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The Seventh Has God Blessed...Keep It Holy!

3/29/06 From God the Father -
A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

The Heavens and the Earth Shall Pass Away, Recreated Anew. The Law Stands Forever, Unchanged and Unchangeable; Neither Has God Blessed Any Other Day. The Seventh Has He Blessed...Keep It Holy.

Thus says the Lord, your God: You shall not desecrate My Sabbaths, nor the seventh day of the week, which I have commanded you!
Thus says the Lord: As I had spoken to Moses, so shall it be done. As I had spoken it before the congregation, so shall it be done. Yea, as the blowing of the great trumpet, with lightning and thunderings, had I spoken it upon Mount Sinai. In the presence of the tribes of Israel, and before the holy angels, did I trumpet My Law. Yea, the Lord has written with His own hand and given it to My people. Behold! I, even I, have written it upon their hearts by the power of My Spirit. The Son of Man came to redeem you from your transgression of that burned into the stone of the everlasting covenant, by which man shall live, of which none have kept and shall surely die.
Yet a New Covenant I have sent to you in Christ Jesus, to save you from the penalty of that which you have forsaken. Has then your Christ died whereby the Law has also died?...Not so! You shall live, because of Him and by that which He upholds and has magnified in Himself, being the only One who is without sin, having kept every tittle of the Law, for it is written of that which the Lord Christ had spoken, “It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than one tittle of the Law to fail”, for the Spirit of the Law is shown in His vesture. He being the same One who taught you the Law anew, by His example and by His word and deeds, for the Law is fulfilled in Christ...Him being the Lord of the Law, and the Lord also of the Sabbath. If He, then, is the Lord of the Sabbath, having obeyed every command of the Father, why do you not follow Him? You say you follow Him and honor Me. Verily I say to you, you shall all be found liars in the Day of Reckoning, for every word spoken of God, and by His Son, stand forever, without any variableness or shadow of turning.
Oh church of adulteries, how We mourn for have been judged and shall be left utterly desolate in the Day of the Lord’s wrath. You say you speak for Me, and have Christ’s authority; you have trampled upon the grave of the Resurrected One, making His sacrifice of non-effect. Woe to those who blaspheme the Spirit! Your whoredoms are piled to Heaven. Every Law you have broken, and yet still do you embrace the sins I hate. In all you do have you crucified the Son of Salvation, again and again, denying His name by all your deeds you call mighty and true. Oh, unholy church of men, mother of all fornications and lies, your destruction comes nigh. You have become Egypt - “Let My people go!” Stop desecrating My Sabbaths. Cease from your heresies. Hold your tongue from your blasphemies! And repent! And I may yet have mercy on you.
Shabbat (Saturday) is the seventh day, and the Sabbath, which I have ordained from the beginning.

The Holy One comes quickly and will take from you His own...He shall snatch them from your very breast. No more shall My children receive nourishment from you. No more shall they sit in your deceptions. The light is taken from are left alone, estranged by your false doctrines. Your fate lies with him who is coming, who shall lead many into perdition and shall bear him a son, a man who bears the number of his name, his prophet.
You will not be alone when desolations come. You and your enemy, Ishmael (Islam), shall be destroyed along with the father that bore you both, the father of lies.

Even so, it shall be done.
The Mighty and Strong One shall come
and then return in His glory...
and anyone who calls on the name of the Lord
shall be saved.

*To read more Biblical and historical evidence regarding the Sabbath and why it was changed, click here ---> 7th Day is the Sabbath(Saturday) - 25+ Bible Verses, Confessions From Clergyman and more!

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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
"Let each be fully persuaded in his own mind how he honors one day above another."

Sabbath-keeping *is* GOOD and beneficial for both Jew and Gentile.

It is NOT the ground or foundation of our salvation: neither is any outward work or religious observance.

Salvation IS CHRIST and HIS WORK within.

YESHUA is our Rest and Peace with GOD. Yet and even so: it is GOOD to honor the Sabbath, as per the commandment to the Jews.

Remember what also James and the Counsel of Jerusalem said (and so ordained) to Paul and to the Gentiles.

GOD IS GRACIOUS: He looketh upon the heart.

Shalom in Sar Shalom.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Timothy,

I like the way keeping the Sabath holy is described in your book. Using the day to think about and talk about God, to be happy, and enjoy one's family. Sounds great to me for any day!

Permalink 02/17/07 @ 00:10
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen Len and Pam.
You have both spoken to the truth, yet also we must remember, as God said in the 4th commandment to "remember", that once we are aware of the Truth we must walk in its ways. For indeed we are saved by Jesus Christ ONLY and also saved from the penalty of the Law (10 Com.), death. How much more then, should we now keep God's Law exactly as it is written and not how men would rewrite it?
Remember also, I am a member of NO church named of men, neither has anyone taught me these things. Rather the Lord Himself spoke to me and told me to keep the 7th day of the week holy and so this is what I have done eversince.

Thus, did the Lord speak to me:
"Therefore, remember the Sabbath, and I shall remember you. Bless the Sabbath, and I shall bless you. Love one another as I love you. Think not on your works or cares, but think only of your God and Savior. Spare yourself troubles and the weight of the world for just one day, for the six to follow bring with them enough things of this world to overcome you. Let Me, and the seventh day, heal you completely from your suffering of the six days before, for even the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and earth, rested on the seventh day. So bear your cross six days, and let the Lord carry it on the seventh. Rejoice and be merry, for this is My will for you.
Then, when evening comes, you may return to that which you choose, to once again take up that of the plow or sheers. But do not take up your hand in sin, and be wary of those who do sin on My day, for the Sabbath is My gift to you. Why, oh peoples, do you forsake it and toss it away as if the devil had laid it upon your doorstep?"

So let us honor and give thanks to God by obediance, taking pleasure in obeying Him, according to the love in our hearts; and in this shall our love be made perfect...
To love the Father is to love the One He sent. And if we love Him, we would strive to do as He did, seeking to please Him in all our ways according to how He Himself has shown us and taught us.

P.S. I added a link above to a lengthy Bible study that shows that Saturday is the day the Lord wants us to set aside for Him and keep holy. This does not make going to church on Sunday bad, only that we keep Saturday holy according to the Word of the Lord. This is where The Seventh Day Adventist Church goes wrong. They are right about the Sabbath Day, but wrong in their judgment against those who do not yet keep the Sabbath. Even in the Kingdom we shall all keep it. (Is 66:23) Yet to worship the Lord on all days is righteousness.
Anyway its all in the Bible study. See the link above in the post.
Permalink 02/17/07 @ 08:54
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Happy Sabbath, Timothy,:0)

For me, every day has become the Lord's day. In six days, God finished the Creation. From the fall to the consummation, it was completed in the Alpha and the Omega, from the beginning to the end. We who are subject to time are living out that which God has already appointed within His Creation. God is resting and in Christ, I enter that rest daily. In Christ, my works are no longer my own but those set before me by God. I can't promise or plan what I will do today or tomorrow for it all depends upon what the Lord sets before me to do that His Work through me be accomplished. Though I am working, I am resting for my life and my work are not my own, they are the tasks that God has prepared for me. I rest in the Lord, daily. There are moments when I think to do my own work, to go my own way, but they are becoming less as I mature in Christ and the Way becomes much more natural to me than the way of my old nature.

For the instruction of others, I can't think of a nicer way to teach others of the rest of God that we can enter into in Christ. All the Law is but a foreshadowing of all that is fulfilled in Christ Jesus. The Law is spiritual and can only be kept by those who have become spiritual through rebirth in Christ Jesus.

Love In Christ,
Permalink 02/17/07 @ 12:16
Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Hi Timothy. Thanks for giving the additional insights in how the LORD has spoken to you about these matters. Of course, we cannot be legalistic about the Sabbath (as in the rabbinical sense of all the "do's" and "don'ts") ... but you are right: once we see the IMPORTANCE and VALUE of honor The LORD's Sabbaths, we should willing delight in doing so ! I am going to be more diligent about honoring the 7th day of rest as a God-given means of renewal and blessing. Thanks for reminding us of the importance in honoring the clear commandment of GOD in this great means of benefit and *a sign* of the obedient and willing heart.

blessings & Shalom.

Permalink 02/18/07 @ 11:38
Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Amen, Len. You understand exactly. Yet it was not I, who blessed you in this matter, but the Spirit in Christ has revealed it to you in a greater glory, not according
to man's legalism or "dos and don'ts" as you have said, but according to right standards set forth by Christ, who established and fulfilled the Law (10 Com.).

The Jews were not able to keep the Law by outward obedience, proving to them they were in need of a Savior, who has now given us the grace and power, by His Spirit, enabling us to keep them because they are now written on our hearts. Now, we keep them by inward obedience, out of love, in accordance with the grace we have received and are now under. This does not destroy the Law (10 Com.), but magnifies it as right and holy, being kept by us in joy, no longer out of fear. It is becoming a part of us, as He who fulfilled and established it is a part of us. Amen.
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