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Awake! To The Glory Of God!

Sleeping virgins, WAKE UP! The bridegroom is very near! Be still! Listen! Lift your hands and open your arms wide to God! Be filled with His Spirit! Prepare for His return and surrender completely to Him! Do not hide the Light that He has placed within you. Let it shine to all women and men. Remember, if we say we love God and hate our brother, we are liars. What greater form of hatred is there than to suppress the fountain of Life that bubbles over within you and with-hold it from those who dwell in the world into which Jesus was Sent, and Willingly came, to save? Love as you have been Loved and have goodwill toward all men!

This is the final hour! The final call to those given the ability to hear the voice of Jesus, the Savior. The final moments of this age in which God has chosen to demonstrate His Mercy and His Grace on vessels of dishonor whom He has re-purposed by the filling of His Spirit, making the common water within them, the very best wine. Hear the voice of the Savior! For all who are dead to God in their sin, awaiting your sentence to be carried out, there is still time to look to Jesus and Live! Look! Beleive! In these last seconds of the age, as the Potter's vessel is being raised in His hand, in order to smash all vessels given to receive the fullness of His Wrath, do not plug your ears or cover your eyes! The destruction of all vessels of perverted purpose is upon us! These misshapen vessels of distorted purpose made useless by their own choosing apart of the Will of God, their Designer and Maker. Perverted by their own desire to be God as they cry out to Him, "Why have you made me this way!" as they desire to hold their own glory rather than give glory to God. God will get His glory! By the Power of His own Mercy, He will smash those created vessels that have sought to raise themselves above Him that the clay from which they have been fashioned may be ground again to powder and refashioned to never again rise up to choose apart from the Will of God. The vessel the Potter now raises up in His left hand is evil which will in turn be destroyed by its own devices as God gives His Creation over to evil's full season.

Woe! to those who long for this Day, the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD, and have acted even to bring it forth! Their prophecies that taste as sweet as honey in their mouths will turn to bitter poison in their stomachs. They upon dining will cry, Peace! Peace! and rejoice in their own glory as they revel in having raised themselves as God; but when that which they have brought upon the earth begins to be fully digested, their destruction will come upon them.

Hallelujah! The King returns and all angels prostrate fall! The knees of all stubborn men buckle and every unwilling and prideful tongue will confess, Jesus as Lord! God, because His Mercy endures forever, is always faithful to intervene in the affairs of men, lest man should wipe himself from the face of the earth. By the Power of His Mercy and the Power of His Righteousness, made flesh in His only begotten Son, will come the Restoration of all things to God! All to the glory of God Who is mighty to Save! To Him, all Glory, all Might, and all Power! To us all Hope, all Safety, and Strength! True Peace in Israel, long awaited and then fully realized as in Jesus, the Kingdom comes in full and God's Will is done on earth as it is Heaven! Rejoice and give praise for ever more and even into eternity!

You, who have been born of God, again I say, WAKE UP! Don't just mouth it, live it! Awake, to the Glory of God!

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Comment from: Pam [Visitor]
:0) It's been a Jesusful day!

You're a good egg, Jason.

Permalink 09/28/07 @ 23:38
Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

Feel better now? I see that a voice was placed in your throat heralding the Word in these final hours. Indeed your words are true, and timely and God will vindicate them in a short while, revealing they are inspired of Him by the understanding He gives as a gift to you and for the benefit of others.

May the wise (wise = a hearing heart) heed your words, for they are an expression of the Life that He has given you.

Thank you for sharing Jesus.

Permalink 09/29/07 @ 09:04
Comment from: lenbenhear [Member] ·
THE FINAL HOUR will come upon many unawares, ... for they seek *their own glory and their own life,* ... NOT The LIFE from [and of] the Son of GOD. - THERE is the point of sifting and separation.

Good word, Pam.
Permalink 09/29/07 @ 09:42

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