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Jesus Only

Jesus is my faith. There is nothing to be added to Him for the sum of what is the Law and the Prophets is found in His person. There is no need to add anything to Jesus in order to live a life that is pleasing to God. It is to Jesus that my full devotion belongs and all that seeks to draw me away from Him only brings me closer to Him for all that comes against me in opposition to Him is turned on itself as in Him the Father is continually working all to my good. No one can take me away from Jesus, not even myself.

Those who are my true spiritual family love Jesus also, belong to Him, and seek to do the Father's Will. Yet, if I should give my full devotion to them rather than to Jesus that true fellowship would be broken and replaced by a counterfeit faith for faith in Jesus is the narrow path and on that narrow path there is room only for Jesus and I. Others may also walk that same narrow path with Jesus but we walk single-file with Jesus holding on to us as we each cling to Him for balance. My steps must be monitored moment by moment according to Jesus' personal instructions to me. If I look ahead on the path watching for the pitfalls that threaten my fellow Christian brother or sister, or behind, I am distracted from my own personal walk and I stumble. I can only follow another believer as they follow Jesus as I walk in tandem with the steps of my Savior as He is continually at my side. The place that I now stand upon this narrow path is only for me, in this present time, and if I should try to run ahead to catch up to another or hold back to wait for another, I have faltered upon the Way that the Father has laid out for only Jesus and me.

The writings that I have contributed to this site are about my personal walk with Jesus. They are intended as a beacon of Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, for others to see that they might be drawn to Him in faith and encouraged in their own walk. What I have written here is not intended as support of any denomination or para-church movement or with the desire of beginning a new religious movement or even to purify existing religious movements. I write what I write that all might know Jesus in the intimate and personal way that I know Him for my deepest desire is that all should repent and none perish without Christ. That which I have written and is cached here are the writings of a very weak and imperfect woman who is forever grateful and head-over-heels in love with, Jesus.

Each new day, my commitment to Him is renewed as through all that life throws at me, I learn to cling to Him as I abandon religion with its promise of self-righteousness held out before me as a carrot as the stick of fear is continually brought down upon my back to move me toward what can never be. Jesus is my only hope for righteousness and this is a gift He freely gives to me, no manipulative strings attached. There is no room for fear beneath the love of Jesus that covers me and all my unrighteousness in His very own blood. Jesus, only, is more than enough for me.

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Comment from: vint hargrave [Visitor]
thanks again sweet sister....this was written on my birthday and i loved your letter here....

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
Hi Vint,

I'm glad you are blessed by the words that I write. Often, it is good for me to go back and read them again because I am so weak that I forget even what the Lord teaches me through experience. I need the constant reminder of the Holy Spirit or soon I am back to my old ways and stumbling when I ought to be soaring on eagle's wings!

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