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Evil secrets of Christianity (video)

For most people, and for most of my life, I thought the worldwide religion of Christianity was a beacon of light into the world, not a system of control and harbour for terrible deception and worship of satan. Now, I am not talking about your sunday school class where you gather in true worship of the Lord and share His goodness in one-accord. What I am talking about is the religion.

HERE is a video produced as a commercial for gnosticism and indictment against the factions of believers that are opposed to the real roots of the Christian religion, which is seen in the rituals and symbology and even its most celebrated holidays.

This really is intense and not for the faint of heart, or those that are new in their faith. It does point to how some of our favorite things about Christianity are really allowed to remain mainstream because they have a totally different meaning to others than they mean to us. ... you will be sick when you see what it means to others.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Trent,

The work of the Nicolaitins which Jesus hates. A strong delusion that is nearing its peak of deception. The wolves that would devour the church.

I had something to write this morning that is also along some of these lines but I'm going to wait a day or two so that people will see this.

How thankful I am for the Word of God. The Bible is not to be worshiped but it truly is for our protection. Jesus was divorced from His Judaism early on but careful study of exactly what the Bible says reunites Him to those underpinnings and will keep us from the deception that has been painted over the scriptures themselves. Just as you and I have debunked hell so too does the Bible debunk these other myths. Remember that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. He was not a disembodied spirit that has visited mankind in many forms. There is only One Jesus.

I noticed in this video that they gave the Catholic version of the birth of Christ and not the Biblical account, which most of us read but the delusion is so strong that we still see the delusion and not what the words say. The number of wise men or magi are not numbered in the scriptural account. There may have been many of them. They also weren't present at Jesus birth. They didn't find Jesus until He was probably, at least two years old and they found Him living in a house. The Bible refers to Him as a child at that time not an infant. The shepherds were present for His birth and it was not on December 25. It was probably in early springtime and this is deciphered by the presence of the shepherds. December 25 is the birthday of Saturn.

Jesus, according to the Bible, was not crucified upon a cross but a tree or a stake. The cross is an age old symbol for Tamuz a Babylonian god. When Jesus arose, He walked among the deciples and others in fleshly form, only better. He was glorified but again not a disembodied spirit. He will return in the same manner and will be recognized as the long awaited Messiah of the Jews and will establish the Kingdom on Earth that was long ago promised to them. After this, the judgement and then the eternal state. However, there will be a false messiah that will establish a false kingdom first and he will do so by the power of strong delusion. Through the use of New Age religion that is truly not new, for there is nothing new under the sun, but the same Pagan religions that have always been and have long held Christians also in its grasp. Blessed we are that our faith is in a person and not in the religion that seeks to cover His true identity. All of those gods that were made equal to Christ in this video are dead, they were always dead, but Jesus lives in you and in me. Jesus continues to live in the flesh and one day our flesh will be glorified at His coming and the catching away in the air.

My faith in Christ is not about holidays and symbolism. It is a living relationship expressed by the way I treat other people. Church is not an organization the church is made up of living stones and where ever they meet together, Jesus is there also. That can be within an organization, or in a home, or on the internet, or in caves under the ground. I think we have entered a time when Jesus has been wholey cast out from the traditional church and that institution of man is being delivered to Satan for destruction as all the institutions of men. We may be heading back to the catacombs soon for soon it will be acceptable to belong to any kind of religious sect that is inclusive of all other religions but belief in Christ alone will not be tolerated.

The darkness is decending but we know the true Light that will guide us through. It will be a hard time but God is merciful and will cut it short and in the end, His purposes will over ride the purposes of evil. God is in control.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
I first saw this video about a year ago. And it vexed me, like a terrible weight ... the unbearable disillusionment about all the deception that has become mainstream within even Christianity. I shed that weight knowing that indeed my Lord lives and walks with me and talks with me, and never once has even told any man to build a building for worship or engage in these occult traditions of Christianity.

It is as though there are two identical Christ's ... one is the True Lord begotton of the Father and at ONE with that which is beyond the universe. And another Jesus, constructed completely by men, and taught by the religion of Christianity, but this is a fake Jesus, an invention. The fake Jesus is not about the God beyond the universe, but is about making the universe into God, as if nothing is beyond ... nothing pre-existed the universe, and no reality can be provided the universe is destroyed. This fake Jesus makes the material universe the end-all-be-all of existence. But the real Jesus living inside of me and walking with me in this life witnesses of the True Father, and that by virtue of His Spirit, all that know Him and that He knows belongs not a part of the material universe, but as part of that which has existence as always, and from everlasting to everlasting ... the real existence found in His Being, and share with us in this universe through Jesus ... the ONLY Vine that brings that reality into our realm, and beckons us out of this realm to where it belongs with the Father. Anything less is worship of the creation and not the creator. ... and this video is all about worship of the creation, even as such is the very core of ancient pagan beliefs and the modern religion of Christianity.

They cling to this world, instead of He who created it ... and will destroy it. Once this world is gone, and heaven and earth have passed away, what then is there to cling to? The sun? The stars? The "gnosis" universal (ie. cosmic) mind , god of this world? There will be gnashing of teeth and fits of rage, for those that hope in such things are in for a rude awakening at the coming of He who created it all, and the fire that comes before Him, with fervent heat.

I decided to watch it again, but I am going to have to stop after an hour in 8 min. I'll pick it up again.

I knew that this stuff would not surprise you like it will shock many others.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]

God first opened my eyes to the evil in the early eighties. It seemed overwhelming. Later I began to look back on that time and I see how God used that unveiling to bring me closer to Him and also to bring my husband to faith in Jesus. God allows the evil for His purpose. Revealing its reality to me, knocked me off the fence on noncommitment and I gave my life to Jesus and not just my heart. It also brought my heard-hearted chruch disillusion husband to his knees. I know now that is why God allows evil, to bring us to our knees. This strong delusion must be allowed its full force so that the evil will be revealed to all men and women and then there is the promise, "Every knee shall bend and every tongue confess Jesus as Lord." Yes, God's wrath will be poured out in response to the horific evil of mankind that is about to devour the earth. How could a righteous, loving God respond otherwise? God is also merciful and Jesus Himself will sit upon the Judgement seat and His judgements will be as they were for the adultrous who was about to be stoned, "He who is without sin, caste the first stone." Only those written in His Book of Life will appear sinless for they have been washed in His blood and their righteousness imputed to them. On that day, we will know His full purpose in washing us from our sin. On that day, He will set all aright with the world, fold it all up as a used garment, put it away and reveal that New Heaven and New Earth that will emerge after the great lake of fire has consumed all in the universe that is seen to reveal that which is not seen, that which through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ has been fully redeemed. Yes, God's wrath will bring wailing and gnashing of teeth and personal destruction but God is not a God of death but of Life and that will be the result of the fullness of His purpose.

Back to the video...I think you know how my family has been hurt by Paganism and I think the time has come when Christians should truly consider removing ourselves from any form of pagan practice as not to confuse those who are in its clutches. I can no longer sit comfortably in an auditorium with a cross, a Christmas tree, or Easter Lillies. I can no longer sing about a Christmas story that is false to celebrate the birthday of a false Jesus. If we are to lift Him in the world that the world my see Him, we must walk according to Him and not according to the world. When I look at the churches in my community, it seems they either worship the Bible and maintain truth without the Spirit and ignoring the Truth that is Jesus or they are worshiping the world and trying to be like it. I am not certain yet, but I'm beginning to feel that God is calling me to leave those organizations and find a more primitive and Biblical way to meet with other believers. Right now, He has given me an illness that keeps me away as the auditorium is too cold most days for me to attend. I am beginning to wonder at His purpose in allowing me this rare illness. God always wins no matter how my own sense of duty or judgement of good and evil struggle against His will.

I'm hoping I can get my family to sit still long enough to watch this video. Thanks for placing it here.

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Comment from: Trent [Member] ·
All I can say is that I feel much the same way ... and good luck on the sitting still.
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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent, Pam. This is a very interesting perspective on the evils of institutionalized and paganized 'christianity.' I am more and more involving myself lately in two current movements of the Spirit of GOD: * The Hebrew Roots Movement of restoring the Jewish-roots of early Christian thought and faith; and * The House Church Movement of family-community like fellowships. - these are important movements of the Holy Spirit that are helpful insofar what GOD is doing to bring His people back to Him in purity and Truth.

Here's an interesting quote I just received via email the other day:

Christian Quotation of the Day
February 1, 2007

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them
-- Matthew 18:20 (ESV)

We can all call to mind movements which have begun as pure upsurges of fresh spiritual vitality, breaking through and revolting against the hardened structure of the older body, and claiming, in the name of the Spirit, liberty from outward
forms and institutions. And we have seen how rapidly they
develop their own forms, their own structures of thought, of language, and of organization. It would surely be a very unbiblical view of human nature and history to think--as we so often, in our pagan way, do--that this is just an example of the tendency of all things to slide down from a golden age to an age of iron, to identify the spiritual with the disembodied, and to regard visible structure as equivalent to sin. We must rather recognize here a testimony to the fact
that Christianity is, in its very heart and essence, not a
disembodied spirituality, but life in a visible fellowship, a life which makes such total claim upon us, and so engages our total powers, that nothing less than the closest and most binding association of men with one another can serve its purpose.
... Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998), The Household of God
Permalink 02/01/07 @ 00:28
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Len,

Our faith is to be lived and not rituals to be practiced. We humans tend to ritualize everything because we are comforted by sameness. We also aren't able to totally separate from the world for the world is in our own flesh and we bring bits of it with us. It only stands to reason that old institutions would become highly ritualized and full of the world. We also need each of us to do our due diligence and study the Bible and I think having a better understanding of its Hebrew underpinnings clears our minds of many preconceived pagan views.

Have a great day, Len!

Permalink 02/01/07 @ 10:42
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Trent,

I don't know if I'll ever get all the way through this video. I feel like it is important to know what is being said out there but I sure hate listening to liars. The most artful lie is one that holds an element of truth or even a lot of truth with an artful twist and these guys are artful liars in the way they take pieces of the truth and weave it together with the same lies that have been around since Babylon. The basis of that lie is the same as Satan's lie in the garden of Eden, 'You will become like God, knowing good and evil'. This is just another promo for religion and the promise of religion that man can be god by learning to choose between good and evil by the use of special knowledge. Here all religion is promoted as being good and all one in the same. These deceivers who are themselves deceived, need to take their nose out of all these books, images of art, and symbology (is that really a word?) and take a look at the world around them. Man is a god but perishes in the dust because of his own iniquity and their is no better proof of that than in the result of religion. This present world system will indeed choke to death upon religion and there will be a new age but not the one they are looking for. Symbols and religious sciences will pass away forever soon and the peace they see coming will vanish as religion has never been able to bring peace but instead war and this one world religion is going to bring about one doozy of a war! I'm not going to let some lies discourage me, these wolves will not huff and puff and blow my house down either because my house is built upon the Rock. They can have their fish-man, I'll stick with the Son of Man/the Son of God who has reconciled the world to God and made peace between God and man but those who insist upon religion instead of accepting Jesus and the peace that is already available, will continue attempting to build their Towers of Babel to Heaven, attempting to make man like god, and God will confound them and this time, it will be permanent. Won't it be great to witness the death of religion?

Any hoo, that's my sermon for the day. I can't watch too much of this, I get fired up!

Permalink 02/02/07 @ 12:43
Comment from: Pam [Member]
Okay Trent,

I skipped around a bit but I finally finished it and it's really just the same old song: sex and drugs and rock-n-roll! Somebody needs to tell these guys that Timothy Leary is truly dead, most assuredly dead, positively dead, and not on the outside looking in. These guys surely do love their shrooms and have proven once again the heightened creativity induced by psychodelics. Wow! Blast open those shockras and before long you'll be making up really cool words like, symbology! And surprise, surprise, Catholosism isn't Christian at all, it is purely pagan, not only a cult but truly occultic in 'symbology' and practice. Ho! Hum! There's truly nothing new under the sun! Including the New Age movement.

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