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On The Power Of A Transparent Life

A life lived for Jesus does not demand from us sinless perfection as is so commonly misunderstood. It is not I that is being perfected during my life but it is Christ that is being perfected in me. A life lived for Jesus is not one of shameful covering up of my flaws in order to present myself as having every earthly problem harnessed and completely under control. It is not in smiling even though I am sad. It is not in pretended to love that which I hate. The power of Jesus in my life is in laying all my sins and imperfections and bumbling ways first at the feet of Jesus not to be hidden there from others; but instead, to demonstrate how Jesus in me overcomes all that overcomes me on a daily basis. Upon honest self examination, there is no sin common to human beings that I haven't committed, if not in deed then in thought. I overcome one and it is replaced by another and my life on earth is a constant struggle against my nature and the weaknesses of my physical body. I truly am trapped within a body of death and there is no hope in me for everything about me is mortal and mortality is life governed by death. However, Jesus is being perfected in me as through my daily struggles of me with me, He reveals Himself ever more clearly and deeply to me; and it is in sharing my imperfections that allows His perfection to shine through me to others. This requires no special Bible knowledge, formula, or sales technique. It requires only of me the kind of surrender that removes all of my prideful shame as his love flows through me to others in acceptance of them as they are, in just the same way that Jesus accepts me.

Jesus the man, in his day, had no earthly power or attractiveness in his person. He was dirt poor, born in a cave with a floor of hardened animal manure. He was of questionable birth, poverty stricken, and uneducated. His life on earth was brief and he died the death of a criminal. His last few years on earth were spent as a vagrant as he traveled among his people speaking of God, thinking it not robbery to make himself equal with God, and was viewed as a crazy man by many, and a very dangerous man by those who held religious power. He sharply reprimanded religious leaders and broke long held cultural traditions.

Jesus was to many a failed Jew, just as many of us who truly love Jesus are also considered failed Christians. Yet, Jesus the man was so focused upon His Heavenly Father, so surrendered to His purpose for His life, that He was truly the Son of God. Though housed within the same body of death as I, Jesus was the true instrument of God upon the earth in earthly form. Through His Living surrender and sacrifice, through the living of a perfectly transparent life that ended in an undeserved execution, Jesus the Son of Man/the Son of God became the giver of Life. Not mortal life. Not life within a body of death; but never ending Life, Spiritual Life that is the precious by-product of belief in Jesus as He is revealed to us and in us.

Dear Heavenly Father, let me ever lay my heart open before your Son, Jesus fully trusting in your protection as He is formed by the power of your Holy Spirit in me. Make me mindful to lift no prideful chisel or earthly molding tool in a self effort to make of my self a poor copy of the true holiness that you wish to complete in me. Let all desire for my glory be laid low and may your Kingdom come as Your Will is done in me and through me on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

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Comment from: Kansas Bob [Visitor] ·
The other part of transparency is vulnerability. Sad that so few experience either when people need this level of connection so much.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]
Hi Bob,

I agree. Pride is a very strong self-defense mechanism, one that is terribly difficult to set aside in such a dangerous world. Jesus and so many of the saints in the Bible and over the centuries though, have done just that. Doing so opens us up for suffering and many of those saints poured their lives out that Christ would shine more brightly. One of the extra Biblical accounts that I can think of that best demonstrates this amazing demonstration of faith is "Foxxe's Book of Martyrs" God gave those saints exactly what they needed in their hour of need, not to preserve them from torture or physical death; but instead, God gave them such faith to endure their sacrifice as to forever and in eternity speak to us of the power of God's gift of faith.

Happy Sunday, Bob!

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Comment from: Steve [Visitor] ·
I have been thinking a lot lately about being transparent. I seem to see it as a willingness to remove myself to the degree that Christ, the divine Light and Life within me can shine through for others to see.

For example, if someone does something that is offensive to me, I can choose not to resist it which creates an internal road block that holds the offense inside of me. By being transparent I can permit the offense to pass through me or atleast the outer me and let it be absorbed by a much greater One than me, the One who lives much deeper in me than the thoughts of my mind....this One being the I AM, that is so much greater than I but chooses to live within earthen vessels. He also has the power to turn earthen vessels into beautiful jewells that reflect His light through them.

I am learning to practice this transparency and I am seeing it's wonderful fruit in my life and the lives of those around me.

I am learning to be open to others and to not be a roadblock through to their own realiztion of transparency.

I like the things God is showing you Pam. May you have greater rest than you have ever known.
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Comment from: Pam [Member]

I'm glad for your comment as I'm not feeling well today but as is usual with God, I awoke with a thought that He has laid upon my heart that I need to share. I hear so often Christians say that we are to serve God by serving others. This sounds humble, loving, and good but is utterly backwards. Others are served when we are fully serving God by responding in the way He only can direct each of us. Jesus was no whimp, often what God directed Him to say made people angry yet, He was flawlessly directed by the Father as He walked upon this earth. Each of us must cling to Jesus in the same such manner as Jesus clings to the Father in seamless perfection. We are so apt to grasp and cling to everything and everyone other than Jesus but He is faithful to remove those things and persons from our lives. Often the removal is surgical in nature and as with all rightly performed surgeries, there is great pain to endure during and after the surgery but when the process has been completed, our health is restored. I have recently endured another spiritual surgery and now I AM closer to the full revelation of Christ in me than I have ever been before. "Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine"

Enjoy Him as you enjoy your day, Steve.:0)

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Comment from: PASTOR LEN [Visitor] ·
"Question: Am I a teacher of prophecy as Hal Lindsey, or a prophet as in the Old Testament? Answer: BOTH. God, through Christ and the Spirit, has given me understanding...the "unsealing" of the books to teach prophecy. God has also given me the gift of hearing His voice to write prophecy as those in the Old Testament." "...WHEN THEY BEGIN TO LICK THE DUST FOR ALL THEY HAVE DONE AGAINST THE PROPHETS (Timothy, Adelpit, and Len)." :o)
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Comment from: Len Hummel [Visitor] ·
More obsessed garbage from the Delphi-bear-fundie: you are a truly SICK person.

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