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Woe to the Captives of This World...

2/24/06 From God the Father -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Woe to the Captives of This World...The Prison House is Opened, Yet You Remain Therein Holding Onto Your Sin, Abiding In Your Transgression

Thus says the Lord your God: Harken unto My Word, oh house of Jacob. Listen all you captives in Israel, and all in the isles have understanding. Hear the voice of the Lord God, the only God, all you people in the desert and desolate lands, even all unto the bitter ends of the earth. Hear the Word of the Lord, you who dwell in the fenced cities, where satan dwells...come out, and humble yourselves before your God. You have forgotten Me, and denied My name, the name of the Lord given to Him, who I have sent to you as Savior, Christ the Lord.
Harken, says the Lord. I am come...a fury of judgment shall blaze before Me. Woe to you, oh mountains...woe to you, oh giants...woe to you, all hidden and dark places... you are not hidden from the eyes of the Lord, nor have you escaped My judgment. You have forgotten Me, having went out parading your whoredoms.
Hear the voice of the Almighty, the Holy One of Israel: I have not forgotten and I have remembered your evil-doings, and that which you have surmised is not hidden from Me. I have left you desolate, none having heard the voice of the Lord in all the land, save those I have sent to you. All have went out seeking, yet none have found even one spring of living water flowing from the mountain in purity...all is corrupt and decay, dry bones in a wasteland of iniquity and sin, great and evil sins. None harken, all cry, ‘Cast these shackles from us. Let us go our own way. Our knowledge has reached past Heaven. Our egos reign!’
Thus says the Lord: The mountains and all high places shall crumble before the quaking footsteps of the Lord. All giants shall fall by the sword, by their own sword which they have wielded in bitter arrogance and greed, having given heed to every evil desire and temptation of the evil one. All, that is hidden, shall be seen, and all the dark places shall not escape the glory of the Lord.
Take up a lamentation, My children, and I may yet have mercy on you. Cry out to the Lord, saying, ‘We have done an evil thing. We are desolate, starving, and in bitter thirst. Heal our wounds, oh Lord. We have eaten up all the bread, and broken every stave, and defecated in the springs and pools of living water you have given us to drink from. Save us, oh Lord.’
Thus says the Lord, your God, the Redeemer of Israel, to all those in the hills and mountains and those who are afar off: I have saved you already, having sent the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world. He was come into the world, and you would not receive Him.

Blessed are they, who have received, for they know Him.
He is come again, and He have I poured out on every nation, yet you are offended in Him.
Blessed are the thirsty, who have drunk deeply...they are filled with His glory.
He is yet come again, and you will neither see nor hear Him.
Blessed are they, who see and hear Him, for they shall be gone from the earth, and none shall find them, for they have both accepted and received of My cup filled with the blood of atonement.

Now must you, My insolent children, also drink from yet another cup I must pour out...and yea, all shall drink from it, all those who would not harken unto Me. It is the chalice of My reckoning, and it shall eat you up. Even so, blessed are all those who call on the name of the Lord in that Day. They shall be saved and shall not want, for I shall be with them...what is impossible with man is possible with God.
Listen and give heed to the watchmen, for the Lord dare not stay silent anymore, lest all perish by the way, having tread upon the wide path to destruction. The voice of the Lord is sent out and sounds in the ears of the watchmen and the hearts of My witnesses. They shall lead you out of the storm, and they shall endure, even unto the end, for the sake of the remnant.


Watchmen, hear the voice of the Lord and give heed, and obey all I command of you. Give unto this strange people your testimony, and a testimony in your bodies upon every Sabbath day, the seventh day of each week. Not on the first, nor on the second...yea, the seventh shall you eat no foods of any kind, nor any drink, save pure water. Let this be a testament unto those who are near and those who are afar off, for during the light you shall honor My command, and fast. Drink only water that is completely pure, for I have poured upon you the fullness of My Spirit, the very Water of Life, which you have received in Christ Jesus the Lord, and so that by which you have drank shall you share with all those who seek after Me. The Bread of Life was sent, and has already been broken, for all. Eat not any earthly bread...receive of the Bread from Heaven, and pour upon the desolate that which you have drank. Watchmen, this shall you do as a testimony and a lamentation to the people every Sabbath day, until again the Lord has come. Then shall you fast never again, having received the True Bread and Water from Heaven that shall sustain you unto eternal life, being both in you and with you, forever and ever.

The whole world is in famine, eating from the table of lies...
yea, a feast of abominations, leaving them starved and dying.

Listen, My children...your Redeemer lives and shall feed all, who have eaten of His body and drank of His blood.
These shall be gathered, and nourished for one week in the house of the Lord.

Woe to the house of satan...your children shall be meat and drink for the birds of the air and beasts of the earth, in the great and terrible Day of the Lord God Almighty that comes quickly.

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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
WITHOUT A DOUBT: The Day of Reckoning IS HERE, ... and continues to accelerate in intensity AND REALITY with each passing hour.

ONLY THE REMNANT "who call upon HIS NAME *in truth*" shall be spared.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord Yeshua Messiah EL ELyOn: The Mighty and Holy One of Israel ! - IT IS HE ! Who treadeth down our enemies. ... and Who also maketh our soul worthy and right FOR HIS KINGDOM !
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