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Trouble Erupting Into Joy

Dear friends, my siblings in Christ,

You are dearly beloved by God and His mercy and grace surrounds us raining down perpetually. I am writing to thank each of you for fellowship and prayers yesterday also to encourage each of you.

Satan seems more and more to me to just be a joke. He is crazy, lost, clueless. Our enemy is blind deaf and dumb. He comes late to God's blessings and tries to derail them and take us, who are blessed, into despair. It never works, but he keeps trying. Does he not know that God's blessings stand and His ways are set and therefore unchangeable? Apparently satan can learn nothing. Every time he goes to war, God matches satan's work with much more superabundant blessings!

For example, Moses would free his people to the eternal blessings of God's chosen, so satan tries to have all children of Israel put to death. Did it work? Satan was late and outmatched by the Lord, and all God's desire was brought forth. Furthermore, the attempt of the enemy to kill Moses, only released God's blessings for Moses instead, giving him a privileged childhood.

Same for the Lord Jesus. Satan was in full panic, and children were put to death all over the countryside, yet to no avail. For Jesus was safe, and this stunt only fulfilled scripture about Jesus taking refuge in Egypt. Never once was Jesus ever in any trouble.

Same for David, Joseph and others ...

Do we see a pattern?

First a promise. Then the reversal and the pathetic panic and attempt of the enemy to destroy it. Afterwards, the miraculous deliverance from the Lord with superabundant grace restoring even what was lost and more!

I'm bringing this up partially to explain what is happening to me, but I feel that I am not alone, and all of this will ring true for each of you ... and we should encourage each other, that nothing has gone wrong. The rage of the enemy is ONLY CONFORMATION that God intends to bless us exceedingly. Why else would he be in such a panic to foil us?

Hallelujah! AMEN!

So, believe with me, that God has many promises to fulfill in us, and that is evidenced by the devil's attempts to foil what God has purposed! Oh, what a life, to be His sheep, and to have such a Good Shepherd!

Yes, yesterday I felt the attack. The monster roars, and yet by the grace of God and prayers of His beloved, I was held close to His heart-beat. He comforted me in the times of need, and fears melt in His eyes, amen?

It was this, the unscrupulous owner of my partnership/distributorship company tried to confront my partner while I was away. This owner has it in his mind to renegotiate an existing business contract that is really very new. Well, amen! I don't need to guard this contract. I have a Shepherd, amen? The Lord tells all those that have ears, that He will be our rear guard. That means to me that whatever we DON'T see coming at us, Jesus already saw it and we don't need to fight against it, nor defend even ourselves.

Hallelujah! Yippie! HEE HAW! (I am a Texan)

Thank the Lord I did not see this coming, for if I did, then it would NOT be a job for my Rear Guard! Haha. It is the Lord's to guard! I am overjoyed, and fully confident! His grace is upon me though the enemy roars! Oh, I don't have words to contain this, nor can my emotions be contained. A heart is bursting with joy in the midst of conflict, and this love and grace is for all of His beloved to partake. What a reminder! I know each of you already know this.

Does not a good father, take joy at the laughter of His children? Then laugh and cry for joy, my brothers and sisters! We have reason to do so, and it passes understanding of the world, and even our own comprehension.

All good things flow from the Lord.
Joy because we have peace.
Peace because we have righteousness.
Righteousness because we have the Lord Jesus!

Lets pray for each other that we may stay in this joy every day.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]

Buddy, remember that the demons do not tremble before Satan, they tremble before Jesus. Satan too at the very mention of the Name Jesus is vanquished and anything that he does to us the Father allows as a part of His working ALL things to the good of those of us who are in Christ Jesus. When we fear Satan and the things he manipulates in our lives to cause us to fear we aren't thinking correctly but all we have to do is whisper the Name, Jesus! and we soon are reminded that all is well with our soul as Satan is put back where he belongs beneath the heel of our Savior and King.

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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
All will be well with you, dear brother. JESUS HIMSELF is your Advocate and Guard.

* Psalm 91 & 121 *

blessings and prayers.

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