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God Breathed: The Holy Bible

The very Words of God, breathed into men and written for us. Words that speak directly to us and have guided billions of lives for thousands of years. This is our Holy Bible.

There are many who want to assign the Bible to the shelf as just another book; but there is no book like the Holy Scriptures. It is not mere expression of philosophical ideas. It is not a rule book. It is not a history book. It is not a science book. Yet, it contains elements of all of those disciplines. The Bible is in fact a spiritual book and its words are spiritual. To those who have been made spiritual by rebirth in Jesus Christ, the Bible is spiritual food. They are the words we live and grow by. Without these words, we who are in Jesus, become malnourished, weak, and even suffer spiritual disease. To those who are perishing, for in the spirit they remain dead and their bodies also are dying, the Bible by the power of the Holy Spirit continually points them toward Jesus, in Whom there is Life. This Life is freely offered to all.


In our present time, the Bible is often maligned, even by those who claim to know Jesus. They do so to their own harm. The Law in particular is denigrated as a load too heavy to bear. It is too heavy for those who have not experienced true rebirth for God's Law is spiritual. It is of the very Spirit that is God and it can't be fulfilled by any who are yet, unspiritual. Jesus fulfilled the Law for Jesus was fully spiritual being in constant communion and in perfect obedience to the Spirit, His Father, the Heavenly Father to us all. For those who have been made spiritual in Christ, the Law has become natural to our new nature while remaining unnatural to our old nature. When we stumble in our old nature and break the Law, we are able to apply Christ's perfect obedience to our own lives by His Forgivenesss. Through Christ, we have been freed from our sin that we might learn to live according to our new natures that have been made new by the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is our true spiritual teacher that guides us into all truth and empowers us also to fulfill the Spiritual Law of God. Jesus left us this Spirit that guides us into all truth until He Who is the Truth incarnate returns.

Just as the Holy Spirit spoke through men of old and gave them the inspired Words that are our Bible, so too does He still speak such words through men and women today. Though there is no need to add those words to the previously written record for the Words spoken by the Spirit do not add to the scriptures but reinforce them. Words spoken and written by the Holy Spirit will always agree and never contradict the Bible. These Words are for the edification of the body of Christ as we grow to spiritual maturity together. They are also given that those who as of yet, don't know Jesus as their Savior, their Friend, and constant Companion, might come to know Him. The Words of the Holy Spirit point to Jesus the Christ continually as without Him they would be only words added to the cacophony of the words of man.

The Words of God given to us to hold in our very hands, the Holy Bible. These Words that guide us and become Jesus in us as we are nurtured and fed by them. These Words that have the power to change the hearts of men and women. Words that indeed have the power to turn the world upside down and when the world has been fully turned on its head will come the rule of righteousness. The return of Christ Jesus, when the ruler of this world will be cast out and imprisoned no longer able to whisper his lies to woman and man. In this the Words that are fully by the Holy Spirit will be fulfilled as all the Words of Bible are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. He Who Lived and by the Spirit fulfilled all of the spiritual Law of God, will rule over all women and men by the power of that Law enforced by the Holy Spirit within by which the people of God, those chosen for the Law and those reborn by the Spirit drawn together in Christ Jesus, will obtain both inward and outward perfection and become like Jesus. By this mighty Work, Jesus will fully obtain and redeem the Creation of God and return it fully freed from the power of sin and death to His Father in Heaven, the Father of us all. This is the all in All, the Alpha and Omega, the Eternal State.

The Bible our present day, daily miracle of God given into the hands of women and men to lead them to Christ Jesus in which they and the entire creation will find their true fulfillment in the spiritual fulfilling of the Laws of a Holy and Righteous God. Jesus Who is the Living Word has by the power given Him by the Father made these Words to be the very Words of Life.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
... heaven and earth shall pass away.
He has spoken it and it shall happen, yet His Word will remain.
Permalink 02/21/07 @ 01:43
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Trent,

Amazing isn't it? Something that I know in my mind and heart to be so true yet, somehow my mind slides off of it.

Permalink 02/21/07 @ 06:12
Comment from: Vint [Visitor]
Hi Pam,

thanks again...all of our minds slide off of it...yet we know the truth and it always makes us in christ to you and yours..

Free indeed...Vint
Permalink 02/24/07 @ 09:09
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Morning Vint,

Thanks for the encouragement. It is always good to know that the words God gives me touch the heart of another. What else is life about?

Permalink 02/24/07 @ 10:13

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