in your heart, and join Him in the Garden. Do not be burned or cast away.

Oh peoples of My earth, hear also those who speak for Me, for he who speaks My words has authority, for the Word of God carries great authority. Listen, oh peoples! Then kneel, bow down, humble yourself before your God. Do not wait until all are brought low by the mighty hand of He whose name is above all names...tried and true is He. The Lamb now comes as the Lion. No other name is given in all creation than His by which you shall be saved. Call on His name, and you shall have Me also. Blaspheme His name, and you blaspheme Mine... you shall be destroyed.

Life I give... and I shall take it away, unless you repent. There is no life in death; all sleep forever unless the Son calls you to awake.

Fear not, I do not punish eternally that which I have created and given My image. Those, who will not return to their Father, and have become the sons, daughters and concubines of satan, to them will the Lord say, "Dust to dust. No more shall you partake of the Tree of Life or the river therein. You have forsaken He who has given to you freely, and forevermore is your inheritance lost and given to another." Oh mourning, great mourning in all the land, My beloved have become a sore and a sickness. I have sent the would not have Him, nor drink of His cup freely offered. So you shall be with your adopted father in the lake that burns forever, and be no more. Rest, oh My beloved who have become mortally ill. Rest, all you wicked, evil has wearied you... rest forevermore. Your light has gone out, and you have been blotted out.

Therefore, I send a Great Light who has the full glory of God in Heaven. Shine forth, My Son! Shine on the nations... they are your inheritance paid for in blood. Fill the entire earth with Your glory and presence, forevermore. Be unto them the Bright and Morning Star. Shine bright, so bright that no darkness can be found in the earth. Save My people, once again, not as the Lamb, but as the Lion, the Great Lion of Judah. Devour all the jackals and goats. Silence satan, the one who roars as a lion and hisses at you. Bind him, and at Day's end, burn him with the fire that is never quenched.

Behold the Great, the Great I Am!
I send He who will save you.
Look up now, for now is the appointed time.
Look not hence, for His return is at hand.
All authority, salvation and kingdoms belong to the Lord,
His beloved only begotten Son,
Christ Jesus, the Lord!

Amen... forever amen.


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