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Is this guy blessed or what?!?!

I know a guy, about whom it was prophesied in the Bible.
This guy, looks like an ordinary every-day person, but you would hardly believe what I am about to tell you ...
God does not impute his sins against him. Even when this blessed person sins (and it isn't that rare that he does), God will not take that sin that is committed and impute it on him. Here is where it mentions him in the Bible:

Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity,

I know where he lives: Fort Worth, TX ... in fact, I know a few who are likewise blessed in Fort Worth. One of them is ME!
I know where another lives: Farmington, NM, and another in the Philippines, and one in Nebraska.
They are all over the place, in fact.

They have been forgiven of much and thus they love much. They see in the mirror someone who stumbles, and whenever they do the Lord NEVER imputes any iniquity on them. NEVER.

The reason why, is that the Lord paid, actually ... no ... the Lord OVER-paid for all the sin they could possibly commit.

If you owe a thousand in an account, and someone credits the account with a billion, then they over-paid by $999,999,999,000 ... and that is alot of over-payment. Such a person is not terribly worried about that credit account, but they are madly in-love with the person that bailed them out. They are in love with the savior, because of the forgiveness and cleansing and wiping clean. They are imputed with so much more than they could ever deserve, and they stand in that gift ... shouting THANK YOU !!! I want to Know you Lord. I want to walk in love with you ... and gather near to you every day!

When you are in Christ, as these blessed people are ... then even whenever you sin, you are so blessed by God's over-payment that those sins are not imputed to you ... they are imputed long ago to Christ Jesus the Lord ... and He was more than sufficient to take them away and impart His righteousness to all that would believe and accept this gift and be inspired by it to forgive all other of their debt.

AMEN!! We stand in Christ, and in Him we have complete righteousness, even the full love of God, having been washed by regeneration and cleansed by the Spirit of renewal ... there is now NO condemnation for us, nor could there ever be. We nevermore need to be ashamed of our lack of worth, for we have been made worthy by a greater amount of Righteousness, then the sum-total of all the sins of the world. His Grace is over-abundant and super-sufficient. We are forever grateful for it!

The Lord OVER-paid and set us free, and because He first loved, we love Him.

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Comment from: pam [Visitor]
And I love you, little brother.:0)

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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Isn't the grace of GOD a most magnificent thing? ... it is THE ELECT GOODNESS and FOREKNOWLEDGE OF GOD regarding His own WHICH HE HAS CHOSEN for reasons ONLY HE KNOWS with perfect certainty! ... of what then do we boast? ... nothing. save Christ our blessed Lord and Saviour, - and HIM crucifed for us and RISEN: ALIVE FOREVERMORE !

O what a Wonderful Saviour ! - The Champion of Love, Mercy, and Grace.

Baruch Hashem Yeshua ha adOn.
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