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Evil Vanquished at a Whisper

Jeremiah 8:11-12 They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious, "Peace, peace," they say, when there is no peace. Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when they are punished, says the LORD.

The prophet Jeremiah lived during a time when evil wasn't recognized. In fact, evil had been put in the place of good. We too live in a time when society has chosen to blind itself to evil and truly, the only evil is to recognize and name it. Those among us who are truly evil, we give the names psychopath and narcissist. We are taught that evil is illness as we are taught to pity evil persons and blame their victims for not being strong enough to resist their illness. Sin is viewed as a distasteful and archaic term and called instead, dysfunction. Serial killers have become our heroes as we participate nightly in a vicarious blood bath on television. We objectify men and women sexually and indulge ourselves in every evil imagination of our hearts. As a whole, we sexualize our children en masse by inundating them with sexual images. Children become sexual victims at alarming rates and we kill the unborn babies conceived by our illicit pleasures. We are a society that not only condones evil but delights in it.

The Internet allows those who relish in evil to spread it globally by the uninhibited expression of evil, visually as well as in written form. It allows those who have put their full trust in evil to find one another and band together. Witches and Vampires have emerged from their closets to the light of day by the power of the Internet. The worship of Satan in all the varying forms has become acceptable and is seen by many to be equal to or even superior to the worship of God. Those of us who have put our trust in the good, who belong to Jesus, are in physical danger for the predators run unhampered among us. We are ravaged by wolves in sheeps clothing from within and by blatantly ravenous wolves from without.


Matt 10: Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. AND Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

I have in my own life been nearly overcome by evil. I know fully the reality of Satan for I have fought him toe to toe. I fought him for my children and he won many battles during that war because I failed to recognize him. I was unable to grasp that there are those among us who are fully evil for they have chosen evil and have become that which they choose to trust in. There are those who worship Satan and not only do they pray to him, they put feet to their prayers; prayers that they call, curses. I blinded myself to them by focusing upon the sadness of their lives and the damage and destruction they endured as children. I knew they had chosen to worship Evil because of their fear of evil. However, I failed to recognize the true Evil in the one who held them by their fear. Though I belong to Jesus, I spent many years under the oppression of Evil because I did not want to see it or name it. I normalized it as does the society in which I live by calling it illness. If left to my own ways, I and my family would have been completely destroyed. However, I and they belong to Jesus and God mercifully, intervened.

There are times in my life when God speaks to me in my dreams. Those times are usually in the form of preparation for a difficult trial or in rescuing me from a difficult situation that I can't find my way out of; and I have out of discouragement, ceased to listen to God. This ordeal in my life began with a dream from God that prepared me for what I was about to endure and also ended with a series of dreams from God that ended the oppression of Evil over me.

My first dream was of myself and my Christian brothers and sisters. I saw us happy together and protected by a thin membrane of some sort from the evil without. At first, I was not aware of the membrane or of the evil outside because I was so happy and safe within. Then my focus changed and I saw those outside of my world. They were human but also monsters. They were human wolves, vampires, devil worshipers, witches, wizards and all thirsty for blood. I sensed God pushing me against the thin membrane and I knew that I was being pushed from my comfortable and safe world within to a very dangerous world without. A world in which survival did not seem possible. As I broke through the membrane, I awoke with the thought that this must have been what it was like for Jesus when He came to die for the sins of the world.

When I dreamed this dream, I did not think it possible that witches, vampires, and devil worshipers would become a real part of my world; but they did. There were several covens of them who targeted the children in my church. One of my friend's sons was beheaded by this group and several of our children were murdered spiritually by the things they were lured into participating in. Great Evil was allowed to flourish because we failed to recognize it fully. We were as innocent as doves but Evil we chose to normalize and denied the safety of God's wisdom in recognizing and eschewing Evil.

These evil persons who fully worshiped Evil entered my own home, nightly. They had complete control over my son's mind and we could not separate him from them for fear of driving him further away. We chose to keep our son near and in danger instead of far from us and in what we perceived as greater danger. We prayed all night and my husband, being a kind man, fed them doughnuts in the morning and talked to them. In this my husband showed me the power of overcoming evil with good. The leader of this group, who was involved in great evil, even that of participating in the murder of more than one person, eventually turned himself in. This young man was granted repentance and I believe that God spoke to him through the simple kindness of my husband. Not only did he turn himself in, he accepted no deals in turning in his partner in the murders. This young man came to faith in Jesus Christ and though he will spend the rest of his life in prison, he is serving God by leading Bible studies in the prison where he is at.

I at this time, recognized the power of God's goodness but I still blinded myself to the truth of Evil. I was deeply sad and for many reasons had reached a place so devoid of hope that I no longer cared about God or His plan for me. I was too defeated to reach to God, so once again, He reached down to me through my dreams. I had three very powerful dreams in which I awoke from all of them screaming, Jesus! In each of them, I faced the reality of Satan, the reality of the Evil that was pressing down upon me. In the third dream, I entered a large room in a church in which people sat in folding chairs all around the wall. In the middle a woman was naked and bound and being tortured by several men. I was filled with horror and ran into the room screaming, "Stop it! In the Name of, Jesus stop! At the name of Jesus the people seated around the room, the men, and the woman all fell to dust. I ran to the middle of the room and felt the Spirit directing me to brush away the dust. When I did, I uncovered a stained glass window with the design of a cross and on the cross were the words: Hear, See, Kneel.

I awoke with Satan pressing down upon me, pressing the breath of life out of me, and all I could do was whisper, "Jesus"; and that was enough. The oppression of Evil lifted from me and from my household. All I had to do was recognize the Evil one for who he truly is and then recognize He who truly is over all, even the Evil one. At the very name of Jesus, Satan and his demons must flee. Even if that name is only whispered for the power of it is great.

It is in recognizing the power of Jesus that the hope of all peoples lie; for all the people are in the grasp and under the oppression of Evil. It is in being given eyes to see and ears to hear and responding by bending the knee to Jesus and confessing Him as Lord, as we fully recognize Who He is, that the world will one day be completely freed from evil. Evil and the power of fear that it holds through the threat of death will vanish at the whisper of His Name.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·

A loaf of bread has a diamond on the inside and a knife cutting it from the outside. What is in the way of the diamond from destroying the knife?

We have problems on the outside and troubles all around. But inside of us is the Spirit that overcame all that is coming against us. Total victory! Ah YES!!! Only we are in the way, when we fight against that which is greater than us, rather then let that evil push us deeper into our real selves hidden in Chirst. For no tough cookie, will take apart a knife, only that which is within it ... so we are no longer "tough" ... we are soft and yeilding and giving way to Him, Who is conquerer over all our advesaries - The Lord Jesus.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Yes, He is and God only allows us to experience the brutality of our adversaries as a part of the process of dieing daily so that in the void of our personal destruction more room is made for Christ Who is being formed in us. I am by nature, a tough cookie and there was much in my nature that would seek to raise itself against God. I have never been one to yield easily and for God to fashion that yieldedness in me, I have had to endure some horrendous trials, and great personal loss. I am a vessel of wrath that through Jesus has been made a vessel of honor even if that honor is only found in the comparison of my weakness and my failures to the shining strength of Christ Jesus Who lives in me. Though I fail often, Christ always succeeds in delivering me from myself and my own delusions. As I learn to let go, I see more and more how God truly works all that is evil to my good. God has shown me some of His most awesome work and I find peace in a world torn by sin under the power of the Prince of this world, Satan by resting in His glory and knowing that one day, that glory will fill all the earth.

You were a great comfort to me during those years, Trent. You know the depths to which I fell and you encouraged me. You are a wise little brother and I am thankful for the encouragement that God has always given me through you. What a joy it is to lift Jesus with you! Joy indestructible!

Permalink 02/07/07 @ 18:01
Comment from: Pam [Member]

No, not everyone who isn't a Christian has given themselves over to evil. We all get hurt in life and we all suffer some sort of abuse from others. We all fear evil but not all of us choose the protection of evil against evil. Receiving Christ really isn't a choice between good and evil but instead, an irresistable choice between life and death. Through surrender to Christ, God makes our moral choices for us and as He is outside of good and evil and not subject to it as we are, He is much better able to make those choices for us. By surrendering to Christ, we are actually freed from our sin by obeying the choices of God for our life.

We all have evil within us and we all choose whether or not we hide ourselves there. We are foolish when we ignore the fact that there are those who have completely given themselves over to evil and to the Evil one. I have to admit, that it is still hard for me to wrap my mind around even with all that my family has been through and still bear scars for. I continue to see the good in people even when it really isn't there.;0/

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