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For FirstFruits: "He Is Risen!" and "Ascension into Grace."

He is Risen!
From Letters From God and His Christ.
4/21/06, From God the Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

[Jesus speaking.] Thus says the Everlasting, who would be man, Emmanuel, born into the world, of a virgin, the chosen vessel by which the salvation of man comes, as a babe, growing, living as men, yet remaining unspotted from the world and sin, completely blameless... Amen...
Born to die, suffering as no man could endure, the healing of many in the blood of sprinkling, cleansing the unclean forever, death and dying, My Spirit committed to the Father, all things accomplished... the cup of the Father consumed...
Rest, renewal by the tears of mourning, sleep in the lower parts of the earth, the tomb sealed... the grain of wheat, the Holy Seed, has fallen and died, planted in the earth for three days and three nights:

I have given of My life unto death. I completed all the Father has given Me to do. I have the power to lay down My life...

Behold! I have the power to take it up again.

[God speaking.] Gabriel, Michael, roll back the stone. Release the Light unto men, for it shakes the earth with a great trembling. Break free, oh Son of Man, break death’s hold. My beloved Son, Christ Jesus, Emmanuel on earth, come forth! says the Holy One, the God of Israel, the Maker of Heaven and earth.

Behold the Light of the world!... The First Begotten from the dead...
The Firstfruits... The Risen One.

[Jesus speaking.] I am the Resurrection and the Life. All those, who believe in Me, shall not die, but liv again, for I shall raise them up at the Last Day...

No more tears... no more death... no more pain...
for the old order of things has passed away.
All things restored in glory, the glory of everlasting life.
Death destroyed... even sin has been taken away and cast into the void of forgetfulness.
I am Risen! Your Redeemer livs!... Even forever and ever. Amen.

Ascension into Grace.
From Letters From God and His Christ.
4/28/06, A Letter from Timothy, Inspired by the Spirit. For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear.

Behold, the Lord is high and lifted up, residing always at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, from where He came to us in the flesh to suffer, a righteous man among a valley of thorns, piercing Him unto death for our transgressions, so we might live because of Him. So then, the One from Heaven descended, so He might liv to die; so again, He might rise again, whereby we are also approved of God by Him, so we may also rise at the Last Day, meeting the Lord in the air, taking us to be where He first ascended.

The Lord Jesus Christ has ascended, as it was spoken by the prophets and witnessed by His disciples, in number many, who also went out testifying, so every letter might be established for our justification... wherein if we would believe with our whole heart, in this shall we be saved.

The Lord Christ, our precious Jesus, has ascended on high, having went to prepare a place for those who love Him, having already prepared the way by the cross... so that through Him, we might also ascend and be where He is, forever and ever.

The Lord first descended, then ascended, so that He might descend again and lift us out of affliction the second time. Let us remember, always, the first time where He had already saved the afflicted from sin.

Then shall He descend a third time, with the armies of Heaven following Him, even the saints, to make a final end of all powers, principalities and all that lead His people into sin.

As those, who accept Him, are free from sin... so shall He, in whom we find freedom, come and prepare a place on earth as in Heaven, where sin and death and sorrow are no more. Hallelujah! Amen.


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