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Thus says the Lord to those, who have ears, but will not listen...keep the 7th Day Holy!

Thus says the Lord: Break My commandments, just one, and you transgress the Law! Ignore My commandments, and you transgress the Law! Change My commandments, you blaspheme the Spirit, you shall surely die!
Woe to you, oh churches of are deceived by the founders and your forefathers, who were deceived by the devil, even satan. Repent, and return to My Sabbaths, and forsake all of man’s holidays and false worshipping, and I may yet have mercy on you, and hide you from the great and terrible day of God’s wrath that shall come upon the whole world!

3/29/06 From God the Father, Given To Timothy -
The Heavens and the Earth Shall Pass Away, Recreated Anew...The Law Stands Forever, Unchanged and Unchangeable. Neither Has God Blessed Any Other Day. The Seventh Has He Blessed...Keep It Holy.

Thus says the Lord, your God: You shall not desecrate My Sabbaths, nor the seventh day of the week, which I have commanded you!
Thus says the Lord: As I had spoken to Moses, so shall it be done. As I had spoken it before the congregation, so shall it be done. Yea, as the blowing of the great trumpet, with lightning and thunderings, had I spoken it upon Mount Sinai. In the presence of the tribes of Israel, and before the holy angels, did I trumpet My Law. Yea, the Lord has written with His own hand and given it to His people. Behold! I, even I, have written it upon their hearts by the power of My Spirit. The Son of Man came to redeem you from your transgression, of that burned into the stone of the everlasting covenant by which man shall live, of which none have kept and shall surely die.
Yet a New Covenant I have sent to you in Christ Jesus, to save you from the penalty of that which you have forsaken. Has, then, your Christ died whereby the Law has also died?...Not so! You shall live because of Him, and by that which He upholds and has magnified in Himself, being the only One who is without sin, having kept every tittle of the Law, for it is written of that which the Lord Christ had spoken, “It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than one tittle of the Law to fail”, for the Spirit of the Law is shown in His vesture...He, being the same One who taught you the Law anew, by His example and by His word and deeds, for the Law is fulfilled in Christ...Him being the Lord of the Law, and the Lord also of the Sabbath. If He, then, is the Lord of the Sabbath, having obeyed every command of the Father, why do you not follow Him? You say you follow Him and honor Me. Verily I say to you, you shall all be found liars in the Day of Reckoning, for every word, spoken of God and by His Son, stand forever, without any variableness or shadow of turning.
Oh church of adulteries (the catholic church), how We mourn for you. You have been judged and shall be left utterly desolate in the Day of the Lord..s wrath. You say you speak for Me and have Christ..s authority. You have trampled upon the grave of the Resurrected One, making His sacrifice of none effect. Woe to those who blaspheme the Spirit! Your whoredoms are piled to Heaven. Every Law you have broken and yet still do you embrace the sins I hate. In all you do have you crucified the Son of Salvation again and again, denying His name by all your deeds you call mighty and true. Oh, unholy church of men, mother of all fornications and lies, your destruction comes nigh. You have become Egypt, ..Let My people go!.. Stop desecrating My Sabbaths, cease from your heresies, hold your tongue from your blasphemies! And repent! And I may yet have mercy on you.
Shabbat (Saturday) is the seventh day and the Sabbath which I have ordained from the beginning.
The Holy One comes quickly and will take from you His own. He shall snatch them from your very breast. No more shall My children receive nourishment from you, no more shall they sit in your deceptions. The light is taken from you. You are left alone, estranged by your false doctrines. Your fate lies with him who is coming who shall lead many into perdition and shall bear him a son, a man who bears the number of his name, his prophet.
You will not be alone when desolations come. You and your enemy, Ishmael (Islam), shall be destroyed along with the father that bore you both, the father of lies.

Even so, it shall be done.
The Mighty and Strong One shall come
and then return in His glory.
And anyone who calls on the name of the Lord
shall be saved.

Click here for an in-depth Bible study proving Saturday is the Sabbath, the 7th Day, which we shall keep holy.

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
To everyone leaving comments on this post who have sincere Biblical questions regarding the Sabbath:
Please see Bible study link above and read all of the study.

To everyone else:
The Lord God of Israel spoke these Words to me, they are not mine.

Therefore, what the Lord has given me to write, stays written, and what the Lord has spoken, STANDS.
Permalink 05/22/07 @ 23:54
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Yes, what the LORD has written always stands as the Bible has stood for thousands of years for God has promised to preserve it. It stands not needing the defense of any man for God does not need anyone to fight for Him. Those that He chose as prophets, those through whom He has chosen to speak, those words also stand. The words of false prophets crumble as man crumbles for their words are artfully expressed words of men in imitation of God. Those true prophets are not famous nor are they proclaimed by the world for they are not of the world. Yet, false prophets call the people away from God and away from God's people after themselves and they build new religions that honor themselves and not God. They are well known and well loved by the world for they are of the world. God's prophets are not special men but only ordinary men chosen by God to serve His purpose. Woe to any false prophet that would deceive the children of the One True Living God and call them to another Gospel other than that which has already been received, the Gospel of Salvation in Christ Jesus. In these confusing days it is easy to be deceived and the only protection is in clinging to Jesus and to Jesus alone. None shall be able to stand unless they are standing upon the rock that is Jesus Christ.

Permalink 05/23/07 @ 00:40
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen. Pam. Amen. Very true and powerful words.
Your will, oh Lord, be done and not ours, oh Lord, my God.
Permalink 05/23/07 @ 13:35
Comment from: Hilary [Visitor]
This doesn't sound like Grace to me! What do you mean, God has only blessed one day of the week?? I thought He was in all things, at all times - and therefore all things are sacred and precious.

And if not one jot or tittle of the Law is to be passed over (literally speaking) then I assume you keep every last bit of it? Are you circumcised? I assume you do not eat pork? I don't see how this ties up with what God showed Peter in his dream where he was told to eat of the "unclean" animals. I know you are going to say "oh, but God declared these animals clean" - but surely there is a bigger message here - about the heart of God and the end of human legalism? Otherwise, why is it okay to eat food sacrificed to idols, so long as you are not harming your "weaker brother" - i.e. someone who may not be able to grasp the depths of God's grace and Christ's total victory??

I've always understood it that it's our heart that God is after - not in some wishy-washy "do what you like" way (as Paul makes clear - "Shall we continue to sin that grace may abound? By no means!") A true circumcision of the heart is not a half-hearted matter. But it is as far removed from legalism as is possible, I believe.
Permalink 05/24/07 @ 04:53
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Everyone, who is confused here:

You are confusing the laws found in ordinances with the Law of the Ten Commandments.

The laws in Ordinances are the "laws" Jesus is the "end" of...ONLY these were nailed to the cross of Christ, says the Apostle Paul.

The Law of the Ten Commandments stand forever!

Permalink 05/24/07 @ 10:52
Comment from: Pam [Member]

It is a fine thing to know that Saturday is the true dad of the Sabbath. It is a fine thing to worship God on that day. However, that knowing and keeping are in vain if we do not know the Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus and understand that He is the fulfillment of what that Law forshadowed. Before Adam sinned, he had constant communion with the Father but when he disobeyed and then hid from the Father, that communion was forever broken. The Sabbath was given as a day to remember that communion between the Father and his children and to recognize that it is by entering in to the rest of God that the communion is restored. That of us relying upon the completed work of God and not on any works of our own for we are not able to return ourselves to the state that Adam enjoyed before he sinned. Jesus returns us to God, He reconciled us by His blood and there is nothing for us to add to that. Jesus is better than the Sabbath for He is the fulfillment of the Sabbath and not only do we have communion with God on the Sabbath Day but in Jesus, we are in constant communion with God every day. Don't you see? Those in Christ are not law keepers nor law breakers, we are kept in Christ, free from sin. For us it is the Spirit of the Law that we cling to and the letter of the law that we avoid for the letter kills but the Spirit is Life.

Permalink 05/24/07 @ 14:57

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