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the teachable/unteachable dichotomy

In some ways it is fitting for me to become unteachable and in some ways it is fitting for me to become more teachable. Some deep groanings of Truth are within me and as I learn to put them to words, I find that the concrete is setting up solid around them, and I soon won't be able to move away from them.

You will never convince me that God depends on me instead of me depending on Him. That is pretty settled in my mind.

You'll never convince me that I can sway God's love either toward or away from me. That is something in which certainty is growing every day.

You will never convince me that I need more then Christ. He is the highest revelation, and if I have Him, then I will never need anything more, and I will never ever have to get by with less then His sufficiency. There is no way, loving or cruel to move me from that.

I will never be convinced that one can stand in Christ alone, and at the same time be under condemnation. I have seen that is impossible.

But, at the same time I am aware that there are some ghastly wrong things that are part of what I think is right, and that there is no way that I'll ever be able to present the fullness of Truth to anyone else, much less sort it all out for myself. I can only speak about what I know and be open to knowing more. That is the teachable/unteachable dichotomy. It involves a lot of saying what "I know," and a lot of admitting what "I do not know," but less and less blindly asserting things that I don't understand.

May we grow in the sensitivity of the difference, and speak primarily about what is burdened in our heart, while not assuming that what is on our heart would be spiritual for everyone else to have on their heart.

I love the topic of obedience (for example,) and find it crucial to the Christian life, but I can't lay aside what is placed on my heart and speak to that subject all the time. I only have so much time, and though I would like enough time to speak to obedience in proportion to its importance, I have to share what is in my heart. I don't think it more spiritual for anyone to speak about what is on my heart. Everyone has different emphasis's in accordance to what they have been graced to understand. Likewise, others should not assume that obedience isn't important to me, just because I don't often speak about it. Just because it is the most important to me, doesn't mean (when I don't speak about it) that I think that it isn't important. I just have limited things to share about.

We have a mocking bird in Texas. It is our state bird, and they are all over the place. When you listen to them, they sing about 12 or so songs, and just go over that rotation. Another mocking bird will have 12 or so songs, but maybe only one or so of them are the same as the first bird, so together they have about 20 songs in their rotation. And so, adding more mocking birds to the list, would add more songs, but at some point you could add 100 more birds and not get a single new song, because they are already sung by one of the others. To me this is like the body of Christ. We sing the song that is placed on our heart and it may overlap what has already been said, but we are not in competition, we are together joining in a chorus of music that reveals the music placed in our heart ... and can only be fully experienced in the corporate expression from each of us. None of us have the whole song, but we each have a part of it, and we should not condemn others if their song is a bit different.

Now of course that analogy breaks down, because two opposite teachings are at odds with each other, but that is because one of the birds, isn't a bird or maybe they are a bird, but they are singing someone - else's song instead of the one that God placed there.

Anyway, I hope you are encouraged by my viewpoint on that, and encouraged to shine inasmuch as you are given the grace to shine. Just be sincere, and genuine, and never teach someone else's gospel. Teach the gospel that is burned in your heart, and comes alive when you read it in scriptures or hear it from others.

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