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Is Judgement a matter of cruelty?

I would like to put a GraceHead spin on judgment. Its not just a hissy-fit by God ... but a judgment that exposes the reality of the situation. A trial by fire is not for God to be informed about the way things are ... but so that we will gather the truth of the reality that God has seen all along ... who are sheep, and who are goats.

Judgment literally means exposure.

However, to many LawHeads, judgment is where God learns ... He does some fuzzy math so that He can determine what things really are like ... and apparently they think that He won't be happy with what He is going to find, and then it will provoke an outrage that didn't exist in Him before He did the figuring/judging ... hence, the notion that damnation is a continuous torment, just for the sake of torture ... perhaps to vent His temper toward what he discovers.

In reality judgment is for our education, not for God's.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor] ·
Amen. We often want to color God's Judgment like our own which is usually vindictive. God is not vindictive and I think Judgement Day will be a full surprise for all of us. As you put it, educational.
Permalink 09/10/08 @ 11:58
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
AMEN! God is all-knowing...
God is glorified and we are exposed...

Thus has The Lord Jesus said regarding God's judgment:
" haven't the understanding nor acceptance of the wrath and judgment of God wrought in His fiery anger. The justice of God is beyond question, standing forever in its permanency, unwavering for all time, conceived in all righteousness and righteous anger. God alone is sovereign. Let all His judgments stand, and their punishments carried out without question...always accompanied by His mercy, which endures forever, manifest in His Seat called Mercy, which I am. Amen.
Let all forgiven be rewarded equally to their forgiveness, which is equal.
Let all evil, that remains evil unrepented, be punished equally to evil's deeds."
Permalink 09/10/08 @ 14:55
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Makes me think of this again:

Romans 9:14 So are we to say, "It is unjust for God to do this"? Heaven forbid! 15 For to Moshe he says, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will pity whom I pity." 16 Thus it doesn't depend on human desires or efforts, but on God, who has mercy. 17 For the Tanakh says to Pharaoh, "It is for this very reason that I raised you up, so that in connection with you I might demonstrate my power, so that my name might be known throughout the world." 18 So then, he has mercy on whom he wants, and he hardens whom he wants. 19 But you will say to me, "Then why does he still find fault with us? After all, who resists his will?" 20 Who are you, a mere human being, to talk back to God? Will what is formed say to him who formed it, "Why did you make me this way?"e 21 Or has the potter no right to make from a given lump of clay this pot for honorable use and that one for dishonorable? 22 Now what if God, even though he was quite willing to demonstrate his anger and make known his power, patiently put up with people who deserved punishment and were ripe for destruction? 23 What if he did this in order to make known the riches of his glory to those who are the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory - 24 that is, to us, whom he called not only from among the Jews but also from among the Gentiles?
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Comment from: pam [Visitor] ·
Romans 11:32 For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that He may have mercy on them all.
Permalink 09/10/08 @ 19:58
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
There are very clear examples of GOD's wrath and God's judgement against rebellion and unrepented sin, ... but most people are unwilling to look AT THE REALITY of that Judgement in the simple and clear light of Scripture.
* Just ask the sons of Korah.
* Ask Miriam when she was made leperous for boldly accusing the prophet, her brother.
* ASK THOSE who are the object of his wrath and judgements in the Book of Revelation.
* As "the rich man" who "being in torment" lifted up his eyes...
* Ask THE ONE Who said, "vengeance BELONGETH UNTO ME: I WILL repay."
* ASK JESUS what is meant by, "Behold, the wrath of The Lamb..."
* Psalm 2: "kiss the Son, lest He be angry and you perish in the way..."

GOD'S Love and Grace is wonderful, ... so also is His holy wrath and His judgments. BOTH are a perfect expression of Who He Is: Righteous and Just in all that He does, ... even in what HE ALLOWS.

Permalink 09/12/08 @ 01:13

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