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Please welcome Timothy

Timothy, is a fellow GraceHead that I recently met online and today asked if he would consider posting some material to this site.
He has published several volumes of work at
He has not been a Christian for long (only a few years,) and I think has not ever been to a church, but God has called him in a special way to witness that Jesus is the Lord. I know that Timothy will not rebuke without tears in his eyes, and more often will tears fall when he speaks of God's grace love and mercy ... so, please join me in welcoming Timothy as a contributor to this site.
As always we may never have oneness in what we believe, but we (along with all the other wonderful people that contribute and comment here) already have oneness in WHOM we trust.
Amen (by which, I mean that is how I want it.)

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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hey Trent,

That's the way I want it too, little brother.:0)

Welcome, Timothy! We already have something in common, I think. I wasn't saved in church and it was not church program that brought me to Christ. I also never went to church until I was ten years old in the Lord. I do know however, that I have been a member of Jesus Christ's spiritual church from the moment He opened my eyes to Him and He has led me to all of the people that He has wanted me to know good and bad and worked it all to my good. I am anxious to read what you have to say and I know that God has led you here for a special purpose.

In Christ,
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Comment from: lisa Brookins [Visitor]
Welcome Timothy!
Good to have you aboard. I'm one of the wayward people who's life seems to have gotten busier than I care to admit. Between family/health/career obligations, it's a wonder I have my head on straight.

Like Pam, I look forward to hearing all about your walk with Christ.
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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Praise GOD ! I know you will contribute words of prophetic insight and exhortation, bro. Just stay in the flow of WHAT GOD IS SAYING AND SPEAKING to your heart, ... and let the Word and CHRIST HIMSELF be lifted up above all else. !

blessings and Shalom.

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Comment from: Len [Visitor] ·
Good choice, Trent. Timothy's heart and anointing are both *from and in* the right place. ... :^)
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