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The manner of person that is God preparing in the end times

by Trent - from October 4, 2005

I believe this: the end is near. The last day is upon us. I don't have to convince you of that, just listen to your spirit. This is the greatest time. This is the greatest age, and who will God use? Who has He prepared in the greatest time?

In lesser times, God used great men - the princes, the heirs ... but in the greatest time, God is preparing the lesser man. The lessers have no pedigree, no inheritance, no right to any power ... the lessers are being prepared in the cancer wards, padded cells, broken homes, orphanages, and bitter betrayals.

Open your eyes, brother and sister. See where you are. God has you, and would sooner forget Himself, then His own blood.

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Comment from: joyinexpressible [Visitor]
Gee, Trent, I've been to all those places, almost.

You are right, God has chosen the weak, the lowly, things of the world. That doesn't put the elect in a light that would make anyone want to be a chrisitan. What is all this fuss about testimony that I've heard all of my life. My life is nothing to be desired but my Lord Jesus fulfills all desire.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. I long for the day. I'm ready.
Permalink 10/06/05 @ 01:45
Comment from: pam [Visitor]
The end of this present system of things. The system that rewards those who have their reward now. This end is but the beginning of the season of the lessers. The meek shall inherit the earth and their inheritance is eternal.
Permalink 08/15/08 @ 12:02
Comment from: ~NewLifeElite~ [Member]
I often look around and watch people live, drive and just mingle and I weep wondering if the thought of the Lord Jesus coming in the clouds even pops into their heads. It hurts because I am young and I often feel like I’m the only one that feels like the end of all things are near. What a joy to live in such a time as this, we should seek God now while he may be found and many do not see the signs or care to even stand watch for the bridegroom. Adam and Eve were the very first to walk with God to be there from the start...what a privilege to live at the very end and be apart of the fulfillment of all things...God is Love, Jesus is Lord
Permalink 08/17/08 @ 10:32
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Do you also deny that there was a first day, before which nothing that was made was yet made ... as you deny there is a final day, after which nothing that is made (born merely once) will be unmade and unformed into nothingness?

Or have I misunderstood your beliefs?

Permalink 08/17/08 @ 19:11
Comment from: pam [Visitor]
Yes, you misunderstand. I have never denied and first day or a last day. That would be to deny time itself. Death will die on the last day being consumed in the Lake of Fire and all that will remain will be eternal. Is 'unmade and unformed into nothingness' your definition of perish?

I don't throw out any scripture nor do I call any scripture obscure. I believe what is written in the Bible. All of it not just all that pertains to the way I think things should be or how I would like them to be but every word, every jot, and every title.

I hope you are not still feeling fiesty. Have I misunderstood?
Permalink 08/17/08 @ 23:43

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