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To My Chosen Daughter.

From Letters From God and His Christ, Volume 6.

6/13/08, From God the Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
A Letter Given to Timothy, For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear the Calling and Trumpet of the Most High God.

[God speaking.] Oh beloved, My precious beloved, you have set yourself up... lo, you have fallen. Not from heights, but from a pedestal, even the one you have placed at your own feet, upon which you have climbed, now endeavoring to stand. You have fallen... you have been shaken and stripped naked of all your clothes, even every veil and garment you have worn, of which I have not given you. Thus is the severity and thus is the unsurpassed love of your Father, manifest through your Redeemer.
Oh My beloved, you have tripped, you have stumbled, you have toppled over. Yet you will stand, for I, Myself, have caught you... even by the power of My own Right Hand are you upheld and gathered up.

[Jesus speaking.] Turn to Me... you are married unto Me, My bride.
Therefore, understand and know this, and give heed: I have withheld the testimony of My servant, even of your brother, Timothy, My prophet, saying, "Speak not to your sister, until the day comes in which she, herself, asks you, concerning this word, which is not My own; for she, who is not against us, is on our part."
Beloved, therefore run to Me, and I shall teach you discernment, even a more perfect way... Trust in Me.
These words, you have written, were not of My mouth, nor of the Father's. Rather, these were brought forth from your own heart, even by your own personal inner voice, according to your own understanding and intake of My Word, in the Volumes and those in the Scriptures of Truth. Cry not, nor fear... wipe these tears, beloved. Neither let any foul fruit swell up in your heart. I am with you to deliver you. Return home, for you are greatly beloved. You are not given to be My mouthpiece, yet My Spirit remains with you. Therefore, accept it and now abide in Me, even as I shall abide in you.
Many have strayed. Do I not continually go out after them and lead them home again? Do I not then hold these even closer? Are they not then held tightly upon My breast, until every last tear has fallen?... Abide in My love.

For many are called... few are chosen.

You are chosen.

You shall climb the Ladder...
Even I shall carry you home... and those with you.

Rejoice, beloved!... You are Mine.
And no one can take you from My arms.

Let My grace wash away all things in you.
Am I not sufficient in your times of need?...
Your strength in your weakness?...
Your strong foundation when yours is shaken?

Beloved, many has the Father drawn to Me...
I know My own, and of these I do love and discipline,
even as a sincere correction,
by which they are refined and made wise and strong...

I am with you.


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