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Will the Churches Accept This Message the Lord Has Commanded Me to Send?

This is the answer the Lord inspired to write according to the understanding He has giving me concerning a brother's comment/question left on my last post "Discernment of True and False Prophets":

The Lord has told me the churches will not listen and will greatly resist this message I have to give them, yet I must proclaim the Lord's Word to them in spite of my fears and their resistance.
To those who do not accept the Lord's correction, to them it becomes a warning and proclamation of judgment; and to those who accept, to these has it become a great blessing, a gathering in of the Lord's harvest.
To this end am I sent: To cause a great division by that which the Lord has given me. It is not that the Lord wants division in His members...unity, as at first, He requires. Yet this is not possible with men, for they hold fast to singleness of doctrine, their own doctrine. They abide not in the True doctrine of Christ, wherein unity would be established. And so, the Lord will separate the wheat from the tares, and then try the wheat that remains as He also tried Israel when He brought them forth out of Egypt.
As I remain yet a babe, who the Lord has taken out of the world, who also was unlearned in the Scriptures and had never sat in the churches of men, for this reason He now sends empty vessel of dishonor because of sin, yet remaining an empty vessel fit for the Lord's use. The Lord can easily cleanse sin by the blood of the Lamb, but doctrines of men cling tightly to the inside of the vessel and become harder and more difficult to cleanse with the passage of time.
So I have been sent to just a very few churches, at the present time, because my faith and my strength are still weak. I have delivered the messages He gave me, and these churches have greatly lashed out against me and the Word given me, with great anger and contempt, calling me a son of satan, though the songs of Jesus and His great love are continually on my lips and fill the pages of the Letters from God and His Christ.
And so all has seemingly changed, but all remains the same. The spirit, of the Pharisees and Saduccees of old, is still alive today, for they still exist, only now having changed their names and their vestures. And so the Lord will, with a mighty hand, discipline these who do rebel against Him, who will not give heed to His Word, seeking not God's approval nor giving Him all the glory, but rather they seek only praises from men unto self-glorification - a false righteousness built up and passed down over the generations through false doctrine in the name of pride. So then, the Lord's correction is now being broadcast to every corner, by the pouring out of His Spirit, and is now coming forth both written and spoken through His prophets.
Those, who will forebear, will forebear and suffer great loss; and those, who bear, will be gone from this place, housed in the Sanctuary for one week in the Lord...the rest left unto refinement by fire, and in this will they be saved. These left behind will come running, kneeling down with their faces in the very sand atop which they had built their own houses. They will call on the Name of the Lord by the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved...JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD! And when they come this second time, the Lord will see of Himself in them, a complete shedding of the skin of this world, void of all vanities of men, a pure and shining vessel. And these shall stand up again in the same office for which they were called the first time, which they had corrupted, to once again gather in a great harvest of all the wild wheat, the new wheat, those who did not harken to the blowing of the Trumpet. These shall suffer much in the name of the Lord and do great exploits. And when the time comes, when they must die because of the testimony they carry in their hearts, they will surely be lifted up and join their brethren in God's Sanctuary, where they also shall receive robes of white, and then will they return, at the time appointed, with the King in all His glory... and forever shall they be with the Lord. Amen.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
God is sovereign, Timothy. Don't be afraid. God will strengthen your faith, even though you are young, for your faith is not of yourself, it is a gift of God. If men chide you and are angry with you for the good works that God has wrought in you, don't be hurt by their words and hateful attitudes, rejoice that you are used of God and know that their anger is because of their own sin in the prideful reliance upon doctrine rather than upon Jesus the Christ. Remember, 'Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies' Be edified in Him today. May you be mindfully aware of His presence as He envelopes you in His love. In what ever God directs you to speak, may there be those who look away from their own works, which produce only death, as their eyes are directed instead to Jesus that they might look and live!

In brotherly love, let's keep our eye on that open door! Look up! Your redemption draws nigh!

In Him,
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Comment from: Timothy [Member] ·
Thank you, Pam, for the beautiful and faithful words in the love of Christ. You have warmed my heart and encouraged me. And I will run to the Lord always when I am weak, for His Rod and His Staff comforts me and His love endures forever. Amen.
Thank you.
Yours in Christ's great love,
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Comment from: C Grace [Visitor] ·

I am not Timothy (I will be interested in his response too) but my hobby is the moves of God in church history. It is my feeling that the Emergin movement is the 'wineskin' that holds the new move of God's Spirit for our day much as Luther and Calvin and the other Protestants did for their day.

Modern rationalism is dead and the whole society is moving into a greater freedom. For the Christian it will be the freedom of the Spirit in Christ, for the world the 'freedom' of lawlessness. The Church is making the move from propositional truth to an experience of He who is Truth. From doctrine to Love as the guiding influence, from institution to community holding us together.

As usual when God is doing something new there are many that are afraid of the change and the greater freedom. They see truly in noticing that there is more potential for abuse, they fail to trust God to take care of His own.
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