Post details: Where do the Letters fit in with the Bible? ...What of those, who write books based on their study of the Bible?


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Where do the Letters fit in with the Bible? ...What of those, who write books based on their study of the Bible?

10/8/05 From Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For Lindell and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Only One Stands Above Reproach, and His Words are Also Above Reproach...Only Men, and Those Fallen, Stand in Judgment

[Jesus] Lindell, come, you blessed of My Father. You stand at My right hand and will soon be seated there. In the few short days (years) to come, many more things will I ask of you, so your purpose shall be fulfilled in Me and for Me. In you, I see the love of the Father, the same love the Father has given to Me, and I to you through your acceptance of Me. I have sent to you another in My name. Listen to him...he speaks for Me. You both have I brought together, in Me, so I may be shown through you for those around you. See with greater eyes, My beloved son of men. I am the beloved Son of My Father, and you are My son who I have begotten in faith and love. I am He who has given you life, and also has returned that same life to you, only now purified. It shall stand forever, and My breath shall never leave it.
Now listen and have understanding, so you may fulfill My command for you. The Bible was written, and all who were of Abraham listened to its meaning. Even then, the New Testament and Gospel was, and yet was not, and was yet to come. So then, to the peoples of the day in where My apostles proclaimed the Gospel, then that which already existed was born into the world as the New Testament. Was it, at that time, accepted as the Bible? Was it the Old Testament?...No. It was the New Testament...never before heard, published or read. Was it not accepted as the Bible containing the Old News of the prophets that had now become fulfilled in the New News or Good News, by those of the Truth? Was it then the Old Testament?...No. Did it agree with the Old Testament?...Yes, but not completely, for many doctrines of the Old Testament passed away in that day and were made new, of a greater glory, through a greater understanding, because now the Word was with men.

Again, I send out My prophets and apostles to announce My coming and to correct and guide those who wait eagerly for Me. They also speak the Gospel and the Final Testament. Do their words agree with the Bible?...Yes! For their words are My words; as are the words of your Bible, My words. Much of what they say you have already heard. Also will they proclaim that which you have not heard, nor understood, because of man’s doctrine within you. So what My modern prophets speak is new to many, but is still in agreement with those who went before. If then, the time has come for the Trumpet Call to sound, and God the Father has poured out His spirit upon the whole world, why have you not cupped your ears and listened with all attentiveness? Cast off your shackles, and hear what the Spirit says. Hear Him in spirit, and cast off the spirit of men.

My Spirit has spoken through all its steadfastness and quiet.
The time has come, and is already here, and is yet come,
when all shall be shaken with the mighty voice of the Most High!

Humbles yourselves, and worship your God as He really is. Amen.


10/14/05 From God the Father -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For Kathy and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The Will of God is Announced By His Prophets and Taught By His Apostles

[God] Kathy, what you ask of Me, and hope is to come of the Word of God spoken through these modern prophets, is indeed true. Timothy is My prophet; his words, My words...the Truth. If then, what he, Timothy, has written is true, then what of these who have also written their words in their study of My Word in the Bible? Are they untrue and evil?...Some true, but greatly erred, full of good intentions in seeking after the Lord. Others, also true, and even more in error because of man’s intellect expounded in arrogance, leading to pride, making them rigid. Woe to those, with evil intentions, who expound words of truth intermingled with lies...all in all, a leading away...antichrist! These are the wolves among the flock, in the sheep’s clothing.
Understand Kathy, when I say they are true, I say their heart is true, though they stumble. Man is given understanding of the Truth, so he may come to salvation through Christ. But the knowledge and understanding of that same Truth, in the teaching of men and the pronouncing of God’s will to the multitude, is for My apostles and prophets, for only they who hear the voice of God, through His Spirit, receive knowledge surpassing man’s understanding. Their doctrine is given as a rod by which all is measured, understood, and corrected, to bring even greater glory to the God of Heaven and earth. These chosen are the beacons and lights among men, to lead My people from the dark to the True Light, which is Christ Jesus, the Lord and Savior.

He, called Christ and the Spirit, is that very same Light shown in the darkness,
and He is the Spirit that moved upon the face of the deep and
separated the light from the dark.
All who know Him live in the day...and all who reject Him abide in the darkness.

His Day is coming, and is already here, when He will become the Light of the World...
all encompassing, no darkness found.
Even the sun, the moon and the stars will not be seen, for only the Light of the Lord remains.

The old order of things has passed away...
the New Day, without end, begun. Amen.

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