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Thus Says the Lord God Against the United States!

[Excerpts from the Letters From God and His Christ]

Thus Says the Lord God:
Behold, I am against you, oh nation of harlots! I had made you strong and gave you blessings beyond compare. Yet you turn your face from Me, even the One who bought you in His own blood... beaten, scourged and mocked, even pierced for your transgressions! Yet you turn your back on Him and use His name, even the very name I, Myself, have given Him, as a cursing! Desecration! Blasphemy! You, oh nation not desired, you are given into the hands of your enemies, and they shall kill you and burn you with fire and tear down all your tall towers. And you shall raise your hand, in great anger and haste, and repay them double! Says the Lord of Hosts. For as you are given up, so shall they be given to you for retribution. Even Double shall you afflict them, even double shall they receive at your hand. A strong wind and dark storm, a great whirlwind shall you be in your vengeance... yet the end is not yet. For you have those among you, who I know and see of Myself in them, I must take them... I shall surely deliver them. Then you shall fall, oh mighty nation, and great shall be your falling, for then shall rise one whom you shall fear. And all, who feared you, shall fear him; and those, who served you, you shall serve. And you will not be satisfied, and you will grumble and not sit still, but in false hope you shall rise up and meet your end... plucked up and put underfoot by him, who is called wickedness and lying.

Desolations are coming... great want! How, then, shall these silver coins and paper, houses made of brick and wood, save you? The riches of men shall be taken from them in a day. What, then, shall you stand upon, oh men of vanities and vain deceits?

The Day has come and it is here. It has come, says the Lord God... I shall repay. Your nation is given up, and will be left in ruins, for all their forsaking of Me. The roof is heavily weighted, all its pillars are cracked and no longer can bear the weight of their burden. The wind shall blow, the fire shall burn, and all these riches shall be consumed. A swift storm shall come upon you, and you shall not know from where it shall come, for it is already upon you. It shall reach across the oceans, it shall be swift and catch you unawares. It is building and grows in its fury... it builds and has come.

And this shall be its consequence upon you, thus shall it bring forth against you: Confusion, a swirling wind... water, a flood of fear... destruction, collapse of all your foundations. Even the earth shall rise up against you, and nature shall fight against you, oh perverse and mighty nation. When three times pass, it shall be accomplished... it shall surely come to pass. And the elect shall be gathered, even all those I see of Myself in them, My own reflection shown within the eyes of the first redeemed from the earth. For in a moment, a twinkling of an eye, they shall climb the Ladder, and lie down and rest for a short season, even in the place I have prepared for them. They shall rest, until the Day is done and it is finished. Then they shall arise and descend with the King... And as the lightning flashes out of the east, and shines, filling the sky even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.

For your leaders have cast their lot with the Ishmaelites in the dividing of My land... even of the children’s inheritance I had given to their forefathers forever. And so, I shall divide them with calamity, with famine, and with destitution...

Yet they will turn. And anger shall swell in their faces over much betrayal, causing them to repent of that which they had promised, and they will again stand with the children of Abraham, until three days pass over. Then shall they be given into the hand of him, called the horn of satan... their name dissolved, becoming one of the ten for one hour, then plucked up and broken, during which time the Lord shall bring forth of them a great harvest, a great and mighty harvest, a great multitude, a refined and strong people for My name.

Thus says the Lord: Oh nation, once called of itself “under God”, you have raised yourselves above Me... you shall be brought very low. Since you have said within yourselves, even aloud, saying, “We are not under God, nor do we serve any god. Right is wrong, and wrong is right and the right of the individual”, therefore, because you have spoken this word, you shall come to know God... you shall come to know Me in My anger! I shall show you what is right, and I, even I, shall cause you to discern... and you shall choose, says the Lord.

The Sword has come!

Under God shall you be placed once again, yet not as at first, when you blessed My name... no, not as at first. But in subjection, in recompense, under God in punishment, in retribution, in correction, in discipline, under the shadow of My judgment... under God... My footstool! Then shall you know, and remember... I Am The Lord!

Oh mighty nation, cease from your adulteries and return unto Me... I had blessed you, I had bestowed upon you great abundance, yet now you have gone out to pervert your way and desecrate all I have given you... hardening your hearts, forsaking the poor, turning your faces away from the afflicted. You have become a harlot, an adulteress, a woman perverting her way among many lovers... Return!

The riches of men shall be taken from them in a day, and recompense in full shall be dealt to your nation...

To all My beloved little flocks, seated firmly at My Right Hand, soon gathered into His arms.
Great times of tribulation are coming and shall surely reach around the world, even into your own lives. Be strong, yea, be strong... I am with you to deliver you.
Great hurt is coming and great want, a dark and widening valley where the cliffs are sheer... and in the midst of it, the pit.
Parents, call out to your children...the vipers gather, the jackals have begun their attack. Little ones, I am with you... do not forsake Me. Call on Me in your time of need, which approaches very quickly. Do not be alarmed or overtaken, as an unarmed man in sudden travail by a band of thieves.

See, I have told you in advance. Rest easy, let not your hearts be troubled...I am with you to deliver you... rest easy, and know I Am The Lord!.

[from Timothy.]
Therefore Trust in Jesus! He is the Only Way, the Only Truth and the Only Life!

Luke 21:36:
"Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

Take hope and hear the Word of The Lord Jesus, Yahshua:

[Jesus speaking.] I have defeated the world, and if I have overcome the world, then I shall also steal away those who are Mine, and they shall no longer be in the world. But you will be in the world, yet the power of the world shall in no wise overcome you, for I shall be with you. And where I am, human power is of no use at all... I have defeated the world. And if I have overcome the world, I shall also rob it of its power over that which is Mine. It shall have no power at all, only that which is granted to it so the Scriptures may be fulfilled.

Beloved, I have defeated the world. And these, who know Me, belong to Me and live in Me, and I in them. And over them, human power is of no use at all. Whether they are taken or whether they remain, My will be done, even as the Father’s will is done through Me.

Holy Father,
Your will be done on earth as in Heaven.

I shall call to them, and gather.
I shall tear down and supplant...

I shall restore.

I Shall Make Them One.

And they shall be one in Me,
as I am one in You,
with them in Us.



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