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Random thoughts for today

Len sent me an email, where he copied some highlights from discussions on I had not seen the discussions because of mega-distractions in this season of my life. But, I had some thoughts and that is what a blog is for ... writing out some thoughts and notions. Don't expect these to be particularly cohesive. ...


Problems increase life.
When I have had the most life increase, it has been after being slammed with a problem. I can avoid all problems and life like a monk in a cave, but what is that life worth?

Not all problems can be fixed, but they can fix us.
What if all the things we are trying to fix, are permitted in our life to frustrate us, and show us that we cannot fix them? At that moment we are fixed by them. Amen.

I have weaknesses, and the biggest weakness is the disillusion that I am strong.
I can't handle much. Others seem to be able to handle more than me. But I forget and I join in and soon am lost like a wrestler with boxing gloves on, and getting pounded in a boxing ring. (thinking: I thought this was a wrestling competition, but my skills have no use here.)
Ever feel that way?
I'm loosing my ability to tangle with the world using the worlds rules for conflict, and I'm starting to see that I can't win any battles in their boxing ring. I think that I'll retire to my wrestling mat, where my new skills have use ... and maybe use different skills against the foes that were taking me apart. And the rules in my wrestling pad are being established in my innermost being by the Lord. They don't include the world's skills of cut-downs, one-ups-man-ship, theological systematic proof-texting, threats, intimidation, and shame ... among others. Stepping in that ring is a nightmare for me anymore. My new skills are love, honor, servitude, charity, hospitality, forgiveness, sorrow, and more. These skills overwhelm the world, and more and more they are the only things upon which I can rely. I'm getting just too weak for the boxing ring, and I'm just loosing my ability to carry on by those old rules.

Lastly, I created (and still pay for the hosting of) an uncensored realm for uncensored discussion. It is HERE:
Go there if you want where your crummy ideas of what to write are just as welcome as my crummy ideas of what to write. is a different place, and I pay about as much to host this site. The only difference is this is about opening our eyes to the Lord Jesus, and harkening our ears to God, and encouraging each other. If nothing else, it is a place to flesh out the extreme revelations that God has touched you with, when those things are not welcome to be spoken in a church or other social situations. I occasionally see things from a contributor (blogger) here that strikes me as something wrong, but I don't correct them all, because it isn't my place, and in fact, I could be wrong ... and not only that, but I do not want to pressure them to keep quiet about something because they think that I, Trent, would not endorse it. There is plenty of that kind of pressure around, without me adding to it. Besides as long as it focuses on God and His Lamb, that is what is important.

We can only focus on one thing at a time (prove me wrong on that) ... and life is too short to constantly be focusing on things that don't matter. Take a break from all that, and lets focus on the Lord Jesus, and keep this a place for us to let Jesus come out and play (through us.)

Final thought.
We do not obey in order to acquire God's acceptance and love.
We obey because we already have His acceptance by His Gift - Jesus.
We receive it all with thanksgiving, and are compelled by mercy and grace in humble obedience - naturally, NOPE ... actually supernaturally.

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Comment from: Ambree C. [Visitor]
Hey there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the goings-on around here. Your take gives me a fresh perspective to look into. However Trent, you didn't answer one itty-bitty thing. Since you said,

"I occasionally see things from a contributor (blogger) here that strikes me as something wrong, but I don't correct them all, because it isn't my place, and in fact, I could be wrong ... and not only that, but I do not want to pressure them to keep quiet about something because they think that I, Trent, would not endorse it. There is plenty of that kind of pressure around, without me adding to it."

I believe you Trent, and since I do, I won't assume that it was you that corrected the posts that came from me, societyvs and a few others by wiping them out. So the question is, who did...and why? Do we have to agree with everything Timothy says so our posts won't get deleted?

Please know that I was quite shocked to see this happen. Human nature is capable of a lot of bad things, and I know I shouldn't be shocked--but for this to happen here kinda took me aback. Unrealistic expectations, huh Trent? :)

Holla back when you get the chance, Bro...

Love y'all,

Ambree C. :)
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
May God be true and every man a liar. Do not overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good. I want to do good but instead, I am weak and I do evil for evil resides in my flesh. When I agree with God as to the sin that dwells in me, then sin no longer has power over me for I have ceased to live for sin but for Christ who also lives in me. When I walk in the Spirit and not in my flesh, sin has no deminion over me. As my flesh dies, so too does the sin that resides in my fleh die, and I die daily. We don't war with flesh and blood but with evil spirits in high places and with pricipalities. When we fight with one another it is born out of our own desires and the end of our biting is the devouring of one another.

A soft answer turns away wrath and my soft answer is Jesus. I am sad for the hurt feelings and needless strife that has taken place here and I'm praying for Jesus to intervene and work it to His own conclusion because I can't. In Christ Jesus, we have peace with our heavenly Father. Ought we not also live peacefully with one another?

Thanks, Trent.

Permalink 05/03/07 @ 14:51
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Trent, those are beautiful and wise words, all in all in line with the Spirit of grace and truth, which bears the fruit of the same. Amen.

I do apologize to everyone if I came across as harsh. That was not my intention. But I still, however, stand firm and unmovable concerning the Lord's own words given me...His words are sharp.
I will say it again and again until I have no voice left. Those Words are the Lord's own words in my posts, where indicated. And since they are the Lord's own words they cannot be disputed, they can only be denied out of unbelief or rejection of the Truth.
So all can disagree with me if they want to. I am happy to search the Scriptures with anyone with sincere questions of faith. I am not above reproach, but when I post the Word of the Lord, those words, HIS WORDS, are above reproach as the Lord is above reproach and should be taken to heart and followed. It is the Lord's own doctrine not my own. I am but a newborn in the faith, with no preconceived notions at all, an empty vessel according to religion and church clay. This is why the Lord chose me to deliver His Word. I did not choose this for myself. At first I resisted out of great fear and ignorance, but the Lord comforted me and gave me understanding.
It was the Lord Himself who spoke to me and brought me into great tears of repentance in Christ. I am a man of no consequence, who now serves and loves the Lord Jesus with all my heart, and mind, and strength.
The Lord does His own work, I only obey.

Therefore, it is with the Lord that those who scoff fight, and it His Word they have blasphemed, not mine. So it was I, who deleted the comments, according to 2 Timothy 3:5 and 1 Timothy 6:5 ("turn away" and "withdraw thyself")

This site is a place to honor God and Jesus. These comments, I deleted, dishonored Him and blasphemed His Word, even to the point of calling it satanic, and even comparing it to false words others have claimed came from God in recent times past (i.e. Joseph Smith, David Koresh etc.). This is blasphemy and shall not be tolerated nor left to pollute the Holy Word of Jesus Christ, which by the way was on the issue of giving ("tithing") and the True Church being forged in our hearts, and of Christ's Body in case everyone has forgotten.
And for this I will not apologize...their is no need.
Rather these should repent and error on the safe side.
Search the Scriptures, actually read them and you will see that all I have posted is of God. If you have trouble or are misunderstanding because of what you have been taught growing up, then bring it here as a sincere question of faith. There are many here that can help you, whose knowledge of the Bible is greater than mine. Yet all of us together [and with the help of a good concordance :-)] can surely find the scripture that is needed for greater understanding, which will also alleviate confusion. But pride and arrogance must be put aside first, for these are the devil's devices. He is the author of lies and confusion, continually placing stumbling blocks at our feet to keep from the truth and the greater majesty of God and of Christ and of obedience to Him.
Steadfast patients and faith, trusting in God is called for, while always being an example in spirit according to the Fruit of the Spirit in Christ as described in Galatians 5:22-26.

Blessings in Christ Jesus, to you all and to all your beloved,
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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
Here are just a few quick (and I think important) observations:

* *Who* attacked *who.* ?

* *Who* CONDEMNED *who.* ?

* *who* did NOT present sound, and compelling PROOF for those judgemental condemnations?

and this also:

Timothy has no problem at all with honest questions and inquiries. CONDEMNATIONS are quite another thing. - and they *should* be challenged and/or condemned for what they are: judgementalism and an attempt to demean and/or condemn another.

Timothy is a brother in Christ who speak prophetically for the Lord. He does NOT deserve to be condemned in the manner he was attacked & condemned here: THAT is the real issue:
walking in love, care, and discernment, ... NOT in a presumptuous condemning manner that attacks another. - this is precisely why I challenged Ambree in a very clear and unmistakable manner.

She needs to retract statements that attacked and condemned Timothy as "some kind of false prophet" "on a level with Jim Jones or Joseph Smith." (!) - this kind of thing *ought* to be directly challenged and even rebuked. - there is a place for elders to do just that when someone REALLY steps out of line and CONDEMNS a brother in Christ.

I love Ambree and confirm my love for her, ... but she was entirely wrong in the mode and manner she tried to condemn Timothy and his ministry. - THAT was the essence of the problem.
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