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First of all, let me say that this is *not* a "thus saith the LORD" and
"it is thus written in stone" kind of prophetic word. I am presenting here
the insight of my prophetic-soul and what I see now developing as the very possible scenario that will engulf the entire world.

What we are seeing coming to fruition before our very eyes is the end of
this dispensation of grace to the gentile nations, the rescuing and full
redemption *and restoration* of Remnant Israel, and the refining and
beautification of the Bride of Messiah-Yeshua: The Church *and* the elect
of Abraham's seed. - THE GROUP that constitutes The Eternal Body of Messiah: A Living, Eternal Being [of many members/vessels] which exists in Time and Eternity: in both Heaven and on/in earth.

OK. Here is what I see as the current prophetic scenario as it now develops:

* Obama [a nominal 'christian' and a closet-Muslim] is elected President of the United States. He is sworn in with his hand over the Koran, ... or possible with his hand over BOTH the Bible and the Koran.

* This seals the judgement and fall of America, ... and the anguish and repentance of the real remnant of Christians who truly love Jesus in the U.S.

* Pope Benedict continues a flurry of ecumenical activity and is soon succeeded by "the last Pope" of the Roman church, - which is none other than what the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ refers to as, "the false prophet."

* America falls as a world economic and military power, ... and is reconstituted as the Union of the United States of North America.
[Note: EITHER America is brought to utter ruin and is destroyed, ... or she arises as "a mountain made without hands" and "the rod of iron" which OPPOSES the antichrist beast which arises out of the EU and UN] ... time will tell.

* The meteoric rise to power of a person who is soon hailed as "a political and diplomatic genius" and as even "the muslim-jewish-christian mahdi-messiah" who [amazingly and *seemingly*] solves the Israeli-PLO-Hamas-Iranian conflict.

* satan solidifies his 'world-kingdom' via the EU, the UN, and the established unity of "ecuMENical world religions of peace and love and brotherhood."

* GOD SENDS a strong delusion upon the entire earth. "deep darkness covers the whole earth."


More later.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Thanks for putting yourself out there. I am sure some will be critical of this, but I will encourage them to think about how much worse it is to render harsh critical judgment of a brother, than it is for a brother to err in the seeking of God. I'm not saying that because I know that Len is in error, rather to set the stage for gentle respectful disagreement as moved by the Spirit, rather than the all-too-common ballistic condemnation that does nothing to honor Christ Jesus the Lord.

I would rather the Lord correct me for erring in my seeking of Him, than I would have Him correct me for throwing stones at His kids.

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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
How very true that is, brother. It is wisdom to be careful and gracious when 'judging' or considering the accuracy and/or validity a prophetic word, ... *or even* a general {and very possible} prophetic-scenario as just shared in the article above.

No one is absolutely infallible in seeing and declaring the future, ... except GOD HIMSELF, ... and sometimes we don't always 'hear it' or 'get it' just exactly and completely right on every detail of what HE ALONE knows with infallible perfection.

Therefore, we must seek to be both wise and gracious when considering either a definite prophetic word, ... or prophetic insight on developing events.

And this also: those who condemn or ridicule GOD's servants and prophets will get a sharp rebuke from THE LORD YESHUA Himself. - He don't like that kind of thing: *for A FACT,* - and I know this full-well.

blessings & kind regards.

Permalink 04/22/08 @ 01:32
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
he doesn't post here at all, but here is an email comment from my brother, adelpit/richard, regarding the above prophetic insights:

"i would say you have excellent eyesight!

Well, truth to tell: excellent and clear eyesight, insight, and foresight ONLY COMES FROM THE LORD YESHUA and THE HOLY SPIRIT, ... so time will tell.

Anyway, I have a very strong sense that the only real area of potential disagreement between Timothy, myself, and a few others here is over *the ultimate destiny* of the north american continent **after** the fall of the current apostate U.S. government and society. - is it irredeemably LOST, ... or does a supernatural work of GOD arise out of the ashes.?
- Well, we will see AFTER 'the axe falls' so to speak. ... maybe GOD has another plan for north america besides utter ruin and chaos without hope.

adelpit is convinced that he has foreseen the USNA become *an ark [for true Christians]* and *a rod of iron[another JerUSAlem]* from whence the LORD YESHUA will rule and reign during the Millennium *as well as* from the Old [and fully revitalized] Jerusalem in Isreal. - the former is essentially an economic and military Arm; the latter is the Arm of the Royal Priesthood and Royal Court of The Most High from which Divine Decrees are sent-forth.

He will have two ARMS: and two Seats of Power and Authority. NO ONE will dare to cross Him. - the consequences of any such attempt will be fearful.

Baruch Hashem YESHUa ha adOn,
The Messiah Most High.
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