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How to ruin the gift of "no condemnation"

Wanna ruin the gift of God in Christ? Would you like to distort grace?

Here is how: First and foremost ... soften the demand, and go easy on the sin.

Pretend that God is okay with the trespass, and able to shrug it off. Make it as though nothing much really happened. Nothing dire could ever come from it.

Then after making the offense amount to absolutely nothing of consequence ... THEN, say you are forgiven ... no longer condemned.


Big deal ... eh? So what? It was shrugged off, as nothing anyway, so big deal if I am forgiven, right?

That is how you can absolutely ruin the gift of forgiveness.

BUT, that is not how God operates. He has never softened His Holy demands. Nor will He!

Each trespass is dire! Each consequence of sin is wrath and death. The transgression of the least of the law, is the transgression of all of it.
Ever tell a lie? Well God cannot see you as anybody better than a blasphemer and adulterer, and murderer. It is all the same, corrupt to the core, and not worth improving. Only worth replacing by faith ... a whole trading of your filthy righteousness for His sparkling perfection ... by faith in the Lord Jesus.

So, I don't have much room in my heart for those that soften God's demands ... and thereby ruin redemption ... making it of no effect.

For I know in my heart of hearts ... that I have been forgiven of much ... and saved as a gift. It is not a mild thing, a painless pardon ... a letting off the hook.

God isn't going soft. Rather it is much more than that.

Each instance of imperfection from my birth until I am gone ... God has seen all the reasons to shed wrath on me ... blotting me out of His book of Life ... and Christ paid for each offense, not just canceling the offense, but actually paying for it in full with something more precious to God than any 10,000. The price was great, because the sin was great... but greater still is what was offered! Sufficient to turn the tide of death, and quicken many to Life ... Eternal Life - God's very own!

Forgiveness is only real, to those that need it. And if God is going soft, then forgiveness wasn't really needed anyway.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
A message spoken in soft tones or harsh tones that does not proceed from the Holy Spirit of God is a false message. We all sin when we suppress the truth to our own desired outcome.

"Let God be true and every man a liar."

My sympathy is with all who like me are sinners hopeless, save for the Grace of God in Jesus.

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Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
Good message, Trent.

I agree completely.

THE NEED TO RECIEVE The Gift comes from The Holy Spirit, ... and the RIGHT presentation of the Gospel Message.

It is as you have said here.


and GOD bless.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Trent,

I've been thinking about this a lot and just the fact that God chose forgiveness to deal with our sin shows how horrendous our crime of sin is. If anyone has ever suffered as the victim of a violent crimes knows, there comes a point where giving your forgiveness is the only soludtion to the residual pain left in your mind and soul after suffering such great hurt. One can't let go of the anger and the hold that it has over them until they forgive the perpetrator. It does not even matter if the perpetrator never accepts that forgivenss by repenting of what they've done. Forgiveness is necessary for the victim. Forgiveness in Jesus benefits us highly but I think it is also the way God has chosen to let go of the pain the human race has caused Him through our willful disobedience, our desire to steal His place of authority. Can you imagine the pain at having created such a beautiful universe and then to lose it all as it is caste under the shadow of death through the sin of man? People wonder at a God that is wrathful against sin??? Instead of scraping the whole thing, He has chosen to forgive not because we need Him too so badly but for His glory and our need is met in His glory.

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