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If one should find in the Bible concepts that seem to contradict it does not mean that God contradicts Himself. It means that God has not yet revealed to you His full mind on these particular points that appear to contradict. One should not respond by extrapolating what is read to fit a previously held understanding or to make it fit human logic. Wait upon God to reveal His meaning by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By the second process, God's method for training Chrisitians, any contradiction between ourselves and God is removed.

Measure all things according to Christ, the Living Word, Who never contradicted God but simply, from the heart, obeyed.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·

I have also found by comparing verses in the Complete Jewish Bible many "seeming" contradictions and confusion are cleared up that are caused by the english mistranslations:

click here--> Complete Jewish Bible (OT & NT)
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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Moreover, I can also recommend stepping away from tricky passages, until you gain perspective from other revelations by which you can gain understanding of what was once hidden.

Straining for understanding when you lack perspective is fruitless and tiresome.

So we always are reminded that we study the scriptures not at all to learn of the scriptures themselves. Rather, we learn of the Author - even the Lord. And by Him we are lead into all truth.

How often have I deliberately tried to abolish ambiguity about a certain passage, only to create a faulty system of belief to force an intellectual understanding. Yet, even stepping away with Jesus to be taught His simple way (within as a lecture of the Holy Spirit) many other passages and a whole scope of understanding has followed, without strain, without intellect, and without systems of belief. All just as someone sees, something challenging, and with sight comes an understanding of how things work, that unlocks many other mysteries.

So, what seems to contradict, becomes child's play once other things are unlocked in our minds.

Seek not the meanings of the words themselves, but seek the understanding behind them, and from which they are written. Then the Bible seems less like a puzzle, and more like a letter that you, yourself, would have written to convey the same points, because yours is the very perspective from which those same words were written -- A perspective (revelation) from the Lord.

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