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How to be holy and perfect and righteous.

TeaBrew a pitcher of tea.
Place the tea leaves into the warm water and see what happens and have understanding.
No water can become tea in any other way. Water cannot immitate tea. Water cannot behave as tea. No instruction nor teaching nor effort in any means can make water become like tea.
It is only when it is placed within the water, that the tea changes the water.
It is no longer water at all.
Behold, what once was water has become something else. It is called the name of the substance that was placed within. It has become infused by the strength of the tea, and now there is no more water. There is only one thing - where once was two things ... there is only tea.

So, it is that God wanted to shed His own substance into creation. First, He begot a Son (the tea-bag) fit to disperse His Spirit to the world. We opened Him up, and bled Him of this substance. Indeed we peirced Him with our iniquity and out-flowed the healing substance, so that we can be called all the things that are rightfully reserved to describe only God.

We are holy, perfect, and righteous. We have been infused by His life and what is true for Him is now true for all those that believe upon Him and are saved.

We are couldn't immitate it, nor learn it nor behave as though we could be prefect, righteous and holy. We needed His life within us ... and by God's perfect plan ... He brews a new substance in creation ... though the substance is not new to Him ... it is exactly like Him.
It is the church.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Beautiful, Trent and Amen. There really is nothing else to teach but that which points to Jesus Christ for all scriptural teaching is empty, or tea-less:0), without Him.

Permalink 04/11/07 @ 13:57
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen. I know the Lord has given you this gift - the gift of metaphors. He wants us to bring Him glory in all manner of speaking and devices. Which you have done both.
You are blessed and by these words you have blessed others in bringing glory to His name in the same manner He came at first...speaking in parables.

Blessings in Christ to you and your beloved.
Permalink 04/11/07 @ 21:42
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
(Echo-ing the sentiment of the above two comments) ...

IT'S ALWAYS HIM *in us.* JESUs in us ! ... how foolish to ever touch THE GLORY of The Creator and Redeemer ! ... He did it all.
He PAID it all. ... we owe HIM everything.

bottomline. ... and always will Be.
Permalink 04/12/07 @ 00:41

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