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"Hear and understand the truth of baptism" ~ God

2/15/07 From God the Father, Given to Timothy -
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Regarding Baptism (Exerpt from Vol. 6 -

...So then hear and understand the truth of baptism, of which you hold in such high regard; and be careful that you do not make it a rod or a measuring stick by which you judge others, nor make baptism by water more than it was ordained to be, lest you should make the cross of Christ of non-effect: As is circumcision, so also is baptism - Neither are necessary for salvation.
You speak without knowledge, and have failed to understand the loving mercies of God which are fulfilled in Christ. For you need only look to the thief on the cross, and have understanding. For a man who had never known baptism by water, nor set foot in a church, was assured of salvation when he confessed his sin in the presence of The Messiah, with a true and penitent heart. And in that same moment he was forgiven, and will enter into paradise at the Last Day, as YahuShua had spoken it to him, saying, “In truth I speak to you this day, you shall be with Me in paradise.”
Therefore My sons and daughters, heed these words which I had spoken by My servant already, for they speak to the truth of baptism... Many will there be in My Kingdom, who had not been baptized in water; rather they had been fully immersed in My Word, being enveloped in The Son’s sacrifice and love, for these have been fully baptized in the Spirit. Assuredly I say to you, they have their reward, as do you, My precious children. For from the beginning, I have known you and loved you who baptize with water. So also do I love and know those without baptism by water, for they love Me as you love Me. Do not cast stumbling blocks before the feet of those who love Me; be all one in Christ. For if you dispense the food of God to the hungry, while using your own salt to salt that which has salt in itself, will not the food you offer lose its flavor and become bitter in the mouths of those who came looking to be filled?
Therefore, again I say, to all those who hold baptism in such high regard, even as a measuring stick by which they count others worthy or unworthy unto God, according to their own perverse doctrine: Whosoever God has cleansed is worthy; you shall not call them unworthy. For baptism by water was given to men as an outward testimony of one’s commitment to God, in The Christ’s name, and also for union in fellowship one to the other within the body of Christ.
So I say to you, be wary of any doctrine which steals from the power of the cross, as though the sacrifice of Messiah was not enough, lest you fall into judgment for that by which you judge. What is earthly, let it stay earthly; and what is spiritual, let it stay spiritual. Hold not to the earthly or to the understanding of men, nor grab hold of any private interpretation of Scripture or established doctrine... Hold fast to God, by Christ.
For where, in The Commandments of God, have I written all must be baptized by men to be saved? Baptism is indeed good, if it is a confession poured out from one’s heart in pure belief, an outward act of faith revealing one’s acceptance of their forgiveness in Christ. For the water of the earth can only cleanse that which is soiled on the skin; by no means can it cleanse that which is soiled in the spirit... This is reserved for the blood of The Lamb.
Again, I say to you, baptism by water is nothing in and of itself, unless one is first washed in The Word and baptized in the Spirit, which is and can only be received through YahuShua HaMashiach. For He alone is The Baptism, The Very Water of Life, by which all are cleansed and receive their salvation. Therefore, beloved, remember this: The Spirit of The Word, and not the letter, is The Way, The Truth and The Life, by which your entire life shall be cleansed in the waters from Heaven, which are and flow from YahuShua, whom you call Christ and Jesus.

For I tell you the truth, The Messiah comes quickly to baptize all in fire and glory...

Those of a wicked heart, in fire...

And those of The Spirit,
Who have also received the love of The Truth,
In glory forever and ever. Amen.

Beloved servants, Timothy is My prophet. And though you yet resist him, all I have spoken by him shall surely come to pass; and though it seems to tarry in the eyes of men, it shall not tarry, it shall surely come... Then all will know, that which was written was spoken by the mouth of The Lord, and indeed a prophet had been among them.


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