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I Am The Lord... I Have Defeated the World.

12/2/07 From God the Father and Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.
A Letter to Timothy and Daniel, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear What the Lord Says to His Servants.

I Am The Lord... I Have Defeated the World.

[God speaking.] Timothy, hear the Word of My mouth and write as I command, so you shall both hear and see, and understand.
The time is come... lo, it is here... when I shall spread My Word abroad, even among all these nations, even among the heathen and believer alike... among the towns, and villages, among the cities, even all the high places.

[Timothy speaking.] How, Lord?

[God speaking.] Hear the Word of My mouth and understand... I am the Lord. With Me nothing shall be called impossible. Trust in Me and so do as I command you, and you shall begin to know Me and My power. Behold, I shall do before you a new thing, a new and mighty work the likes of which this generation has not seen, nor has any ear heard, nor has any man brought it into his heart, nor imagined.
Wait on the Lord in all patience and in faith, with all trust. Though it seems to tarry, it will not tarry, it shall surely come. And when it comes, all who hear of it, even everyone who hears and listens... even of all these, their ears will tingle. And of those who behold it, even in these shall tears well up, and their faces shall grow pale with fear. And those of a wise and penitent heart, these shall fall down and give Me praise... and all will know I am the Lord, from the least to the greatest.
Son of men, be pricked in your heart, and receive of My love, and know I am with you to deliver you. And by you shall My voice come to resound in all the earth, even to the uttermost reaches... I am the Lord. And I shall accomplish it... I, even I, shall do it. And you, oh son of men, you, Timothy, My servant, you shall fall down... yea, you shall worship and give Me perfect praise. You shall cry out, you shall surely sing. And then you will no more stumble. You will know, even to the depths of your heart, to the filling of your soul, that I am who I am; and you, even you, oh son of men, are indeed a prophet of the Most High God.
You shall go out, and your brother with you, and you shall spread My own words among the multitude, even as I shall show you. They shall fight against you; they shall bring against you all manner of lies and accusations, but they shall in no wise prevail against you. Even you both shall march and go wheresoever I send you, and no one shall touch you or overcome you. For I, Myself, am with you; and I, Myself, shall overshadow you. And you shall feed the flocks with the Word of My mouth, both small and great, rich and poor, bond and free... even My own flock, the elect; and those given to the fire, the refined. Even to the flock of the slaughter, the proud and stout goats... even to them shall you serve My Word. Whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, I shall make My Word famous, and all shall hear of it and seek you.
Fear not, I am with you... I will surely deliver you. I shall cause you to speak. Still at other times, I shall strike you dumb. I shall cause you to bless; I shall cause you to curse. You shall forgive and sanctify; you shall condemn and cast out. Even I, Myself, shall do it... by you. In My name, it shall be done. Then shall they know I am the Lord and a prophet has been among them.
And of all, who believe and come to you, even of all these you shall bless, and I shall heal them... even all of them in the sight of men. Then they shall know I am the Lord, and you, oh son of men, even you, lowly and penitent man, shall be known as a prophet and messenger of the Most High God, the God of Israel... a servant and vine dresser, a husbandman and friend of YahShua, Yeshua, Jesus, even of Him called Lord and Savior. Even by Him and in His name shall you do these things, and in Him shall My name be glorified, for it is Him who shall come and fill you and live in you, holding your hand. My Word, His Word... the Word... it shall come to abide in your mouth, even your brother’s. Your hearts shall be ablaze with the fire of My own Spirit, even to the showing in your eyes. No weapon forged against you shall prosper, neither in speech nor of metal; neither stick nor stone shall do you any harm... I am the Lord. And YahShua, the Holy One, Jesus, is the Word. Nothing can stand before Him... all fall down. He is not of this world, though it was made by Him.

[Jesus speaking.] You are of this world... and all these who shall come to hate you, who will wish to destroy you, even all these, they are of this world. And though you also are of this world, you do not belong to it... you are Mine. And if you are Mine, and I will surely send you, then I Myself shall go with you. And though you are in the world, it will be as though you are not in the world. For those in the world are subject to its powers.

I have defeated the world, and if I have overcome the world, then I shall also steal away those who are Mine, and they shall no longer be in the world. But you will be in the world, yet the power of the world shall in no wise overcome you, for I shall be with you. And where I am, human power is of no use at all... I have defeated the world. And if I have overcome the world, I shall also rob it of its power over that which is Mine. It shall have no power at all, only that which is granted to it so the Scriptures may be fulfilled.

Beloved, I have defeated the world. And these, who know Me, belong to Me and live in Me, and I in them. And over them, human power is of no use at all. Whether they are taken or whether they remain, My will be done, even as the Father’s will is done through Me.

Holy Father,
Your will be done on earth as in Heaven.

I shall call to them, and gather.
I shall tear down and supplant...

I shall restore.

I shall make them one.

And they shall be one in Me,
as I am one in You,
with them in Us.


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