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Ripening for the harvest ... in a nutshell.

by Trent - posted July 16, 2006

The highest revelation in scripture is that God is one. He is the Most High, ... the One without another. How does eternity grow, or shrink? Can it expand and increase? How long would infinity have to diminish and how would you know? The realm of God's Spirit is infinite and eternal. There is just God and He fills all and is all. He is not one of ... He is ONE.

So how can we exist? Where is the cosmos, and how is it not consumed by the eternal nature of God. Can infinity stand next to finite, or can eternity mingle with time without effacing it? This is all explained in Genesis, where God creates a void and then moves upon it (as opposed to within it.) The Jewish explanation is basically that God separates His being, and compresses to form a bubble or void of eternity, so that temporal universe may exist within. This gap is the lack of infinity, where all things that are finite may dwell. But, God's Spirit surrounds the universe, keeping Himself separate, for His being would immediately consume the entire creation. As it is written, "our God is a consuming fire."

The conclusion of the universe is what is repeatedly called "The Last Day." After the last day, there is not another day. Time ceases to exist and the heavens and earth pass away. Peter's apocalyptic version of this event demonstrates that fire consumes all matter, lays it bare and breaks it down to the elements of creation. This is the end of time - the undoing of everything that has been brought into existence. But, for now and until that day, God has kept His being separate. ... almost.

The only begotten of the Father is Jesus the Christ, who descends from above to redeem those that are from below. We pierce Him with our iniquity and unholiness, and by His stripes we are healed. The infinite is reconciled with the finite, and eternity is made available in the now. The temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, and the Spirit was poured forth for man to partake.

Those that partake of the Spirit are born from above, and have eternal life (eternal is a quality, not quantity.) What is true about the life of God is true about His children. All things are made new.

So, what is "in-it" for God? Why bother? In a word the point is ... "harvest."

God can increase, but not in the infinite realm. God's increase is the sowing of the seed of the Spirit within the cosmos. God enters the hearts of men, and then (on the last day) man will persist in the heart of God. Eternity enters us, and then we can enter eternity for His life makes us fit for heaven, as His life makes us fit for earth.

The only delay, is so that the fruit may ripen. God wants to express His nature here through us. He wants what is true for Him to be demonstrated in us. God is love, and when God loves through the organism of His Body - that is the expansion within this realm. Thus it is important to let our behavior tell the truth about God, instead of lies, and the Spirit makes this possible. We don't love our enemies to get the Spirit; we love because we already have the Spirit. The commands are not to change what we are, but to reveal what we are. We are forever and eternally part of the family of God.

Without this increase, and without the harvest ... then the creation would simply be God's fu tile miscarriage. But there is a harvest, and there is an increase, and those that are born of the Spirit are part of it.

Marvel not that I say, you must be born again!


Judgment is not God's discovery of reality, but ours. God learns nothing through judgement, but we learn everything. When the world is judged and then consumed in the fire, they are exposed to be temporal and finite, unable to stand in the eternal fire without being consumed.

But, those that posses eternal life will find that the eternal fire does not consume the life within them, for how can one be greater then the other? Rather eternity merges into oneness like grapes in a winepress. The pulp is discarded, and there are not many, but one flowing substance - the wine. There isn't any nations anymore, but only one city - where indwells righteousness for the glory of the nations have been brought into it, as their glory was wrought in God.

Show me to the fire. Bring on the wine press, for the life within me cries for the Father with the spirit of adoption. Eternal life wants to merge with the infinite. The bride and the bridegroom say, "Come!" ... and we come to consummate and become one!

If you belong to Him, I'll see you at the wedding feast! Save room for desert! (and fear not the fire.)

[the above was slightly adapted from a post I made in another discussion. This has been sitting around as a "DRAFT" since Jan 16th of 2006 ... finally published today.]


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Comment from: Lisa [Visitor]
Wow... This is heavy and intense. But, after pondering it a bit, it does make sense.
I have to admit, I liked the bit you wrote about the commandments aren't to make us change, but rather, to reveal what we are.

How true. We're Dead in need of Life.
Thanks for everything,
Permalink 07/16/06 @ 19:34
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Yes, the commands are to reveal us and what we cannot do. You know there are thousands of commands in the Bible ... more then I care to count, and in all of the Bible there is not a SINGLE reference to the hope that we can do any of it. The whole thing is set up so that those that think that they can ... try harder ... and those that have found that they can't ... receive miracles.

Contrary to popular opinion, one cannot find where the Bible says that we can do any of it, and there are easily researched references to where the Bible says that we CANNOT do any of it ("apart from me you can do nothing.")

So we can't ...
but He never said that we could.
He CAN ...
and He always said that He would.

Its good to be a GraceHead!

Permalink 07/17/06 @ 17:39
Comment from: Cheryl Senechal [Visitor]
I love your site, but whenever I try to open it from my email it tells me that I am "spam". Please fix this - although I lived off the stuff as a kid :) rest assured, I am not Spam!
Permalink 04/05/08 @ 09:52
Comment from: terry fuller [Visitor]
Trent, I loved this post. It was moving. Thanks for your deep thoughts and for sharing them.

LG&LG(let go and let God),
Permalink 04/05/08 @ 18:08
Comment from: pam [Visitor]
I agree with, Mom this is pure Jesus in Trent.
Permalink 04/06/08 @ 02:26
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen and Amen!!!

I was moved by the Spirit, whose wisdom was revealed through you, brother.

Thank you for delivering this Message.

Some related verses and Letter excerpts:

Rev. 10:6 -
And swear by Him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

"So then, that atoned for in My blood is far-reaching, even across all and death, time and space. For even those, before Me, were after Me, and knew the Father...who, knowing Him, knew and saw the time of My coming as from afar off, having already repented before the Father in His name, which is also My name, the name He gave Me...Emmanuel." ~ Jesus

Trust in Me, for nothing remains outside My will.
Therefore, rest in the hope and the blessing,
understanding that the Father knows all things,
even from the beginning... nothing has escaped His eye.
For all the works, prepared of the Father,
were known to Him before the foundation of the world,
and have been prepared and set up for all those, foreordained,
who will come to Him and have already.
For the Day appointed has come, and will progress quickly,
until the fullness of all those, who were also appointed,
come into salvation...
even until the time of all those, appointed unto wrath, is fulfilled.

Behold a new day, even one thousand years...
Rest. ~ Jesus

Dear one, from the light have you come, formed in that secret place that is only known to Me. As I, the Father, and the Son, Jesus, have always known you, so too have I also known the creation of the universe. As the universe is beautiful and filled with light, so too have I made you. I have always been, and so too has the universe. There has never been "nothing", for I am all and everything is in Me. ~ God

So the Word was sent, and has come into the world to save all who believe and live by the Word,
and to destroy all those who fight against the Word,
not knowing that they too are bound by the Word.
All are under subjection to the Word...
being made alive by the Word or passing away by His judgment.
The Word stands forever...immovable and everlasting, permanent stone, unchangeable...
having complete authority over all things,
even the light and the dark, the righteous and the wicked.
Indeed, all the universe is under His will, giving heed to He who created it, forever and ever.

~ God
There is one constant in all the universe, and by whom all things have their being, even all life and even all these stars in the heavens...What is His name?! What is His Son’s name!?... ~ Jesus
Permalink 04/06/08 @ 11:04
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Choice quotes.

As you know, I received this understanding (more than I could ever put to words) by revelation and through connectedness to the Lord, sitting and listening and trying to wrap my brain around what He is telling me from within. Ah- ha my eyes see, and I see Jesus! But to do so is to be lonely, like returning from an experience that nobody around you has been through ... and nobody can understand unless they go through it themselves.

Imagine some survivor of the Iwo Jima, having seen it first-hand, disappointedly listening to historians talking about their theories of what happened. Would it not be apparent that these historians are thinking abstractly about it, rather than speaking from experience? So, when I stumbled upon "Letters from God and His Christ" at I thought I would find a man's abstract interpretation of God, not the same vision that I have been given, and to my pleasant surprise it was like a veteran stumbling upon the diary of someone that was also at Iwo Jima ... because I saw in different words the same experience reflected in your dictation from the Lord. Another ah-ha! I see, and someone else also sees!

I know that the quotes that you shared are a small minority sample of all the subtle references to the same understanding. Those familiar with the Bible, will likely recognize that I could have referenced a hundred passages as support to this post as well. So, I guess this post will make more sense to those that are scripturally trained, but even more who have seen what I have seen at the feet of our Teacher and Counselor.

This isn't the first time that I have shared this understanding, either ... but I like this one because it is concise ... nevertheless, I'll repost some of those other blogs, this spring.

Ripening with little time before the harvest,

Permalink 04/06/08 @ 13:33

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