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The Power Of Revelation

I stand in the midst of a sage-brush sea that meets the distant horizon in perfect circumference. The vault of the crystal blue, Autumn sky rises above and I hear, Silence. I breathe deeply the clean, crisp air and my lungs are filled afresh with life. My spirit is quieted and stilled and I am awed by reverence for the Creator. I hear the voice of God whisper to me as I gaze upon the work He has done and realize by comparison, how small and insignificant I truly, am. Then feelings of insignificance are washed away as I realize that no detail of God's created work is insignificant to Him and I am filled with the surety of His Love.

It is no wonder to me that people the world over have also studied the wonders of nature and come to realize the great Power behind such majesty and fine craftsmanship points only to some magnificent Workman; often called the Creator, or the Great Spirit, or the God Over All, or even the Unknown God. The Living God makes Himself evident to human beings through the magnificence of His handiwork.

It is also no wonder to me that these peoples have sought to harness this power for themselves through the creation of various religions, philosophies, and sciences. As I study these different aspects of observation, I am also struck by how much of Himself God does reveal to humankind without speaking a single word. Some who observe the phenomena of nature become seekers of God, desiring to come to know the unseen Power behind the wonderful order in nature. Others, of hardened hearts and blinded minds, will still deny Him, proving through their obtuse nature, the sinfulness of humankind. All of nature is in tune with the Will of the Creator but man has set himself outside of this harmony by his desire to rule over himself and all that surrounds him. This harmful desire is evident in all of the religions, philosophies, and sciences that he creates. All of these disciplines hold a modicum of truth but the truth within them is destroyed by this same evil desire; the desire to rule in the place of God.

Man not held in submission to God does not only bring misery and destruction upon himself but also upon the entire Creation of God. Every thought we entertain that goes against the Will of God and every action we take driven by those thoughts brings death to ourselves and also the natural world around us. Left to our own devices, we will bring upon the planet the full force of death and destruction. Humankind must be returned to harmony with God, the Creator of all things living.

We are in need of a more complete revelation. One so powerful as to not only make God evident to us but a revelation so powerful as to change our obtuse and destructive nature. A revelation so powerful as to bring all humankind to their knees before God. This revelation is Jesus Christ, the Son of Man and the Son of God. This man who was and is much more than a man, a man who came not to do his own will but only, to do the Will of His Father Who sent Him. The revelation of Jesus Christ is to know God and to be known by Him and to know Him is to be changed in such a way as to bring the personal will into alignment with the Perfect Will of God, the Creator, the God of All Living, who is Spirit, who once was the Unknown God, made visibly and perfectly known through His only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ.

This complete revelation has to this time, been given to only a few. In a time to come, Jesus will be fully revealed to all and every knee will bend and every tongue confess Jesus as Lord. Upon the completion of this complete revelation of God to humankind, death will die and all of nature will be returned to harmony with God as man will no longer desire, ever, to raise himself above God.

This is the Power of Divine Revelation: to save this dying world. No other power devised by humankind will ever achieve in harnessing this great power to serve the purposes of man. It is only achieved by an intervention of God which has already occurred in part and has taken place in those who are being saved through faith in Jesus Christ; this faith given to those to whom God has chosen to reveal the true identity of Jesus Christ. The completion of this intervention, this Divine Revelation, will end in the complete restoration of the entire Creation to God. This is the hope of Christians and indeed, the hope for all. A hope made evident in our longing for all to know Jesus that God's Laws might be written upon their hearts, as they are being written upon the hearts of those in Christ Jesus today, (the Law that now only tallies the sins of sinful man, turning them over to Death to suffer the execution for their crimes)and God truly, becomes the All in all.

Lord hasten the day, when the faith will be made sight and all Creation will sing, hallelujah!

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
The Lord has impressed me to add another point to this post for clarification.

The Law and the Ordinances as delivered through Moses to God's Chosen People, the Jews, is also granted to humankind through Divine Revelation. Through them, God demonstrates to us His moral and religeous purity and His desire as to how His children should live their lives and worship before Him. The Law is not evil, or of no use as is often depicted by Christians today. The Law locks all of us away under sin that we might see our need for the intervention of God in the acheivement of our personal holiness. The Law prepares the way for our Deliverer, Jesus the Christ, the only begotten Son of God. It is our guilt before the Holy Law of God that secures our surrender to Christ.

When the Revelation of Jesus Christ reaches its fullness, we will no longer hold the different ways God has chosen to reveal Himself to us in disjointedness as those who worship nature, those who worship through the Law, and those who worship through Grace. Rather, all will be reconciled as one in Christ as the previous revelations are made brighter in the personal Revelation of the Son of God, the Messiah, the Savior, to each one of us.

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