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The Cleansing

I look out of my window and I see the trees being tossed violently about by strong wind born of our cold winter. The wind that in New Mexico, heralds Spring. I have had long experience with the wind, as I am a life long resident of "The Land of Enchantment." The wind brings our scant and precious moisture and the wind also carries that moisture away. Our wind scours the desert of old growth and prepares the way for the new. Then depending upon the will of the wind, that new growth either receives the Spring and Summer rains needed for its nurture or the wind becomes hot and removes all hope for life; leaving only grey stubble and dormant hope in a new season.


If I did not know the wind and I should look out of my window, I would probably think that the trees moved of their own volition. The visible movement of the trees would be undeniable to me. That which is visible is undeniable as reality but the deeper reality is invisible and without experience of it, easily denied. So too is the Holy Spirit of God as He dictates the movements of the people of the earth and indeed, all Creation. God is Spirit, invisible like the wind, but also the invisible power behind even the invisible forces of nature. We who are in Jesus are indwelt with the Holy Spirit and thereby, recognize the movements of God upon the earth most especially in the hearts of human beings, who are also created in His image. Those who have no experience of God, Who is Spirit, recognize only what is visible. Only Jesus can open their eyes to God that they might recognize the true Power that directs the movements of life upon the earth and in the hearts and minds of men and women.

As a young woman, God Who is Spirit, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, revealed Jesus to me as my Savior and rescued me from a life of great tribulation; He revealed to me my hopelessness at the mercy of sin and freed me from my sin. In that moment of revelation, I came alive to God and I began to recognize Him as the True Power behind all things and by that Power that is the Holy Spirit, He began to conquer my sin in me. The Holy Spirit scoured my soul of the chaff of my previous life and provided me with the nurture needed for new growth. That new growth in me being spiritual as I had been made spiritual through the revelation of Jesus Christ. I have become a kind of first fruits of those who were made dead under sin in Adam but made alive in Christ, the Second Adam.

I am in Christ, and Christ is in me, and in Jesus is the Kingdom of God. As the Kingdom is in Jesus, so is the Kingdom in me. I have become a child of the King and a subject of the Kingdom of God, which is not of this earth. By the indwelling of the Holy Spirit,the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is now but the fullness of that Kingdom is yet to come. Though I no longer dwell in great tribulation but have been called out of my tribulation and given a white robe to wear, a robe washed in the blood of Jesus, the world around me still lies in tribulation, as they have yet to experience the revelation of Jesus Christ. The fullness of the Kingdom on earth will come when all persons redeemed and living at that time, recognize Jesus and become spiritually alive to God. Then they will recognize the True Invisible Force that moves all things created; for only those who have been made spiritual are able to recognize He Who is Spirit.

Though I dwell in Jesus, I also live in a world that is in constant tribulation. A world of horror and pain filled with men and women blind to God and not recognizing His Power. They resist it for they don't understand it. They fear what they can't see and seek control over what they can't even recognize. As trees that stand tall, proud, and rigid in their own might and experience of themselves and are easily broken by fierce wind so too will they break as the wind of the Holy Spirit passes over the earth; scouring and cleansing and making way for the new growth that is the fullness of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. Only those who have been made spiritual in Christ and have been made supple as young sapplings, will be able to bend and survive by yielding to that Great Wind;the Wind that is the Holy Spirit of God preparing the earth for His Kingdom.

The tribulation of the earth is growing and coming soon is the peak of all that man has designed, in fear, to control that which he does not understand. Never before in all history have men and women been so sure of their own strength and so rigid in their own blind understanding. When God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit, blows fiercely upon the earth, heralding and preparing the Way for the full establishment of His Kingdom upon the earth, many will be broken; but those made supple and yielding in Jesus will walk out of The Great Tribulation and be given white robes to wear as in them will be established the fullness of God's Will upon the earth.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom but the fullness of wisdom is the revelation of Jesus Christ in Whom we are made of that same Spirit that is God and is the Power behind all things created. That Revelation of Jesus Christ is coming upon the whole earth; and at the moment of that Revelation, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord and then the Judgement, when Jesus will set all things right. First the culmination of the rule of man in tribulation so fierce as to destroy the earth. Then the fierce cleansing Wind that is the Spirit of the Living God as He intervenes fully in the affairs of man.

See the great storm clouds gathering and recognize the Invisible Force gathering those clouds. Seek shelter in Jesus the Christ; for in Him only is the Life that enables survival of the Storm.

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