Post details: "The world is stricken, a corrupt tree, bearing bitter fruit filled with poison", Says the Lord!


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"The world is stricken, a corrupt tree, bearing bitter fruit filled with poison", Says the Lord!

4/17/06, From God the Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.


[God speaking.] Behold the power and glory of the Lord wrought in His anger. The world is stricken, a corrupt tree, bearing bitter fruit filled with poison. Oh such great wailing in all the earth... the weeping, the wailing of My children and the innocent. You have done this! Oh you men of power and wealth, you people of excess, you have done this! By the hardness of your hearts, you have committed murder and have destroyed the Garden. You shall be stricken and wasted. The earth shall consume you.
Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: This is My earth, and these are My children. I shall feed them! says the Lord... you shall starve. The afflicted shall inherit wealth beyond imagining. They shall be My sons and daughters... you shall be cast out! says the Lord. I do not know you. There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Thus says the Lord God of Creation: All foundations shall crack; all high places shall crumble before the great and awesome power of the Lord wrought in His Son, the Mighty and Strong One. Your wealth has come to nothing... it shall bury you. Your power is corrupt and shall consume you.
So commands the Lord, your Maker, to the hard-hearted, servants of satan and this world: Kneel before the Lord of Hosts! Kneel before the Risen One! Christ is your salvation in the Day of Wrath. Yet you will forsake Him in the name of another, the impostor and destroyer of flesh. Behold! You shall kneel. You shall kneel as he, whom you have worshiped in vain, shall kneel... before the majesty of Him called the Nazarene. The earth is filled with His glory, and every knee shall bow... on earth, under the earth, and in Heaven. Yea, all shall be brought into subjection before the King. Did you think, oh you wicked, that he, the man of perdition, could save you from the wrath of the Lord pronounced from the beginning?... He is deceived as you are deceived.
Thus says the Lord in His fury: You shall kneel and be destroyed, extinguished in the lake of My burning heart, which both burns with anger and many sorrows for the wicked, who shall be stricken from life, and their existence blotted from the pages of the Book which the Lamb holds.
Thus says the Lord: Do you not know the fury of the Lord has come, and is coming quickly, but greater still is the love and mercy of the Lord which was sent already?... Embrace the Word and the name of the Lord.

[Jesus speaking.] Hear the Word of the Only Begotten Son of Glory and God: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the beginning was the Word, of which I Am, the same as God, by whom all these worlds are, and were, created. Even you did We create in our image, vessels and temples of Our spirit. You have desecrated and destroyed all We had given you, by which you have also destroyed yourself. You say, ‘God shall not destroy us. We have neither heard nor seen Him. He only exists in the minds of men and in the pages of books.’
Thus says the Christ, the Word of God: You shall surely die! You have sealed your own fates by your evil arrogance and rejection of the Truth. I was sent to redeem and restore you to glory, yet you forbear and cast Me from you as cords about your necks. Do you not understand I have broken all the cords that bind you, and freed you from your chains of imprisonment? Yet you say, ‘Cast these cords from us’? Do you not know the power and mercies of God?... I am that power through which God has shown His mercy. Beaten, mocked, bruised, scourged, nailed to the cross, pierced and buried, stricken by God... only to rise again on the third day, so you would be spared and healed in My blood shed for your transgressions against God.

[God speaking.] Thus says the Lord God, the Only God: My mercies endure forever, for all who partake and accept of My mercies. For these shall live forever, abiding in the light of the Lord, because of My Mercy sent to them. There is none other, nor any other way found by which you may enter into the love and mercy of God. One Son given up for many... one Way to sanctification and life, life without end... for I so loved the world, I gave My only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

[Jesus speaking.]
Listen to what the Stricken One, the One stricken for you, says:
I Am coming quickly! My reward is with Me.
Behold... I carry the cup of My Father’s wrath of which I must pour out on the nations.
I am the Holy One sent from God... embrace Me now!...
lest you remain and drink of the bitter waters of the Lord’s indignation,
which shall fill the entire earth.
Salvation and Redemption have come, and are coming quickly.
Judgment and darkness will reign for seven days (years).

The birth of a new day, even one thousand years... Peace.


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