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The Pursuit Of Peace

We are to do all possible to live at peace with other human beings. I believe that the pursuit of this peace is at the very heart of our mission in Christ. We are ambassadors for Christ, declaring to a dying world that God has declared peace with all human beings through His Son Jesus Christ. Our lives ought to be marked by the message of peace that we have been commissioned to deliver.

Peace is never obtained through war. War is the result of man's desire to control other men, and other-control is also at the heart of religion. We will never find peace through force or through controlling what threatens us in another. We can't control the sinful actions of another nor the heart that drives those actions, only God can change a heart and mind. We must recognize this boundary that God has set between us and all others and seek to live at peace with them as they are. This also can't be done by our own power and might but only through Christ Jesus by submission to the mind of Christ within us.

I am by nature confrontational, a crusader against evil in the world. Living at peace and pursuing peace is not easy for me. God has allowed me to suffer many hardships in order that I might let go of my natural desire to improve the world through control of others. Through those sufferings, He has revealed to me the nature of peace. I am to make peace with others in the same way that God made peace with me through Jesus. I am to lay myself down and give myself over to the Will of God, the God Who rules over all and is concerned with the lives of all and not just my own.

This does not mean that I sacrifice the principles that God has fashioned in my heart, nor do I give up my desire for good. I do give up thinking I can even understand how the good I desire can be brought about or that I have the power to change the mind of another. I must also give up self-defense. I must turn the other cheek no matter how that injures my pride in causing me to appear weak to others. I must cease from living out my life under my own direction and instead, live according to the Spirit. He is faithful to give me guidance moment by moment and will even give me the ability to listen to those instructions moment by moment. If I am to pursue peace with others, I must continually hide myself within the inner peace that I have with God in Christ Jesus.

We are living in a time when war and hatred seems to be upon most every tongue. Religions are clashing as man's desire to control others is rising with his fear and desire for the vision of peace that he desires for the earth. Living in peace with others is becoming more difficult every day. For those of us called in Christ Jesus, our pursuit of peace could likely cost us our life.

Father give us the guidance and the spiritual maturity to listen to that Spiritual guidance that will govern our words and our actions that through us Your Peace might be demonstrated to a world that is threatened to be consumed by war. May our allegiance to Christ be above that of any allegiance to religion, political party, or government. In this time of fear and the extreme of other-control that fear engenders, may the Divine Peace we have received in Christ, shine brightly from the true radiance that is Jesus as He is in us. May God enable us to continue to live quiet lives with hands busied by our own work and at peace with all we come in contact. May God grant us the strength to lay ourselves low before Him in preparation of the glory to come that is the final manifestation of the Peace that Jesus obtained between God and all human beings when He laid Himself low before the Will of the Father and shed His blood on the cross as a covering for our sin; the sin that long separated all from God. May He strengthen us to declare this Peace in peaceful fashion even in the face of our own destruction. The Peace that will one day cover the entire world begins with us. May that Peace shine forth for the Glory of God and the benefit of man. Amen.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
Amen. Ripen us Lord!
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