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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
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Comment from: jay [Visitor] ·
To all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS i say unto you, behold did anyone see the picture in todays paper's of our fearless leader rekindleing the eternal flame at the hall of remembrance on friday, start of sabbath, well as comdien Bill Engval would say "There's your sign." kallen jay apostle of my brother CHRIST JESUS son of my FATHER in HEAVEN, i say unto you behold, the day of reckoning has begun. my FATHERS fury has been unleashed, woe to those who stand in the way of HIS warriors. For you shall be cast aside unless you can come to know your GIFT. Repent, fall to your knees and ask unto HIM for forgiveness. Accept what HE has offered you, HIS SON, HIS ONE. Praise be to my LORD and SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS. i pray that all listen to what i say.
your brother in CHRIST
kallen jay
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