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Thus Says the Lord!

1. Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen...*All Shall Be Saved. The First Harvest Shall Be Lowly...The Second, Plenteous.

2. Refinement...The Day of the Lord


11/12/06 From Jesus Christ -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen...*All Shall Be Saved. The First Harvest Shall Be Lowly...The Second, Plenteous.

Timothy, write as I speak, and hear and understand the Lord’s purpose. I have sent you out among My sheep, as a shepherd who has no experience nor knowledge of My flock. Yet from your birth, yea, before your formation, you were ordained as a beacon and a light, a prophet and an enemy to men. I have called you out as an empty vessel of dishonor, of which I have cleansed and filled unto great honor, a man who shall be greatly hated of men and the world. Even men of My own fold shall come to hate you and cast stones at you. I have called you out of the world, and I send you back into the world...even among My own church shall I send you. Lo, you are of My body, but separate from that which is called My body by men. Behold, Timothy, I have sent you out amongst wolves and sheep, of which both shall bite at you and wish to trample you. You are sent to speak the Truth Absolute and to make war in My make enemies, not friends. You shall slay your brother in his heart with the sword, which is the Word of My mouth. In one hand, a sharp sword with two edges, which is the Truth Absolute; and in the other, a trumpet to sound the warning.
Here is wisdom: God is just in everything. And if the Father’s justice is not a respecter of persons, then it shall surely come to pass in these last few short days (years)...those who would be first shall be last, and those who were last shall be first.
For what shall I do, and what shall I say, to these who speak My name continually, invoking My words from Scripture and My statutes, and then going in that self-same hour and disobeying them? Shall any man, who thinks himself righteous because he knows My name, be taken out of the Lord’s day as a reward for his disobedience and high-mindedness?...Surely not! What of all these men, who speak My name and My Word continually, in the judgement of others, to exalt their own selves? Shall I then reward them for their lack of humility, exalting them to Heaven, though they stand firm for themselves and not Me?...Surely not! Of My servants, I require all humility and meekness and faith, rightly dividing My Word unto edification of their brothers and sisters, not in justification of themselves, by themselves, for their own churches who do not keep My commandments nor honor My statutes.
Thus says the Lord to all servants, who call of themselves servants in My name: Do you really know Me? Do you abide in Me?...And if I abide in you, then where is My fruit of My own Spirit of which I have given you?...I have not seen it! What have you done with My gifts? My lost sheep, where have you laid them? They lie next to your faith, which has also been misplaced. Why do you now come against Me? For all you have done shall be accounted to you, unless you repent and cast away these filthy robes of arrogance and pride. You have asked of Me forgiveness in My name, and I have washed you in My own are now married unto Me, beloved! How is it that you now play the harlot and return to those same things of which I have forgiven you? Beloved, the Lord does not change! Yet you have endeavored to change My Word to suit your own selfishness, to hold onto that which is abomination in the eyes of God! Shall I then gather you up and reward you for your error?...Surely not! Are you saved in spite of your error?...Yes, the Lord does not lie to His sheep.But remember this: The Lord will surely correct and discipline those He loves, making His bride fit for her Husband when He returns for her.
My servants, hold your lamps up so I may see your faces! Why have you poured out the pure oil I gave you and intermingled it with the dirt upon the ground? Your lamps will not light, they have gone out. Hurry and buy some new oil, quickly, from those who I have sent to sell you of the pure oil, which I have given them.
Thus says the Lord, who died and is alive forevermore...amen: I have sent out the watchmen, My prophets, of whom you shall know by their fruits. Woe to those, who do not embrace their words and give heed to their correction, for it would have been better for you if you had never met them, nor heard them, and remained in your ignorance. Lo, you have heard them, and now you are bound by their word, a cord you shall not cut, for theirs is the Word of God brought forth through their own mouths. Behold, it is I , even I, who speaks! So then, all those, who come against them, come against Me. And those, who stone them by rock or word, even these shall I not gather, for I shall leave them in the midst of the fire, left unto refinement...a great humbling. There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Thus says your Master, your Teacher, the Bearer of your cross, of which I carried because of My love for you: Servants, you stand too tall, your girth is too wide, you are unable to pass...for small is the gate and narrow is the way into Heaven. NO MAN, great in stature, may enter...called Christian or otherwise. For it is the humble, penitent man who shall enter. No name, nor mere proclamation or work, shall bring you to My Father’s house, for I search the hearts and minds! Do I require, then, perfection?...Certainly not. I require a sincere, loving heart, a man fully converted in his inward parts, a sincere striving to obey, a man who continually comes to Me in total love and trust when he stumbles, a man of My own Spirit, a man after My own heart.
So beloved, and all those who call themselves by My name, I ask you again, do you really love Me?...Then follow Me. Beloved, who call of themselves by My own name, do you really love Me?...Then obey My Word, follow Me. Beloved, who call themselves by My own name, do you really love Me?...Then leave everything and follow Me...stop breaking My heart and giving heed to the devil...follow Me!
I have always loved you. Even from the beginning, I have loved you...I am your Maker, your Carpenter, your Father. Let go, beloved, let go of your pride, let go of this world, let go and come to Me in Truth...your salvation is assured.
I know all, who are in My Kingdom, given Me of the Father. I know who all of you are, I know who you are to become. Hear Me, beloved. Turn not to the right, nor the left, stay focused on Me...I am the Truth, the Way and the Life, the Path you must follow. I do not change...I am the same yesterday, today and all tomorrows to come. What I have written let no man change. Rather, follow Me as I have said and not as you would have Me say. Keep the Father’s commandments, as He had written them in stone by His own finger, in number ten...keep them all, remember them all, and do them according to how they are written, not as man has rewritten them, and it shall be credited unto you for righteousness. I have freed you from the curse of the Law; I have not freed you from obedience to the Law. Rather, I have given you the means, by My own Spirit, to keep the Law. Oh beloved, why do you not understand My speech? Why do you not love Me? Why have you lost the desire to follow Me? My love has not changed, yet you have changed, becoming lords unto yourselves. Beloved, keep what the Father has given you...stop desecrating His Sabbaths! The Law stands forever, and all that is contained therein also stands. Even from Sabbath to Sabbath, in the Kingdom, shall the nations come up to Jerusalem and worship Me. So then, My beloved, follow Me, and make our love perfect in obedience, and embrace My prophets, and separate yourselves from those who are false, who deny My name by all they do. For any man, who embraces those who deny Me, embraces he who is against Me. And any, who embrace those I send, he also shall My Father embrace and hide in His Sanctuary.
Beloved, you shall surely know My prophets by their fruit, of which the devil can not duplicate...imitate, yes...duplicate, no. Thus shall you know them by their fruits and by their continual trumpeting of My name and My coming. I am in them, and they in Me. Woe to any man who comes against them in these last days: To the wicked, they shall be burned and consumed; and to the false-righteous, these shall be left standing where they ought not to be...left in bewilderment and tears...abased for their arrogance, pride, judgements, persecutions, false teachings, evil surmisings, envy, foolish-talking and wrath. Yet shall they be saved as one being refined by the fires of the Father’s correction and discipline, but not falling under His judgement because of My name....rather, coming into My Kingdom by great tribulation of the world and men, taken through by the Right Hand of God...some martyred to the glory of God, others hidden in the dessert for a time, times and a half of time.
Many shall behold the angels of Heaven ascending and descending upon the Son of Man in those days.

Timothy, sift My wheat by all I have given you!

The Trumpet is blowing, the bride is being prepared...
the wedding supper approaches.

The seals are placed in the hands of the Holy One of Israel...
the Great Day of the Lord God Almighty is upon you.
Look up, your redemption draws nigh.

My people, remember, God is just in everything.


*(Not all people, but only those Christians who give heed to the Lord’s correction and repent. The Lord is addressing those, who call of themselves “Christians”, in this Letter).

12/11/06 From God the Father and Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior -
A Letter Given to Timothy for All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Refinement...The Day of the Lord

[God] Thus says the Lord your God, the God of Israel: My anger is kindled against you. You have not harkened to My words, neither to the words given My prophets of old, nor of this day, even to the forsaking of the One you call Christ, calling of yourself by His own name. Shall I reward you for your disobedience simply because you are called by His name?
My children, I have sent to you many in My name, with My own words in their mouths, and I am yet sending 144,000 more, the witnesses, yet you scoff. Oh disobedient generation, who call of themselves by the Christ’s name, you are given up to refinement in the fires of the Last shall not be gathered. There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. And so it will come to pass, those who would be first shall be last and those who are last shall be first. For every man, who thinks himself righteous, shall be left. There are none righteous! No, not one!...Not one person or church. All is vanity and pride, a complete vexation of spirit.
I have already told you, I require humility, a complete forsaking of your wills, walking in faith, abiding in the doctrine of Christ. Yet all you men abide in your own doctrine, walking in religion, not in faith in obedience to God. All religions shall fail...not one shall persist.
Children, salvation is nowhere to be found in man’s religions, nor shall one find Me in any denomination of man’s churches. All your attempts to hold onto your self-righteousness and bitter doctrine is in vain. My children, Christ’s church dwells in Him, and He dwells in the hearts of men. This is where My Son has rebuilt the temple that has fallen down. Yet you seek outwardly in the world, mixing worldly with spiritual and pure worship with abomination.

[Jesus] Be separate, says the Lord of Hosts! Come out from among them, and follow Me. My servants, take nothing with you. I abide not in churches made with human hands...why do you not understand My speech? Those, who love anything in this world more than Me, are not worthy of Me. To be a friend of the world is enmity with God. Stop stifling the Spirit I have given you. To celebrate and worship Me, in any way not as it is written, is a desecration of My name! To mix anything I have given with that which is of satan is abomination!
Little children, come out of her. The harlot has deceived you, and you willingly commit adultery with her, reveling in all her fornications. You are lost, given up to punishment...enduring desolations on every side. For I shall indeed correct and discipline all those I love. You have not given heed to the Father’s nor Mine own correction, so then I must bring My hand against you, so you may yet enter My rest. Children, if I do not leave you unto refinement, assuredly I say to you, you may not enter. For this stiff-necked generation does continually honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. Who do you serve, little ones?...The world and all its adulteries against God? Or God in spirit and in Truth, void of the world?
The day is coming, and is already here, when the Father shall receive the worship He really wants....the first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly; and the second harvest shall be plenteous, of the refined and penitent. Repent, therefore, and humble yourselves, and escape all these things that must shortly come to pass. Repent, I say, repent in truth, and take up your crosses and follow after Me. If you repent, and then return to those things of which you have repented, endeavoring not to change, has not your repentance become unrepentance? My children, if you come before Me, repenting of your transgressions, in where you have not kept the Law of the Father, and then continue in your transgression forsaking the Law, have you not committed greater evil? For you have made Me the author of sin, saying, ‘We are in Christ. We are free from the Law.’...Desecration!
Little children, hear Me. You are free from the curse of the Law. You are saved by grace, and now live under My grace, which shall enable you to keep the Law of the Father, because you are free from the curse of the Law...death. You are by no means free to break the Law. Have I not said, you are go and sin NO MORE? Continue to transgress, not endeavoring to change your ways, you remain in unforgiveness, having lied to the Father in My name...neither are you born again of the Spirit. For all those, who receive of the Spirit, walk in My ways...I walked in perfect obedience to the Father. I say not that you shall walk perfectly, only that you sincerely strive to walk in uprightness, a completion of your faiths, having received of My gift, even of the new heart I have given you. And by this shall you be judged, for I search the hearts and minds, and I know if you have been wholly converted in your hearts, even unto your innermost who seeks to please the Father by all his doings, one who truly loves Me.

[Jesus] My children, I shall speak plainly so you may be saved...
Love one another. Feed the poor in spirit and in body. Visit the widows in their affliction. Uphold the fatherless. Speak to those in prison. Help the sick. Forsake these modern “holidays”. Embrace the Holy Days, as I am their fulfillment and as they are written. Get understanding, get wisdom. And remember the Sabbath Day, the seventh day, to keep it holy.
Obey all of the Father’s My own grace shall you keep them. Listen to those I send you. You shall know them by their fruits and by their sword, for they come not to make peace but war in My members...a great division, a sifting of My wheat for the harvest. My children, you grow too close to the tares, you are entangled. Uproot yourselves, and be planted in the good ground where the latter rains are abundant. Regain the line, put your feet back on the path, for it is narrow. Go your own way, and you shall not be gathered. Walk in Me, I am the only Path to free. For in Truth, which is absolute, one shall find respite and be gathered up to Heaven, even one week in the Lord. My children, God does not change...His Word is forever.

[God] I am the Lord!
I shall have mercy upon those who I shall have mercy,
and I shall punish those who I shall punish...
yet call on the name of the Lord
in these final hours of darkness,
and you shall be saved.
Behold, you shall see the angels of Heaven
ascending and descending
upon the Son of Man.

I am the Lord!...Hear Me!

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
I don't hate you, Timothy. Sometimes, I still sin for I am still in the flesh but in my spirit, I desire only the Will of God. I also must be faithful to live my life as He directs me. My words are not meant as stones. This present day is growing dark and is full of spiritual confusion with people crying here is the Christ and no, lo, over here! There is only one Jesus and He is my shepherd. I respond to no other voice and I am constrained to search out the scriptures to test the things you say to see if they are true. This is not an expression of hatred toward you but of love and trust toward God.

Permalink 05/09/07 @ 16:45
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Yes Sister, I know this about you and encourage searching the scriptures and testing. And I do very much understand the confusion over the false christs and false prophets and false teachers that are popping up all over.

You are greatly beloved of God and His Christ. He is the one who told me to discuss and answer your questions...
Why do you say, "I don't hate you, Timothy"?
Permalink 05/09/07 @ 17:41
Comment from: Pam [Member]

I just want you to know that if I question something you say that it isn't personal. I despise proof texting as the scriptures are not of private interpretation instead, we must seek out the truth as scripture interprets itself. The world hates those of us who are in Christ and they hate any good thing that God may put in our mouths to say.

Sometimes, we who are in Christ however, mistake the intention of others and the result is confusion over the word of God. You don't have to prove to me what God has called you to do. That is between you and God. I will always measure your words according to Christ not to prove you right or wrong but for that which I am to apply to my own life. All answers are found in Jesus --- "for whom are all things and by whom are all things" Hebrews 2:10---or as another traslation phrases it, "in whom all things consist (are held together". All of God's work on earth is accomplished in and through Jesus Christ.

Permalink 05/09/07 @ 17:50
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
I do need to work on not taking things too personally and not take them to myself or be offended.
I am just the messenger and I will not last long if I take everything to myself. It is not mine to take - I am only to deliver and pray and act according to all the attributes Paul describes to (ironically) Timothy. :-)
I was not offended or bothered by any of your questions...again yours were sincere of a heart seeking to please the Lord in always and in all ways.
Permalink 05/09/07 @ 17:58
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Thank You Jesus for dieing for us...without You we are lost and can not stand, we are so very weak and of the flesh, yet in our weakness is Your strength made perfect.

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord, keep me far from sin and malice and judgments. You alone are righteous. Teach me to walk in Your footsteps, oh my God....I am a child and can not yet stand on my own, nor can I see clearly, nor am I sharp of hearing. Take my hand, oh my Love and my Salvation, show me the way, for You see everything and Your ears hear all, speak to me, oh my Lord and my God, I am straining to listen with all attentiveness. The sound of Your voice is beautiful music - You move my soul. I am Your servant...this task is too heavy. Help carry it, lest I drown in my own tears.

Lord teach all Your servants, even the whole of Your body, teach them to hear Your words and the majesty of Your will, so we may rejoice together in You, giving You all thanks and praise forever and even forever in Your presence...for You are worthy.

In Jesus' Yeshua' Your beautiful Name I pray. Amen.
Permalink 05/09/07 @ 21:33
Comment from: Len [Visitor]
Yes. There is A HUGE DIFFERENCE between honest questions, testing, ... and personal attacks and/or condemnations. - the former is encouraged and right; the latter is condemned of GOD and by the Scriptures.

Permalink 05/10/07 @ 00:53
Comment from: dorsey [Visitor] ·
For the record, I don't hate you, either, T.
; )
Permalink 05/10/07 @ 13:02
Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
ANYONE who hates OR "condemns" Timothy HAS A REAL PROBLEM.

Now: "hatred" toward him: that's pretty rare; but CONDEMNATION and stone-throwing: THAT is a different matter. - there are *more than a few* who tend toward doing that.

BEWARE. - GOD defends EVEN HIS IMPERFECT servants.

Permalink 05/11/07 @ 15:03
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen, Len. Actually there are several people who hate me and even a couple that wish to kill me.

Your right about God defending His imperfect servants...

For God has had only One perfect servant - Christ Jesus The Lord.

All others were but mere ordinary men given an extraordinary message to deliver.

And that Message was perfect, because it came from God, but by NO means did the message make the messenger perfect.

Yet we know from the Bible that the penalty for denying His Message sent through the prophets and of His punishment for those, who stoned them by both word and deed. IT WAS SEVERE. And when the Day comes, lo, it is already here, there shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Permalink 05/11/07 @ 15:50

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