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Bear Much Fruit, the Harvest is Near.

From Letters From God and His Christ.
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4/21/05, From Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. A Letter Given to Timothy, For His Wife and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[Jesus speaking:]

Beloved, bear fruit after the kind I have given you. What profit is there in sharing with another that which they already have? Feed the poor in spirit; give them your portion. My bounty is plentiful, given freely to all My people who hunger and thirst. Tell them that you were lost, naked, hungry, thirsty and sick. Now you are whole, for I, Christ Jesus, have found you, and you live in Me... My body, My bride. Look, also, how I have clothed you in these fine linens of white, and tossed away your old rags. No longer are you naked; no longer do you try to cover yourself with sackcloth. Also have I fed you, for My words are bread and as sweet as honey in your mouth, and fill that void within you. You have also drunk deeply of My cup that overflows, for it flows to every part of your life, bringing forth love and understanding. You were so very sick, mortally ill. In Me are you healed... no disease or even death can be found in you. You are a new creation, and shall never again see corruption, for all new creations will be plucked from the earth and replanted in the garden at dawn on the new day, and flourish in the light of the Lord.

Shine, My lamps... put your light upon the stand.
Feed those whose bowls are empty.
Do not give up or give in... the Lord is your Helper;
and His Spirit, your guide.
I am the Tree, and you are My fruit.
Reach for Me, and take My hand... let Me hold you close.

The Deliverer comes... rise up and meet Me in the air.



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