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I want to put you before me, but Jesus before you.

Nearly everyone I know is focused on convincing me to repudiate something that I know is true and authentic revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and exalts Him as the Only God and Creator of all things that are made.
I do not want to repudiate anything that says Jesus is the supreme Lord most high.
I do not want to repudiate anything that exalts Him and the Gospel of Grace, repentance unto Life and the finished work of the Lord to take away all sin.
I want to release all cares about what it costs me.
I want to be unconcerned with what is said about me.
I want not to care who is turned against me even though it hurts.
I certainly don't care who wrote that which exalts the Lord Jesus ... or how dark (or otherwise) their background is. That doesn't even factor into the equation. I don't care to even discuss it nor focus on that. I don't want to judge any man worthy or otherwise. I do not want to cheer nor applaud any man, nor do I want to curse or jeer any man.

Let me repeat: I don't want to repudiate anything that says that Jesus is the Lord.
If the worst person on earth wrote Jesus is the supreme Lord most high, I would still not want to repudiate it.

Come what may, but still I do not want to forsake the Lord.
I do not want to repudiate anything that I know exalts Jesus as the supreme Lord most high!

Find something that diminishes Jesus or calls Him accursed, and I don't want to ever knowingly extol it ... I want to repudiate that which I know diminished the Lord Jesus and I don't imagine that you will be able to stop me nor convince me otherwise.

I mean no harm to anybody in this. My wants may offend and anger those I love, but I don't want that either .. .it is only that I want never to deny the Lord at a much higher level and greater desire than I want not to offend those that are offended by this. Please don't take it personal when I say that Jesus comes before you. I want to put you before me, but Jesus before you.
If you pray for me ... please, pray for exactly that: that I put you before me, but Jesus before you.

Still ripening into what I want to be,

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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Understood, brother. and every word right from the heart.

Remember that people are often insecure and hostile when it comes to anything that doesn't quite look like "the status quo." I love and appreciate Timothy and, yes, even adelpit/richard. I love & appreciate Pam and others who have their suspicions
and doubts. But I have never seen Timothy OR adelpit directly contradict
scripture OR grace OR THE LORDSHIP of Jesus OR a desire for greater understanding of prophetic truth and the importance of obedience.

IMHO, those who condemn them are condemning themselves and being judgmental. I pray GOD gives them greater peace and an understanding mind and heart.

Tell everyone for me that you are NOT being "less of a Christian" by being a friend and brother to Timothy and appreciating his gifting in the Holy Spirit. if some of them are '''so certain''' that the prophetic exhortations and words from Timothy are wrong: **then let them PROVE IT from scripture.** ... personally, I think they will fall very flat in attempting to do so.

Never let anyone detour you from GOD'S Will in your life. Be determined to love TRUTH and others, ... KNOWING that (at times) this will surely cause you both pain and much misunderstanding. Generally, the deeper we go with GOD, ... the less we are understood or even appreciated. GOD is not overly complicated about all these things: only that the world and the carnal flesh does NOT want to hear the warnings and exhortations.

be blest IN JESUS.

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Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
Good Morning, it is the Lord's day so be glad in it.

Trent as a brother in Christ I would only expect you to put God first period. I do and painfully at times I have been teased for trying to be "good" if you will as if I was being haughty when I was just trying to follow the behaviors the Bible sets forth for us to follow.

Painful yes, but peaceful yes. I would rather live in wretched pain with peace then the other way around.

SO you may feel isolated and maybe so, however if you are walking where God has lead you then the peace will bring you comfort.

When I get confused I know that is because I am confusing myself :P I let it go and wait on God. If He needs me to know He will let me know otherwise it is not mine to be concerned over.

Not everything is for everyone, we are all on our own paths and at different places. The only option we have is to walk in accordance with the Bible and Holy Spirit with constant praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. All the rest I have learned to let God tell me what to do otherwise I am only a fool tripping all over myself.

:) I have been a fool alot.

Be loved you are
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Comment from: James [Visitor]
With great sorrow for my loved ones I must admit to the same as Trent has written. I too hear from the Lord. Does it make me a prophet? I hear Him calling me and loving on me. Telling me these hurts and sorrows will work out for His Glory. I too want to be bold like Trent's letter (Christ in him). I fear and huddle down in a corner of my heart and pray, "Lord, help me not to deny you". "Lord, love through me so my loved ones know I hear from You". "Lord, in every way help me to shower them with blessings without denying You".
"Lord Jesus, since reading your letters I have lost an addiction that plagued me since my teens, have gotten off meds that made me an angry person (without width drawls). "I Love my Wife and family like I never thought was possible. Lord, my wife is more beautiful to me now than the day we married. Lord, you remember how lovely she was on our wedding day".
I too am begging you all to not ask me to choose. I'm huddled down in the corner of my heart, "Lord Jesus, let me not deny You. Your Will be done".
Permalink 05/01/08 @ 10:56
Comment from: terry fuller [Visitor]
Trent, when I was first introduced to“the Letters”, I did not see anything in them to inspire me (or alarm me). I said to myself and others, “If 'the Letters' are edifying to someone, I can't condemn them”.

Since then: I have read more recent letters via the website; I have come to see some as not in line with the Bible. I have communicated most of these to you, in love ( I hope you can perceive that).

Presently, I believe “the Letters” (both original and recent) to uphold the most important truths of Scripture. I have close relatives and friends alike, with whom I fellowship, of whom I could say the same. Those dear soals have been a blessing in my walk with the Lord, as certainly you have—I love you in the Lord and also as a mother toward a beloved son.
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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
Hi mom (Terry,)

You wrote; """I have communicated most of these [parts that are not in line with scripture] to you, in love ( I hope you can perceive that)."""

I added the part in brackets so that I could attempt to frame what "these" might refer to ... however, i might be wrong.

In any case, I have BEGGED and BEGGED dozens of people to bring a single objective criticism of the Letters and these people have told me that they would do so ... yet I have not received a single objective criticism that I could not apply equally to the Bible to criticize the Bible with the same argument. I am without a single instance of any objective criticism of the Letters that could apply to the Letters and not the Bible ... in other words, all I ever get is subjective white-noise from people that have likely not read more than 1% of the Letters and dismissed them off-hand without the ability to frame a coherent (non-fallacy laden) critique, or rash hyper-critical arguments that would work just as well to discredit the Holy Scriptures of Truth - the Bible if applied thereto.

Nevertheless, a conspiracy is afloat to threaten to take everything away from me unless / until I say that the Letters are the work of satan and the doctrine of demons. This conspiracy is headed up by [you-know-who] and backed by dozens of people (apparently.) I've reached the point that I no longer care what is threatened to be taken from me anymore. I simply think the hostility / blackmail etc ... is doomed to failure as I may never point to a book that exalts the Lord Jesus over all as the work of satan. I just don't want to do that.

That was the point I was making, and I think you understood that.

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