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A place of contrasts

We could not know death, except that we know life.
We could not know good traffic, if never exposed to bad traffic.
Good cooking is only meaningful if you have had bad cooking.

We learn nearly everything we learn through contrasts.

My cousin has a newborn that drinks formula from a bottle. I got to thinking about a baby that has only tasted formula their whole life. Would it be tasty to them or bland? I guess, it would not be something to taste or not to taste. It would only be utterly odorless and tasteless.

So, I dabbed a little on my hand and tasted it for myself. It was nasty. But, when the baby drinks it, they smile because they are getting full.
It is good to know a contrast, so we can gain understanding. And life in this world is an immersion in contrasts.

We are in flux here. We've had war and peace, ups and downs, sickness and health. The list goes on. And for those of us that believe we have something else entirely ... something stable and absolute. There is only one thing that never changes, or is there a shade of turning or hint of flux. The Divine is always the same. The Father is even in a realm that has no light nor darkness. It is always light. It is always the same day. The Father is eternal and complete, and we cannot even draw comparisons because there is no contrasts to Him as there is in the creation.

To as many of us that are sick of the swings and contrasts, we need merely to turn to the Lord in our distress. As we fix our mind's gaze upon Him, there is a peace that passes understanding. This is not a teaching, it is a truth and it is demonstrated over and over in my life.

Isaiah 26:3 says this: "God keeps in perfect peace, whose mind is set on their finances"
Is that what it says?
How about this: "God keeps in perfect peace, whose mind is set on their spouse"
No, that can't be right. Can it?
How about: "God keeps in perfect peace, whose mind is set on doctrine"flashing warning
or "whose mind is set on politics" or "set on culture" ...

Set your mind on God. Trust in Him. And see if you do not have peace, no matter what is going on around you. Provided that it is true, that it is proven in your life.

brake lightLets use the contrasts of this world that vex us to act on our minds as a warning lights (like on the dashboard of the car - something is wrong) ... the distress is a symptom of where we have our focus. And with each new moment, we have a fresh opportunity to look to Him and trust in Him ... and to have a peace that the world cannot offer, nor can it comprehend.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Morning Trent,

I think the most troubling contrast we meet is the contrast between us and another. We are all different and will at some point, have conflict and this is where Christ can unify even in disagreement. When we focus on Him, we learn that which is to be learned in the conflict between us but it can't divide when we are each focused upon the absolute sameness that we share, Jesus Christ.

This is a truth that has proven to be true over and over in my life as well.:0)

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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen! Trent...its all in our focus.
God first!

"First the Lord!...
Then, prayer and worship, followed by study of His words.
Then, husband; next, wife, followed by children.
All other things are but a wisp of wind catching your attention, quickly passing into nothing, remembered no more... only life is.

All things, created by the Father, are remembered and abide forever in their restoration...
and the Restoration am I.

All things, created by the hand of man, are but dust carried away by the wind, never seen of again.

My peace I give to you...not as the world gives." ~ Jesus

"I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE" ~ Jesus...

Such a short statement, yet in these few words did Jesus sum up the whole of the meaning of life, which so many tirelessly search for in vain, not YET realizing it was in front of them all along, yea, they were born with it.

"All upon the earth, who have gained maturity, have become so very poor and desolate. Once you were very wealthy, rich beyond words, for then you knew the Kingdom as a child. So awake all you sleepers, return to the Lord, reclaim your inheritance. Once you had lost it, now you have found it. Happy are those who find their way back and reclaim that which they had left and lost"... ~ Jesus
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