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The Power of Worship

Worship is not of a certain form or place. Worship is Spirit and Truth and the heart of worship begins in the inner stillness that only the Holy Spirit can bestow. It is in this stillness that the small, still voice of God whispers to us of His Magnificence and Majesty. It is knowledge of Who God is as He reveals Himself to us that fills our hearts with loving reverence and moves our tongues to praise. We do not worship with words or songs that we have carefully crafted to please Him; but true worship is our heart, mind, and tongue returning His Words to Him as by the Power of His Spirit His Word is formed in us and given utterance. Worship is the unquestioning trust of the child for the Father; not the trust of gullibility but trust that has never been broken with even the possibility of broken trust not even known or considered. Worship is to be knowingly enveloped in the Love of God that is God and find there the surety of true and lasting peace.

Take time today and everyday to worship Him and be blessed with the joy of Heaven even in the midst of our daily suffering and strife. By this we are empowered to endure all things as we wait for Jesus to be fully revealed to all.

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Comment from: bruced [Visitor] ·
I like what you're saying, Pammy.

I've found myself in a similar state of mind. Ever since God revealed His love for me in such an amazing way, and I've found myself falling deeply in love with Him, worship is never ending. When you adore someone that profoundly, it inhabits everything you are and everything you do. It is a bubbling up of a fond affection for the object of your love, and it flows from you always. You don't do it, and you can't help it. It's just there, always leaping out from you, infectiously, to everyone and everything around you. From the peace in your mind, to your lips quick-to-smile, to your eyes full-of-life... you can't keep yourself from praising Him!
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Bruce,

My love for God often bubbles over too but lately, it is my personal time spent only with Him that is changing my life. I have never in all of my life as a Christian ever devoted so much time to personal worship. I don't mean morning devotions but more than that. I have been giving my self over to 45 min to one hour every morning (with exceptions that always come up in life) to listening to God and responding to Him with the words that He places in my heart. It is a time when I surrender myself to His personal is a bit hard to explain...but it is more than a laundry list of prayers and more than the busy-ness of my own mind in excited praise. It is listening, it is seeing God in the beauty of His nature that He has created for us, and it is in trusting Him to move me according to His Will and my finding perfect fulfillment in my living out his purpose rather than seeking Him out to fulfill my desired purposes...I think I may be babbling...but in my very personal times of daily worship, I have become a spiritual ballerina dancing a wonderful ballet orchestrated and directed by my Father.

This is not something I can give another no matter how bubbly and happy about it I am. It is between each beleiver and God as the Holy Spirit moves them.


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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
far from a mysterious thing, worship in Spirit and Truth can be a simple and natural thing.

Ever have one of your children talk to you or your husband about things you already know? You enjoy it thoroughly, whenever they echo back to you what you have taught them about the world and politics. And they are only telling you what you have told them.

Likewise to just say the things of God (revealed by Him) to God, like whatever He has revealed to you ... is much the same. God enjoys it and we enjoy it, and in those moments we are worshiping the Lord.

A song may break out, like you said, but it is a song filled with joy that comes from the focusing upon the Lord and His presence.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
Hi Trent,

For me, it is as if a layer has been stripped away and I am so much more aware of the power of God that is in the simplicity of Truth. Nothing has really changed but my deepening awareness. If Jesus were standing in the middle of Navajo Lake and told me to walk out to Him, I would simply walk out to Him with no doubts or fears. Likewise, when He calls to me from the clouds to rise, I will simply rise in the same manner. The Spirit that moves me is in Him. It always was but now I see it clearly.

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