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You are Mine, no one can pluck you from My hand, says the Lord Jesus.

From Letters From God and His Christ
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11/22/07 - From Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, A Letter Given to Timothy - For All Those Who Abide in the Lord and He in They, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[Timothy] The Lord is present and very close. Receive of His love and be blessed therein, beloved. For you are most beloved of our Lord, the Redeemer. Open fully to Him, let Him be your consuming fire. All else is dull and paled darkness, all else is vanity and vexation of spirit. Look to Him...look to Him. Know Him as He is...pure love, pure joy, living inside peace...bliss. There is none like Him...perfect love, the Meaning of Life...indescribable love...such wisdom...beyond all words. Behold His glory, let Him reveal His majesty. Beloved, the time is here, it has come.

[Jesus] Where will your hearts abide? Where have you put ALL your trust? Says the Lord. Come to Me....I will deliver you, it will be in Me. Receive of My words...let them be your meat. Ingest them fully, so we may be one, even as the Father and I are one. Come and sit at My table and sup, for the food I will bring shall sustain you unto eternal life. Behold, the table is set, the feast prepared. Lo, the time has shall be uplifted into glory, seated at the right hand of your Father in Heaven...My Father, your Father, even as I am your are Mine, and I live in you. Receive of My love, abide in My house...abide in My love, oh most beloved.

Know you not that you are of My own flesh...partake of Me, receive of My love. I had given all for you...My glory set aside, My body broken. Will you not give of the same, so you also may be glorified, even at My right hand? Even as I am sat down at the right hand of My Father?...I am seated there. And all who love Me, and I abide in them and they in Me, shall also come to sit...even with Me on the throne of My glory.

I am come, beloved. I am with My people, having never departed...I am with you to deliver you...My treasure, the beating of My own heart. Receive of Me, abide in My love. The time has come, and the great indignation of the Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, shall be poured out...and evil shall reign for a short season.

Be not troubled or fear...I am your own Father...
your Fashioner, your Healer,
your Sanctuary from all the troubles that have come
and shall consume the entire world.
Trust in Me....receive of My love.

The weight of all these sorrows has come, and shall drown the whole world in tears and blood....REMEMBER, I, Myself, am with you to deliver you...and no one can steal you away from Me. No one, in all creation, can pluck you from My hand...the Father has given you to Me. You are Mine, no one can pluck you from My hand. You are My treasure, just as I am yours...and no one can pluck you from My hand. You dwell there, even in the palm of God’s right hand.

Beloved, I have defeated the world,
death has been put underneath My feet...
My enemies are made My footstool.

I shall sit on the throne of My glory,
and I shall destroy all enmity and wipe away all tears...
NO more pain, or death, or dying...NO more war...

Life without end, in the Sanctuary of My loving kindness,
abiding in the joy of the Father...
forever in the presence of your Beloved...

Life without end.


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