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FINAL MESSAGE....good - bye. (for now)

God be with you all and may Yeshua guide you and come to live fully in you.

-Everyone Abide in the True Doctrine of Christ Jesus... Follow Him and do as He did.
-Keep the Commandments.
-Keep the 7th Day Holy(Shabbat - Saturday)
-Embrace the Holy Days.
-Forsake the the "Holidays".

-Heed the WORD given not left unto refinement in the Day of the Lord.
-Trust not in your own knowledge.
-Trust in God!
-Error on the side of caution.
-Are you so sure I am not sent by God and these Letters are not His Words?!
-Judge not a prophet true, as one who confirms all your beliefs..he is false; and judge not a prophet false, as one who speaks that which none want to hear or because his words cut to the heart and make you feel discomfort and guilt...for he is true.

- Awake! This is the End! The end of the age is here!
- The Day of the Lord is at the door!
- MOVE from your complacency!


The Bridegroom is coming and His return is very close. I have been sent out ahead of Him, with a multitude of others who hear His voice. We go out to prepare His Bride so she shall be fit for the King. I must make a straight path for the Lord to follow and announce His coming! John went out baptizing with water, unto repentance, in preparation of the One coming after Him, whose sandals John was not worthy to loose. The One coming is coming again and so I, together with all those who would be His Trumpet Call, are going out baptizing with Spirit and Truth, according to that Spirit and Truth given us, so all, who have hears to hear, might be spared from the Day of Troubles that is coming upon the whole world.
Correction and guidance, through testimony and proclamation, must be given.

To All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
My Calling

My friends, I do not wish to replace, or take away, or add to the Holy Bible! Rather, these words and this understanding was given to Me by the Lord, and is for all those who have ears to hear. He alone may “add to” His Word for our benefit and to give us greater understanding.

I have not accepted even one penny for the Letters, nor do I plan to...the Word of God is free to all!

I belong to my Lord Jesus Christ, and together with all those who are His, is the church in which I dwell.

The first time I embraced the Truth, which is in Jesus Christ our Lord, was when I heard the voice of the Lord. He has asked me to serve Him, and I have accepted His calling. I am the Lord’s prophet. And to this end, I am called:

1) To trumpet the coming of Christ to every corner of the world, in all manner of speaking and devices (internet, etc.).

2) To write God’s Word, which are a Final Testament to His glory, so those who have not heard might hear and those who have heard might come into a greater understanding of His will set forth in the Scriptures of Truth, the Bible. And those, who have not and will not read the Bible, might be saved by His Word given to an average, modern man of this day, in the hope of them returning to the Bible, for the Letters from God and His Christ and the Bible are in agreement and carry the Lord’s same life-giving Word and Spirit.

3) To give this Word to the churches so they might receive correction and make themselves ready, a beautiful Bride dressed in white, ready for her Husband...a clean, loving, humble Bride who walks in Christ’s very footsteps, obeying His Word and the Law (not the law found in ordinances, but the Law of Liberty, in number ten)...that She might become a shining example, a bright beacon of hope, to those who stumble in the dark, that they might be gathered with her and be, once again, grafted in.

4) To be a “watchman”, that I might sound the warning, the blowing of the Trumpet, to warn all those who abide on the earth that the redemption of God’s children from the world draws very near, and God’s judgement must immediately follow!

For the Day of the Lord is upon us, and who shall stand?... Those, who call on the name of the Lord in all truth and supplication, humble and penitent, calling on Him by the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved...JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!

As I am God’s servant, so also have I become a servant to all those who diligently seek Him. Remember: What the Lord has given me to write, stays written, and what the Lord has spoken STANDS.

Yours in Christ’s service and love, Timothy


Links for Holidays vs Holy Days Bible studies:
Brothers and sisters in Christ, please hear me. I plead with you...
Does God approve of Easter? (Biblical & historical evidence)

*To read more Biblical and historical evidence regarding these MODERN HOLIDAYS and their origins click here and then click on the “Bible/Letter Study” icon on the website

When studying the Holy Days verses and the "holidays" always focus on God's Word and what it says.

Let me try to simplify these in a comparison:

holidays-------------------------Holy Days

seem to be of the Truth------Reveal the truth about God

not in the Bible---------------mentioned throughout Bible

mix paganism with Truth----pure Word of God/prophetic

corruption of truth------------pure Truth

man-made---------------------God ordained

profain Jesus' name-----------Glorify Jesus' name

renamed by men-------------named by God for a reason

lead people away-----------point to the Messiah > Jesus

reveal the mind of men---------reveal the mind of God

point to false god's------------point to Jesus

replacements (unholy)---------original > Holy

break the commandments-----honor the commandments

plan of men to appease the pagans----"Plan of the Ages"

defiles Christ in practice-----Glorifies Christ in the practice

commanded by men-----------commanded by God

kept by believer and unbeliever alike----believers only

kept by world-------------kept by Jesus and the Apostles

Easter (pagan goddess name)----FirstFruits (word used for Jesus by Paul)

Note: Easter is actually celebrated by Christians on the correct day and mostly for the right reasons. Only the name is an abomination and the modern practices.
Jesus actually rose from the dead on a Saturday at sunset, which is also the beginning of the Holy Day First Fruits which continues through Sunday until sunset.
[*For the Chronology of Jesus' Crucifixion Click here]

Also, most of the holiday desecration is in the practice and in the decor or symbols attached to them which are pagan and are related to the worship of false gods.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]

I am not your judge and your calling is between you and God. I too have a calling upon my life in Christ Jesus and to that I must remain true. I do test the things you teach and also the words of those who follow your teaching and though there is much truth there, I also find lack. I search my heart and I don't find myself on a fault finding mission but I must cling to Jesus and to the Truth that is He in my life and the Words as they are written in scripture. Jesus has been faithful to me lo, for my whole life and He is all that I need. He is my Savior, my friend, my teacher, my life. I've no need to add anything. He will carry me through whatever the future holds.

Be well, Timothy.

Permalink 05/24/07 @ 12:54
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
I find NO fault... it is the Lord who judges and whose wrath is kindled against this world. It is God who is calling all back to the right way - His way. It is HIM who is correcting you and all those at Gracehead. It is His sword that has come. It is Him who is separating the harvest and sifting the wheat ("Christians"). They are HIS Words in the Letters!...I am only His prophet, His messanger, His servant.

God be with you, Sister, and bless you always and in all ways in Christ,

P.S. This is my last comment here on Gracehead. But feel free to contact me via email. Take good care.
Permalink 05/24/07 @ 13:05
Comment from: Pam [Member]
God's blessings to you too, Timothy. You may write me anytime. I will pray for you, Timothy.

Permalink 05/24/07 @ 23:40
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Of course, the ugly, the arrogant and the judgemental will always be with us. ... all in the name of "grace" and (supposed) "truth."

SPEAK THE WORD according to His Word, dear brother. you have done well. you are faithful to the whole Counsel of His Word and Gospel. ... let the naysayers and the judgmental rail all they want. - YOU REMAIN FAITHFUL to the precious words of THE LIVING and ETERNAL WORD.

Shalom and GOD bless.
Permalink 05/25/07 @ 06:36
Comment from: Pam [Member]
I agree with you, Society that much good has come out of the things Timothy has written here. I know that many things are much sharper and clearer to me now and not all of that was born out of disagreement for Timothy has said many good things here. For me, it is a matter of focus. The Law is good, but I can't keep it and that is why Jesus keeps me.

Permalink 05/25/07 @ 12:04
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
TIMOTHY HAS STOOD FOR THE MORAL TRUTHS OF THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, ... and the RIGHT *for GOD to determine* what is right and wrong; proper and improper.

He has also very clearly shown that Man has evolved (a mostly paganized) religion that has almost entirely REPLACED the clear Feast Days [or 'APPOINTED DAYS and FESTIVALS'] of THE LORD.

I believe he Timothy spoken the Word of the LORD. Nothing in Scripture would indicate otherwise. The word from a prophet should be heeded and honored, ... not despised or labelled as "legalistic," etc.

Thank you for sharing with us here, Timothy. The word you have given is both edifying and instructive, ... and (as one would fully expect from a prophet) ... CORRECTIVE.

blessings and kind regards.
Permalink 05/26/07 @ 09:59
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Don't worry about it, pal.

I'll leave the judgement of my language *to GOD,* ... NOT you, thank you very much.
- He knows both *my heart* AND the situation. you don't.
not at all.

Try to remember that.

you're a real friend. thanks.
Permalink 05/29/07 @ 11:00
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
OK, hypocrite: TELL ME you have never gotten angry at anyone who constantly attacks and/or berates or insults you?
- And when *you* are so perfect and faultless: THEN come to me and tell me what I can or cannot do and how "wrong" you think I am for confronting the wrong I have clearly seen certain people do toward me and two of my friends.
- Try to bear those facts in mind, - and that GOD is my Judge, - *NOT* you, (Thanks be unto GOD forever).

With "kind" and "understanding" "friends" like you, ... who needs enemies.

thanks again.
Permalink 05/30/07 @ 05:09
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
"I'm not judging you."

Save those kind of lies for The Judge. I don't need your kind of "love" and "friendship."

thanks again.
Permalink 06/01/07 @ 06:52
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
You will be judged for *your* judgementalism and condemning remarks toward me: same as I would be for doing the same: it's basically as simple as that.

Are you the same person who made a comment just recently on my blogsite?

I had to disallow Ambree (the other condemning judgmentalist here) from ever commenting on my blogsite being as she did nothing but make snide comments about Timothy or myself, ... NONE OF WHICH I appreciate, ... and I'm sure GOD doesn't appreciate it either.

I'm not at all adverse to being friendly with someone who genuinely wants to be friendly toward me, ... and proves it.
Permalink 06/02/07 @ 11:16
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Ambree, let me make myself very clear on this, because I am NOT interested in pursuing this any further: you have clearly judgementally judged both I and Timothy. - Timothy, in particular, you virtually labelled as "a false prophet" "who needs to repent." - you have done this repeatedly. You have also made some other comments and insinuations that I do *not* appreciate (and for good reason). But I forgive you. Nevertheless, you need to change your attitude in these matters and LET GOD deal with His servants and prophets IF you feel they are somehow so lacking in love or grace, or simply "to strong" in the area of instruction and correction.
You have PRESUMED too much.

Now I am sure you are generally a nice person and a sister in Christ; we can get along fine if you decide not to be MY JUDGE, ... OR the Judge of Timothy in the manner you have done previously. - it's basically that simple. I'm not angry with you or cutting you off in fellowship: just levelling with you as to what has been the problem. - and believe me: JUDGING ANOTHER BROTHER (or more so: an elder) in the manner you have presumed to judge is NOT good.
I am the first to admit that *I have not always been perfect* in all of my responses to certain people who have attacked me or Timothy or others who are my friends and brethren. - and some of those attacks, incidently, have been VERY malicious and relentless; GOD knows. Anyway, the judgement of THAT is GOD's business: not yours, ... or really ANYONE ELSES.

So I hope we understand each other. Forgive me for any way I may have offended you in confronting you regarding your judgements of Timothy, his prophetic word, and myself.

to those who desire to walk in Peace.

Permalink 06/04/07 @ 01:46
Comment from: donny [Member]
I believe we should all be hearing His voice. God is spirit,and spirit communicates with spirit, but we have to be careful.There are three voices that can speak to us, satan,self, and God. We are never to judge the inner motives of other christian,or personality, or the value of his service to God. But we are allowed to be fruit inspectors. The word says, when a prophet speaks let the others judge,you are to weigh up and discern what is said. The word on the outside has to witness with your spirit on the inside, then you have a knowing in your spirit,its like peace. The peace of God comes without understanding,you dont understand it(peace)and when you have it you dont have to understand it, because your got it Peace. That's what a knowing in your spirit is like, you know,that you know.You just know in your spirit, when something is not right. God gave us the gift of discernment, because He knew we were going to need it. I love Jesus. Donny
Permalink 06/11/07 @ 01:12
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
OK. Great. I realize you are "not" trying to be judgemental, ... but only "helpful," - is that it?

Thanks. I don't need your kind of help. The way you have judged Timothy as well as myself is neither love NOR right, NOR objective.
But you can assure youself, I am sure, that you have done your little part to condemn and throw stones with the little note attached: "This was done to bless you with my love."

Thanks, but no thanks.

I believe Timothy truly has a prophetic gift from GOD. - you have condemned him; let GOD be judge of your words toward him as well as toward me.

I feel no need to further address this OR to attempt to justify myself in your sight or anyone elses.

Thanks for all your kind and understanding "help."
LET GOD, therefore, be Judge of your attempts to condemn Timothy and myself.
(which is PRECISELY what you have attempted to do).
Permalink 06/13/07 @ 07:50
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Do you know what the greatest sins are among the Christian community? - I'll tell you plainly beyond a shadow of a doubt: it is PRESUMPTION and critical-judgementalism, rather than
Love, Wisdom, healing-grace, and understanding consideration.
We are too quick to point the self-righteous finger, rather than extend a hand of healing forgiveness and grace. We are too willing to call *others* to their need to repentance, ... and too unwilling to examine our own need to change and repent.

"Condemn not and you will not be condemned." "Judge not
judgementally & harass & hound & throw-stones at others: and you will (likewise) not be brought under judgement."

Slander and the harassing accusing-spirit is of the carnal-flesh and of satan, NOT the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Hammering, insistant arguing, debating, attacking-TRUTH, -proud, proud TRUTH, - {being mostly devoid of Grace and Love}, - is little more than satan's ploy to indulge pride and ego among both the religious and the non-religious. It is very fashionable today to say, "I'm not religious, ... I'm spiritual." .... "I'm not into religion, I'm into RELATINSHIP with Christ." - Well, if you're into the general indulgence of the arguing, endlessly debating, critical-judgemental, finger-pointing, stone-throwing-spirit that clearly characterizes most of what goes on in many of these threads: Well, you can talk all you want about "love" and "grace" and "TRUTH," - but you are a religious-Pharisee and a proud judgementalist if you are continually justifying yourself, ... and (likeUNwise) condeming and attacking others.

PRESUMPTION and the critical-judgemental-spirit, - these are the greatest sins among those who call themselves by the name, "Christian." ... and without repentance, the condemnation & the consequences of that sinful behavior remains unabated upon those who indulge it and REFUSE to repent and change their attitudes and behavior.

I have repented of being a party to it in any way, ... have you?

Shalom and God bless.
Len Hummel
Clearlight Christian Ministries

* Jeremiah 9:23-26 *
* Philippians 1:6, & 9-11 *
Permalink 06/14/07 @ 01:54
Comment from: dayofwrath [Visitor]
the day is near,be ready.I refer to the book the coin of the temple ISBN 1425905773. God bless you dayofwrath
Permalink 08/23/09 @ 03:09
Comment from: DAYOFWRATH [Visitor] · http://NONE
Permalink 08/31/09 @ 08:55

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