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Are you ready for $9/gallon gas?

By God's providence a lowly chaplain was given access to board-meetings between the world elite rulers (those invisible puppet-masters who direct world affairs.) Lindsey Williams shares keen insight into the plan greedily hatched 30 years ago to wreck the US economy, and how that plan has been brought to bare upon us in these last gasps of our failed system of debt/fiat currency. What we now read in our news-papers, pastor Williams heard discussed as strategy in decades past. You do not want to miss this enlightening view of how oil barons and world-bankers intend to sheer the US people like sheep, caught unawares to their schemes of greed.

MP3 - interview part 1
MP3 - interview part 2
MP3 - interview part 3
MP3 - interview part 4

Eyes wide open.

THIS may be related.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
11/28/07 - From God the Father

RECOMPENSE (Vol. 5 ~ Letters From God and His Christ)

The Day has come and it is here. It has come, says the Lord God... I shall repay. Your nation is given up, and will be left in ruins, for all their forsaking of Me. The roof is heavily weighted, all its pillars are cracked and no longer can bear the weight of their burden. The wind shall blow, the fire shall burn, and all these riches shall be consumed. A swift storm shall come upon you, and you shall not know from where it shall come, for it is already upon you. It shall reach across the oceans, it shall be swift and catch you unawares. It is building and grows in its fury... it builds and has come.

And this shall be its consequence upon you, thus shall it bring forth against you: Confusion, a swirling wind... water, a flood of fear... destruction, collapse of all your foundations. Even the earth shall rise up against you, and nature shall fight against you, oh perverse and mighty nation.

And so, I shall divide them with calamity, with famine, and with destitution...

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Comment from: Judah [Visitor] ·
"We're going to have the worst business cycle since the great depression."

Ouch. I hope he's exaggerating, or wrong. We'll see.

I do believe that the time of this nation is up, that God's hand on this nation is removed; it's a word the Lord spoke to me very clearly early last year.

Well, I know the Lord provides for his people, so I'm not scared by it; I'm more saddened that this once great nation has gone perverse and going only more so with the perverse and sinful culture we're in.
Permalink 04/11/08 @ 11:44
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
amen, Tim.
Yeah, I'm not scared either, but then again ... I'm a bit scared ... maybe more than a bit. However, I should not be, for I know that God has told us beforehand, and He is not freaked out by it, so my fear is a symptom of how far my thoughts stray from His loving kindness and provision.

Ripening still,
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Comment from: Mrs Zeke [Visitor] ·
I know God is God and what He does is just and will always be. I admit however my heart aches for anyone without Him and while I accept what He will give and I can stand in Him without fear I am afraid for the lost because I can not imagine a day without God. Only God will pull me through that heartbreak.

Be loved you are
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