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Those of Steadfast Faith in Christ are Free From Doubt; In Them Sin Has Also Vanished

8/25/05 From God the Father, A Letter Given to Timothy -
For All New Believers and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Those of Steadfast Faith in Christ are Free From Doubt; In Them Sin Has Also Vanished

[God] Oh My peoples, you are disobedient and fall easily into temptation by the evil one. You are weak in spirit because that which is of your spirit is also weakened and fulfilled through doubt. How is it that many around you believe and you hesitate?
You ask for signs. You shall not tempt the Lord your God. I require of you steadfast faith and a strong will. How can you grow strong if I prove your faith and you do not? Stronger is the man who overcomes, in his coming to faith, than he who has received a sign. Even so, signs undeniable will be sent to you, only as a solidification of your faith and knowledge of and for My purpose, so all may know their path without question. This will come to be before your eyes and heard with your ears, only after that time has come in which you have understanding inside yourself of that which you have been called...nothing doubting.
What of your sins and disobedience? You are forgiven, for My Son died to wash you from all sins...past, present and those stumblings of tomorrow. Remember, the penitent man shall know God, and penitent you must become. Remember the words of Paul, saying, "I die daily...this must you do also.
Do you wish to obey? Then obey. Do you wish to stay clean? Then stay clean. Doubt is your enemy. Doubt is your stumbling block. One who is of steadfast faith, and has come into the full knowledge of the Truth, will not sin. Sin has he forgotten; only God is before his eyes and dwells within his heart. Only one man is without sin, Christ the Lord, for He is of Me and Me of He. The Son of Man can not do that which is not in Him. He cannot sin against Himself; sin has no part in Him. The desire to sin is within you still, My people, and now also the Truth, and so the battle rages. Doubt and disobedience are the weapons of sin. Doubt leads to disobedience, and to disobey God is sin. Remember, He called Truth has already overcome the world, for He had conquered sin from the beginning. The penalty of sin is death. Death has He also overcome. What is left?...Only the death of sin itself and the passing away of death.
So cast sin from you; it has already lost its grip. It only remains with fists raised against Heaven because it knows its time is short and the fire closes in around it. It is a disease already cured. Only the people, who love the sickness, do not accept the Remedy. My newly beloved flock, you have accepted what I have given you; now root out that which remains, for it has already died within you. Do not revive it...let evil die!

All sin is sin and requires forgiveness.
All sin is not equal...only forgiveness is equal.
All sin is forgiven through the cross.
Only the people's rejection of that sacrifice
leaves them in the dark, separated from God.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
This part: """All sin is forgiven through the cross.
Only the people's rejection of that sacrifice
leaves them in the dark, separated from God."""

Reminds me of this:
article 1
and of this:
article 2

But the rest of your submission is a bit deeper than those articles. Which is to say that salvation is really about the here and now (not afterlife) ... and what exactly we are saved from is the commission of sins as we believe. We simply do not set our gaze upon Christ and walk in His ways, and bask in His love while sinning. It doesn't work, and sin falls away as we grow and mature in Him, abiding in and focussing upon Him.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
oops, I had to fix the links in that last comment.
They are fixed now, if you read them from the Gracehead page.

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