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The Preparation For The Kingdom

Soon God will bless all the nations of the earth as they have never before been blessed. Soon there will be no one who does not know Him. All will know His Love, experience His Mercy, and understand the Righteousness of Jesus.

Yet, evil must have its full season upon the earth for everything has a time and a season as ordained by God. The evil that is coming to bear upon us will scour the earth of all that sets itself in opposition to God. The earth will be made barren, swept clean, and fully prepared for the New Work of God through Jesus Christ.

The time that is coming is not a survivable time. Those who do survive will do so only beneath the protective wing of God. Praise be to God, our Father, He has not left those who belong to Him without warning and understanding of that which is about to take place. The following passage of scripture is a clear depiction of the Day of the Lord, the Great Tribulation that is about to come. Child of God do not rejoice in the evil that is coming. Neither be fearful but be encouraged by the Good Work God is doing as He works the evil and the good together for the good of those who are His in Christ Jesus. As you read the following passage, be mindful of what God has done in your life, how He has caused great good to come from the evil He has allowed in your life and know that God is doing that same work in all the earth and this is but the preparation for that which will bring His Ultimate Good to all Creation.

From the NIV Readers Version, Isaiah 24:1-13 The LORD is going to completely destroy everything on the earth. He will twist its surface. He'll scatter those who live on it. Priests and people alike will suffer. So will masters and their servants. And so will those who owe money and those who lend it. The earth will be completely destroyed. Everything of value will be taken out of it.
That's what the LORD has said.

The earth will dry up completely. The world will dry up and waste away. The most important people on earth will fade away. The earth is polluted by its people. They haven't obeyed the Laws of the LORD. They haven't done what He told them to do. They've broken the covenant that will last forever. So the LORD will send a curse on the earth. Its people will pay for what they have done. They will be burned up. Very few of them will be left. The vines and fresh wine will dry up completely. Those who used to have a good time will groan. The happy sounds of tambourines will be gone. The noise of those who enjoy wild parties will stop. The joyful music of harps will become silent. People will no longer sing as they drink wine. All joy will turn to sadness. All happiness will be driven out of the earth. All of the buildings will be knocked down. Every city gate will be smashed to pieces. That's how it will be on the earth. And that's how it will be among the nations. It will be as when workers knock all but a few olives off the trees. It will be like a vine that has only a few grapes left after the harvest.

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