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What does my believing settle?

Ever hear this?-

God said it.
I believe it.
That settles it.

God said it.
That settles it.
... whether or not anybody believes it.

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Trent,

God said it and settled it and I believed it. Then I read in another place, God settles and I believe it but it changes what I believed before and God settles it a bit more clearly. Then I read some more, God settles it and my context of belief is sharpened. You and I agree that we both believe it and it is true, God has settled it within each of us. Then I read some more and God settles it and my context is broadened and I no longer believe exactly what you believe. You scratch your head as you wonder what crazy rabbit trail I've gone off on and I scratch my head and wonder why you are so slow to catch up. Yet, God has said it and that settles it and each of us can only follow what God has settled in each of our hearts. God Word settles it and it is always the same but believers are ever evolving and the whats of our faith are the scafolding that supports the work of the Holy Spirit within us as Christ is formed in each of us. Though we may occasionally part company on the whats, the construction continues, and Christ in me agrees with Christ in you and'll catch up!;-]

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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
The Bible leaves many things and many questions unsettled, ... but IT DOES give us the FINAL ANSWER on GOD'S LOVE and GOD'S GRACE: JESUS, - The Lamb of GOD and Risen Saviour ! ... and we should remember the old saw, "the devil is often in the details," ... and let GOD reveal what He will in His Time. ... :^)
When GOD reveals something, it is ordinarily accompanied by a gentle and illuminating light.
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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Hi Trent ! I needed to just add a little further comment on this because I LOVE the point you made in your original little post:

WHAT and WHEN GOD HAS CLEARLY SPOKEN: *then* there is never need for either question or addendum or "revision." ... only obedience with a righteous -bow of reverance as response.

When GOD says, "jump" or "leap" or "look up!" ... I try to have the good sense to do so immediately with whatever strength or enabling He has provided. - YahOvah-Yireh, - what a WONDERFUL and gracious and awesome GOD we serve.
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