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Where have I erred?

by Trent - from Sept 21, 2005

The Christ is in the creation, but not of it. When the being of God penetrated the envelope/membrane of the creation, then rather than mingle with the creation the membrane is stretched around the being of God so that that creation forms around Him ... and this is the Son - begotten of the Father. The same Being/Spirit of which created this cosmos and the heavens, is truly beyond the cosmos, except that of which penetrates the cosmos and is wrapped by it, called the "Son." The Son was born of a virgin and dwelt among us within a human temple for 33 years. Within the man we call Jesus is that Being/Spirit that created all. He is the Christ - the only begotten of the Father.

But to us He is the VINE ... and we can be branches grafted into Him. So, there is an umbilical cord that connects the Eternal Life of God with the Son, and that Son can attach Himself unto others like branches being grafted into a vine. We (the grafted branches) are part of the divine organism that is the body of Christ, and His life-sap or "Blood" is flowing into us making us alive and positing to us all of the divine attributes. Where we once were "dead" or detached from this Eternal Life of the Spirit/Being of God, we are now "alive" as His blood is flowing through us. Indeed we have Eternal life.

So the picture is one of God, the Father - beyond the cosmos - then below (but attached) is the Son, whose Spirit flows constantly into Him as God among us - the advent of God into the cosmos - Jesus. Below Jesus are the Seeds of the Kingdom who, are grafted into Him and are nourished by the same Life that is beyond the cosmos and comes to the cosmos through the Son. This is the Spirit of God - the Holy Spirit that quickens us, and quickens the Son - but belongs with the Father.

We are attached to the Christ, not to the Father. The Christ is attached to the Father, so we share in the ministry of the life giving Spirit of God.

On the last day, all that is holy will be revealed by the Fire. And all that is unholy will perish. The Fire will reveal all things and that which is ETERNAL will remain, and this Life that is within us will travel to the Source to be ONE with God the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit - in perfect unity. This Holy Spirit that is within us is a long way from Home and it calls out for a return. We belong in the City of God - the uncreated realm of God's being ... and in the consummation of all things - this is where we will be found - just as this was before the world began.

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