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Letters To The Blind

These letters are in reverse order with the most recent on top ... (actually the most recent is here)


I pointed out you were blind as a precaution, and invitation to get that fixed.
Perhaps it seems mean, or that I might be angry, but when you notice that someone can't see because what they describe makes that clear ... you point it out ... if you care at all about that person's delusions of sight when in-fact it is apparent that they are sightless.

Sensory impaired people get good at faking it ... and I wish I noticed your impairment earlier so I could have mentioned it earlier ... so that is my fault ... I guess you are good at faking it.

Imagine a room full of dancing people, and there are deaf people among them and hearing people among them. After a while a deaf person will notice enough about the movement of the hearing, to start to dance even without the music that everybody else hears. And their moves improve until they look like the other dancers that are dancing with hearing. The moves may look the same, but the experience is different. The hearers move because they are hearing, and that is the point. I can imagine how mean it would seem to come along someone who doesn't even know that they can't hear, because they have always been deaf ... and tell them that they are not dancing as the others. It must seem rude to call attention to it, because surely their moves must seem subjectively as normal as anyone else's moves. But, dude ... they really need to hear to dance as the others dance.

All I did, is call attention that you are making it up ... you are not seeing and you are not hearing ... it wasn't obvious before, but now it is clear, Jason.

You have a problem, and I am sorry if it seems rude to you, but I really think you should get off the dance floor or go and get those ears fixed.

Everyone else that can see will see what the others see though their descriptions will vary. The seeing are not aligning themselves with each other as a way to fit in (as deaf people on a dance floor) ... rather we hear the same beat (so to speak.) Faith is this way.

Divine faith is the ears and eyes of the inner man ... receiving that which is from God ... and bearing witness (not inventing witness) to what is apprehended by revelation.

So I was not scolding you, or blasting you ... I was doing unto you as I would want you to do unto me if the rolls were reversed. I am telling you that the blindness of you inner-man, and the deafness of your inner-man ... may seem natural, and normal to you if you have always been that way ... but from where I sit ... something is terribly wrong, and you would be better off if you could see and hear ... and then your witness would be true and authentic ... not derived from others as a cocktail of guess-work and half-truths.

And trust me, I am not singling you out as someone that is especially crippled by blindness. Basically, most of the churchgoers that I have ever met are fakers ... (some more obvious than others.) And my advice that I gave you, would be no different than the advice that I would give them ...

So, I take it that you have made your decision. And you would rather gripe that anybody call attention to the organs of your inner-man that are not functioning ... then so be it. I respect your decision ... and furthermore I will validate it. It is each persons' decision to make, and God upholds it for them.
To choose blindness is to receive it.

I would rather all would choose to see, and beg God to reveal Himself authentically to each of them. Nevertheless, I have been around enough to know that such is the rare exception.
So, I'll post this as well as the letter to which you were referring, as you have challenged me to post.

Maybe your purpose in all this is to serve as a warning to others ...

Ripening in the light with eyes wide open,

Ir response to Jason's comment (notice all the "guesses" and "maybe"'s):

[to trent]I am guessing Jesus is very judgmenttal and narrow minded? He has nor room for open ended questioning nor for any un-certainty. Jesus loves some and doesn't love others - based on the the idea of a personal relationship. He also seems to be turning more or less into a denominational entity and not very Jewish in his roots anymore (which to me is odd - but who knows maybe Jesus converted to Catholicism?). /// Hey Trent - why don't you post what you wrote to me in an e-mail concerning this very post - I just wanna know - if you're pulling people closer to Jesus with your e-mail to me? I beg of you - post it - I want to know how judgemental people on this site actually are - I have always wondered - plus we could use a good ole slandering of a fellow believer.[from jason]

Which came in response to what I said here:

As somebody that actually knows the Lord ... all I can say ... is .... Wow. You really don't have a clue about Jesus.
No offense, this all reads like a blind person trying to describe a rainbow with a little imagination and a distorted mental picture derived from others descriptions.

Have you ever met Jesus? Do you even know Him? Seems like all you have are theories and notions based on ?who-knows?.
I can't imagine how much of what I know to be true would need to be removed from my mind, to speak as ignorant as your (i) through (v) ... again, no offense (ignorance is not stupidity.)

I can't just curse your darkness without lighting a light for you ... but in this case, personal relationship with the Creator of the universe is not something that is transfer by someone to another. You have to meet Him for yourself. So, if I were you (and I am not kidding in this advise) I would get down on my knees and cry with all my heart "Lord, Why do I not even know You? Why are all my thoughts based on mere notions and not knowing for sure from the certainty that comes from experiencing the Truth!? I'm through guessing, and want to know!"

(i) Nope.
(ii) Nope.
(iii) Yes, but I have little confidence you know what you are talking about.
(iv) Nope.
(v) Not the point.

Your ears or yet stopped and eyes are yet blind. How can you teach others any authentic reality in such a condition? With guesses, and the power of imagination?

Now is the day for you to decide for yourself ... do you really want to know the Lord Jesus?
Decide. All people must decided.

I'll respect your decision.
But please don't try to pass-off your notions about the Lord anymore to people that know the Lord Jesus. Just have the dignity to admit that your not the one to ask about Him, because you don't really know.


Which came in reply to this:

Hi Trent, I thought about this one - and was tougher than I thought it would be:

(i) Jesus was afforded a unique position - at the 'right hand of God' - namely concerning judgment (which actually seems to be one of his strong points in the gospels) - which connotates He was highly approved of by God - and he becomes a 'mediator' on our behalves

(ii) Jesus refers to 'coming back' - even after leaving the first time to be with God - I think this is specific to Jesus

(iii) Jesus is the Messiah/Christ - the fulfillment of certain promises

(iv) His teachings are far and above anyone else's I have ever read (as far as values go) - reformative in nature

(v) Jesus had the power to resurrect - which I think is quite unique

Jason Bird

which came in reply to this:

I am collecting some tid-bits of information that would only apply to Jesus ... uniquely to Him alone.
I was wondering if you could tell me some things that are only true of Him, whenever you think of them.

I would appreciate it very much.


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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Brother, you have now warned him a second time, as I have also warned him, and above all as the Lord has warned him.(see "Transgression" post comments)

Titus 3:10
Warn a divisive person once, then a second time; and after that, have nothing more to do with him.

Let the Lord rebuke him and all those like him from here on, according to the derision they have attempted to create among brethren and according to the seeds of doubt they sow, opposing all good conversation in Christ, even to the speaking against the Lord's own words.

And so, let us pray that the Lord grant unto them repentance unto the washing of all mud from their eyes and to the removal of all that stops their ears from hearing.

We must no longer strive with them over words, for we must withdraw ourselves (1 Tim 6:5 KJV). Yet we will continue in prayer for them.

The Lord searches the hearts and minds and knows even the innermost intents of all men...

*Nothing is hidden from Him.*
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Comment from: the_burning_bush [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent,

SocietyVS and I haven't been getting along so well since he said we should accept homosexuals as equals in the church. I couldn't persuade him to answer directly whether or not he considered homosexuality a sin (I showed him a sufficient passage in the Bible), but his views seemed hard to nail down.

All that to say, I think I have some understanding of where you are coming from with this guy -perhaps you are rebuking him for things not directly mentioned in his points?

This is where I am confused in your response. It seems like rebuking should involve showing someone his sin, but the five "no's" you give (well, one half-no) don't seem to shed much light on where you take issue with Jason's views. Is it because you're saying Jason's true creeds are false because (you believe) he has a false relationship with Jesus?

As to Jason's particular claims, Jesus wasn't the only one to 'perform' a miracle where someone was raised from the dead. Also, I'm not sure if Jesus is unique in his role as a judge. But he is the Messiah, and he is coming again (don't you believe he is?) And there is something that reforms the disciple who accepts his teachings. Maybe this is just my opinion, but he certainly seemed to teach in a unique way.

Where do you disagree? Or do you disagree with things other than the points Jason mentioned?

Or have I been introduced too late to your disagreement to grasp the content of it?
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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] · http://www.
Some people have AN AWFULLY LOT OF TIME ON THEIR HANDS, ... mostly to fuss, fight, and/or 'justify' themselves.

IF ANYONE can PROVE that Timothy [and the Word of the LORD he receives and declares] is clearly in error with the whole counsel of GOD: I would sure like to see that 'proof.' ... I'm still waiting to see it.

Permalink 10/19/07 @ 05:17
Comment from: the_burning_bush [Visitor] ·
Proofs are only required for those who do not believe.
Permalink 10/19/07 @ 15:41
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Steve, the Warning from the Lord I was commanded to give to Jason, I am now commanded to give to you...

Thus says the Lord: You have gone out of the way, thinking you stand. You do not stand, for you have stood against Me and My Word sent through My prophets...this is not to stand. You shall be brought low... you shall not be gathered. Neither will I hear you, for you have forsaken your Lord for your own way...such arrogant, high-minded children, continually misleading themselves and all those they speak to, never hearing the voice of the Lord their God.
Son of man, did you think I would stay silent?! Did you think that I, even I, would not blow the trumpet and alert the watchmen?! Therefore, it is fulfilled and shall come to pass in that Day, which is upon you, that the Son of Man, your Redeemer, shall say to you, “I never knew you”. For if you truly knew Him and He lived in you, then you would recognize those I send and the Word given them...yet you forbear, resting in the beds of false doctrine, even the doctrines of men. Therefore, you shall not be gathered, for I do not see of Myself in you, though you speak My words instant in and out of season. For you speak them seasoned with the salt I, Myself, have NOT given you. This you have received, in vain, at the hands of men. Know you not, that which is of God has salt in itself, and in no wise needs seasoning?... Get wisdom and receive understanding, and repent. And give heed to those I send, and I shall yet gather you, and you shall escape all these things. Forbear, and you shall endure refinement in the Lord’s Day, and by great tribulation shall you come into glory. For I am the Lord...I shall surely correct and discipline even ALL those I love, who have been led astray and teach others in like manner...a leading away from the Truth, as I, Myself, had spoken it and how it was meant to be received.
The kingdoms of men are finished... ALL shall crumble and fall to pieces before the glory of God, wrought in His Only Begotten...The Truth Absolute. You know not the mind of God, neither have you heard His voice. Be separate! says the Lord, and joined unto Me. Look past My prophet, and see with greater eyes. Your ego has crippled you, and your knowledge has caused you to blaspheme My words.
Repent, oh son of man. You have become so very poor, thinking you are rich. Repent, and call on Me in truth and all humility, in the Christ’s name, Jesus, Yeshua the Gift, and you shall receive true understanding. Depart from these vanities built up in the hearts of men. Stop desecrating My Word, in the Scriptures of Truth, for your own glory. All humility and faith is what I require of all My servants. You can not serve both God and men. For men, liken unto you, are perverse in their segregation of My Word and in the corrupt musings of their hearts. You have divided My Word, yes, you have divided it, and it shall slay you, even in your heart. The day is coming, when you shall be pricked in your hearts and you shall wail, when again this same one, whom you have brought against a false accusation, comes once again in the Day of Sorrows, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord’, and you realize all you have done has been found wanting. You shall not tempt the Lord your God! My prophets are sent out, they prepare the way of the Holy One...He shall gather and return in His Glory. Yea, these men, even 144,000, are sent, and are already in the earth blowing the trumpet. Yet you cover your ears, saying within yourself, ‘I already hear and will not heed any trumpet, other than that which I have made and was put in my hand by man and not God. For I, alone, am righteous, and these with me know God’s will, and we shall teach others. And we will, by no means, listen to these sent...we shall stone them in word and deed, and cast ALL their cords from us, saying, you shall no more speak in the Lord’s name.’
Son of man, you appear to others as though you are called by Christ’s own name - stop your false witness!... you shall not be gathered. You are abased, because you are found to be exalted among your fellows.
The Lord has spoken, and says, repent...and I, Myself, shall place your feet, once again, on the path of truth, where all understanding comes from God, and is given through Christ to all those who truly abide in Him, and He in they...The Lord does not change!

Permalink 10/19/07 @ 18:34
Comment from: the_burning_bush [Visitor] ·
Hi Jason,

I'm glad to hear that you are taking up the issue with such diligence. Search the Scriptures -they won't lead you astray.

Frankly, the argument between you and Trent saddens me and I don't understand it.

The contributors here place a lot value in saying what's going on inside them, and I have a lot of respect for that in a world where everyone is trying to please the world.

I also see good things in you.

Take care, Jason.
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