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My Way, Your Way, The Highway Or...

Jesus, the Living Way.

Paul directs each of us who are in Christ to contend for the faith and that seems to be something that almost none of us have a problem obeying. Even though we all love and know, Jesus we all experience Him and understand Him in slightly and often starkly different ways. We are different and also constantly changing as we move through time but Jesus is always the same. He is the Rock, the consistency of our lives as in Him all things consist. Any fellowship we have depends upon, Jesus. Just as our birth families are bound by blood, we who are in Chirst, are bound by the blood of Jesus.

Christian fellowship can be sweet but often as not, is bitter and difficult. Yet, it is fellowship with one another that God has chosen as a tool for fashioning Jesus more completely in one another. Iron sharpens iron and all who have been reborn in spirit are of the same basic spiritual material. As we rub shoulders, more often contending than rejoicing, we each are refining our faith and by so doing learning to love even those with whom we have nothing in common and can't even really like.

Love is the goal of all of our lessons in Christ. All that we study, hear, see, and experience ought to lead us to Love. All that does not lead us to Love should be cast out. Not the casting out of persons, no matter how oppositional or unlovable they may be, but merely the tossing away of all that is false and not of Jesus in another human being. We must also fully realize that in ourselves there is still much within us also that is false and must be thrown away. Better stated, burned away; and when the stubble in each of us has been burned away, ah! we shall come forth as gold. We will be like, Jesus and all contention and disunity will end.

Brothers and sisters as we each endure this refining fire of our faith that is the Holy Spirit burning in each of us, let us remember to love. Let us contend for the faith without malice as each of us seeks to hold and to share an ever growing understanding of the Truth. God has placed each of us where we are within His grand design for restoring all things to Himself and in knowing that fact is the all enveloping peace of God that transcends any grief, sorrow, or pain that comes into our lives. Our need for peace is met within the full and complete Sovereignty of God. Whether the day bring happiness or sorrow, health or pain, unity or division, God has designed it all for our good and there is no one to blame for our discomfort. All that remains to be done is to Love and to Love in the face of it all.

These things I know to be true but I am as of yet, still residing in a body made of clay and what I know in my spirit is often forgotten in my physical mind. I need to be edified through fellowship in Christ as I learn to continually walk in the Way, as do we all. Thanks be to God that though we contend and bicker as is natural for our flesh to do that He has worked it all to our edification already as He reshapes hearts filled with hate,given their form by an unrighteous world, into instruments of divine Love.

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, who often I have angered, or offended, or I have been offended by, I thank God for you all. Each of you are a valuable tool that God has used toward fashioning Jesus in me. The Love that is Jesus fills my heart, at this moment, and is extended to you all. Amen.

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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Great teaching post, Pam. Thanks. We all need these kind of fine reminders of WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT and what is REALLY valuable in both the short and long-run of this journey of faith and learning.

blessings to you & yours.

Permalink 07/06/07 @ 03:48
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Good Morning Len,

Yep, I need reminders all of the time and often my Father reminds me by allowing me to fall into the ditch, then He shakes his head, and lifts me out again, setting me back on the right path.

Blessings to you too, Len.

Permalink 07/06/07 @ 09:11
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Little-by-by little there is less stumbling and less occasion for The FATHER to have to dust us off. growth and sanctification requires the trial-and-error, ... and dusting.


have a great week, Pam.
Permalink 07/06/07 @ 17:47
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey!!! That's all way cool...

Len, I think I end up in the ditch less because the older I get the less able I am to run off on my own:0) Pretty soon, Jesus will be carrying me all of the time.

Jason, you've a beautiful heart, kid. You always make me smile.

Permalink 07/06/07 @ 18:21
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Hi Jason ! you & I have the same Father and same Saviour.
- that WAY MAKES UP for any silly differences or misunderstandings !

have a great week, my friend.

And Pam: keep writing: you've got the gift.
Permalink 07/10/07 @ 04:58

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